Bed Protector Sheet I Baby Dry Sheet I Waterproof Bed Sheet From Babyrose

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Bed Protector Sheet I Baby Dry Sheet I Waterproof Bed Sheet From Babyrose


The Washable Reusable and Hygienic Baby Dry sheet (Quick Dry Baby Sleeping Sheet)

Babyrose® Waterproof Baby Dry Sheet revolutionary product specially designed for babies that provide them long-lasting protection against all kinds of allergens and irritants such as dust miles, bed bugs, mold, and dead skins.  These waterproof sheets are washable, reusable and hygienic that keeps the baby healthy and active.


Babyrose® Baby Dry Sheets absorb wetness and helps in rapid evaporation of spills that keeps your infant’s soft, delicate skin dry. It provides baby cozy & comfortable place to sleep. The waterproofing membrane ensures zero seepage by absorbing fluid and keeps the bed sheet dry and clean. This also works as stain proof barrier for your mattress.


Small Size 0.7 x 0.5 Meters. ( 70 x 50 cm )


Multi-Usage :

Waterproof Mattress/Bed protector Sheet

Baby Changing Mat

Baby hug dry sheet

Use on strollers and prams

Carry while traveling

Baby Wrapper


Washing Instructions :

Wash before use

Don’t Dry clean, Bleach and Iron

Don’t Squeeze

Machine Wash (Max 700C)

Tumble Dry medium Hand Wash


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