Baby -Children Bed Wetting Problem and Solution

Baby -Children Bed Wetting Problem and Solution

Raising a child is anything but easy and running into problems is every day and a usual thing. The embarrassing yet commonly seen problem among children is bedwetting. It might get you worried but it`s no serious problem but rather something that will be outgrown with time.

Babies and children under the age of six or seven that are currently learning about the habits on how to urinate are commonly susceptible to wet the bed. Making more pee than their bladder can hold is the direct cause of bedwetting. Commonly as soon as children are potty trained they learn to stay dry during the night too.

Baby Bedwetting Problem

However, things get a little bit messier when you have a problem with your baby wetting the bed. The dipper doesn’t seem to hold it through the night so more than often you find your baby and the bed wet. If you are woken during the night by the cry of your baby it surely means it is not pleasant for her/him to feel that way. And you do care, we know it, but you are already wondering how you will get through the working hours tomorrow when you haven’t slept properly. You are exhausted and desperate for a solution and a way to help your baby.

Don’t worry. As soon as your baby grows up and learns the proper habits, the problem will disappear. In the meantime don’t despair, there are a few things that will help you and your baby.

Children Bedwetting Problem

Bedwetting in a bit “older” children under the age of six or seven is a normal process and it happens to approximately seven millions of children annually in the USA only. The final stage of the common potty training is controlling the bladder function during night time. So don`t panic, there is no room for worrying. During the learning process, bedwetting is normal for children. It just a sign of immaturity since the age of them being able to have control over the function of the bladder can vary from child to child. The bladder control itself although sounds simple is a scheme of a few components such as nerves, muscles, brain, and spinal cord, therefore controlling it can be a bit of a challenge for some on the children.

There a more than a few simple solutions to this very common problem such as:

·        Persistent bedtime routine

·        Limiting beverages before bedtime

·        Developing a reward system

·        Talking to your child about “potty benefits”

When you were buying a mattress you paid a great amount of money as you considered it as a long-term investment so it`s no wonder that you don`t want it ruined. You choose it to be soft yet anatomical and spend hours into searching for it. There are more than one ways to protect your mattress. You should invest into a mattress protector or in this case a purposely created Baby Dry Sheet. They can be prescribed from your pediatrician where you can get instructions on how to use them too.

Spreading it across the bed of your beloved baby will most likely solve all the problems. The Sheets are specifically designed from a superabsorbent material that will absorb the extra fluids, in this case, the urine. In a matter of seconds, the super absorbing and lightweight sheets will leave the surface completely dry. The upper layer is soft and comfortable for the sensitive baby skin while the bottom layer is held for its “superpowers”. Coming in different sizes, small medium and large, according to the various sizes of the bed and in all sorts of colors and patterns making it even harder to choose which one to buy. When the hot summer days are here you will find the Baby Dry Sheet as a blessing since it will allow you to leave your baby without a diaper to roll around freely in his/her crib. Buy a few of them end be prepared for your baby to sleep the entire night and for you to finally wake up well-rested and ready for the day. They are easily maintained with two options, you can either wash them in the washing machine or you can hand wash them.

They are the answer to your prayers so wait no more to buy one and make things a bit easier while raising your child.