Baby Care Dryer Sheet for Mattress/Bed Protection

Baby Care Dryer Sheet for Mattress/Bed Protection


Baby Care Dryer Sheet

When I first brought my baby home from the hospital, I didn’t feel like taking my eyes off him – even while he was sleeping! The sight of my sleeping baby, peacefully cuddled up in bed is the most beautiful moment of my life.

Sleeping is not just essential to get enough rest, but it affects the overall development of your child. Though physical activities are essential for the child’s growth, sleeping is equally important. Kids who sleep well are more likely to perform better and less prone to behavioural problems.

Many children are diagnosed with sleeping problems and many a times that happen because of lack of care of parents to make the baby sleep well. So, being a parent, it is your responsibility to provide the right atmosphere and bedding for your child to sleep.

The ‘right’ bedding for your child

Like any mother, I also wanted to provide my baby with bedding that is comfortable and perfectly safe for him. The baby plastic sheets available in the market are neither comfortable nor safe as they neither lock wetness nor provide complete hygiene. Even baby rubber sheets were not so successful as they were non-absorbent – which was a big concern for me like many other young moms.

Then I started using diapers. But still was not satisfied as it doesn’t allow enough air flow and caused rashes.

Suddenly, I came across the magical range of baby bed protector sheets offered by Babyrose – a smart baby care sheet manufacturer who has embraced the new revolution in the baby care market. This water-proof baby sheet is laminated from the back side which allows air to pass but locks the wetness, thus ensuring a dry bottoms and bed for the child. This baby mattress protector sheet allows the baby to move freely and ensures undisturbed and sound sleep. It locks wetness and odour and protects my child’s soft and sensitive skin. 


Salient Features:


·         Anti-bacterial

·         Anti-microbial

·         Anti-fungal

·         Anti-odour


Parents should keep in mind the following things to make the child sleep well.

Consistent timing
Though, newborns sleep most of their time, kids of two years and more need to be trained well on sleeping patterns. Parents should develop a habit of early bed time, which is advisable by doctors, as they say kids sleep well if they are sent to bed early.

Regular naps are beneficial
Almost all the kids are hyperactive during their childhood and they need breaks in between to recharge themselves. Parents should follow a constant pattern for day naps and night sleep.

Follow the biological clock for children
Parents should make sure to treat every child separately as the biological aspects of each child differ from that of others. A child may feel like sleeping after one or two hours and another one might get tired soon. Putting all the babies sleep together will not be a good idea.

Encouraging sleeping environment
Infants spend most of their time sleeping and parents should ensure that they provide them with the right atmosphere to sleep well. Let your child sleep in the most encouraging environment and create a warm, comfortable and cozy atmosphere for him. Make the room lighted well and coloured in light shades. The sounds of television and other noises should not reach the room.

Parental involvement
Parental involvement is essential to make your child feel relaxed while sleeping. You can read stories or sing for them. Do not just put your child on the bed and leave the room. Be there with the child until they sleep, it will help them sleep comfortably with a feeling of security.  

Of course, you would want to follow all safety precautions and sleeping arrangements for you little one.


 It’s time to say no to crying, rashes, bacteria and adopt the innovative products by Babyrose.