Top 10 Baby Booster Seats in India 2021

Traveling with a baby can be a bit tough, as you can’t always hold them on your shoulders everywhere. A booster seat can be a good addition to your requirements. It can simplify your efforts to manage your child with dedicated straps and comfortable seats, especially for babies.

As the name suggests, booster seats are meant to boost the baby up so that the seat belts can perfectly fit the baby’s shoulder and lap. But, to acquire its benefits, you should buy the best baby booster seat that fulfills your baby’s requirements. Finding the best baby booster seats in India is quite a tough task due to the availability of tons of options and all with similar claims.

Things To Look Out In A Baby Booster Seat:

Types of the baby booster seat :

There are various types of baby booster seats available in the market. You need to choose the one which suits your kid.

  • A baby booster seat that is designed especially for infants low in height and with 5 point straps.
  • A high chair booster seat that has height adjustment alternatives.
  • Baby booster seat without back support that is designed for kids above 5 years of age.

Protection features

The most important thing which you should look for in a baby booster seat is a protection feature. The belts and the straps must be of good quality and durability. Straps must be such that it should fit tightly to your kid. Generally, 5 Point tackle is best for infants, and 3 points tackle for toddlers.


Some of the baby booster seats are made up of plastic, while some have a soft cushion. The one with low plastic material might be a little uncomfortable for your baby, and also, if your kid is a little heavy, then it is risky. The seats with soft cushions are more comfortable for newborns.


Booster seats can be carried to different places, so they must be less space-consuming and shouldn’t be hefty; otherwise, it becomes difficult to carry. Also, they should be easy to attach or detach to the car seat. But a few booster seats are not portable as they come with complicated buckles and straps that make it difficult for the parent to attach or detach.


The height of the baby booster seat must be noted while purchasing. The one with the adjustable height has the benefit that it can suit kids of various heights. Some of the baby booster seats are heavy, which makes it difficult to carry, and also it becomes uncomfortable for the kid.

Separable tray

A detachable tray or toy tray can be detached or attached when needed. This tray provides space for the kid to play and have food. There comes a musical toy tray in some designs that you can go to to keep your baby engaged.

Easy to clean

This factor must be considered first while purchasing a baby booster seat since a clean place is a top priority in a baby’s case. There is a chance of a kid falling sick if the place is not clean. So, you must choose a booster seat that is easy to clean. The cushion seats are a bit more challenging to clean than a plastic one.

It’s not difficult to choose a perfect baby booster seat for your kid, but you just need to note a few points while purchasing it. The right baby booster can be a boon to you and your kid. The one with the adjustable heights, comfy seats, and good material belts are best recommended.

To make your work easier, we are bringing you the top 10 best baby booster seats, which lead in their segments for all the aspects. You just have to go through the highlighting features, filter out the best ones, and then compare it with other similar ones to crack the market’s best deal.

10 Best Baby Booster Seats in India

1) Chicco Mode Booster Seat

Chicco Mode Booster Seat, Baby feeding chair with 3-height Adjustments & Safety belt, For babies 6m-3y (Fancy Chicken, Yellow)

A colorful booster seat made with premium quality materials and a universal attachment system is probably the best baby booster seat. This Chicco Mode booster seat is one such seat which ticks off all your requirements at ease with its intriguing features. It can be attached to the most variety of chairs and is equipped with a 3-point safety harness system that secures and prevents toppling over.

The best thing about this booster is its international design with an adjustable tray that makes the mealtime more comfortable. Besides, you don’t have to worry about carrying or cleaning the seat as it is easily foldable, lightweight, compact, and detachable parts can be cleaned easily.

  • 3-point safety harness system with adjustable straps
  • Universal design with adjustable tray for comfortable mealtime
  • Flat backrest and seat with compact and easily foldable design
  • Can be adjusted to three heights and is made with slip-proof fabrics
  • Easily removable and washable soft pads.
  • The tray is a bit small for meals, but it is quite convenient to hold the baby on it with comfortable and adjustable heights.


Everyone prefers a seat with a lightweight, ultra-compact, and foldable design for baby. This Portable Folding Baby Booster Seat from LBLA can meet all your expectations if you look for all those convenient factors. It is easy to carry and is made with native PP materials, making it safe for babies.

An infant feeding seat with a tray makes this baby booster seat extremely convenient for meals and a good toddler seat for playing as well. On the other hand, it can be positioned to 3 full size and 4 level height adjustments for extreme comfort levels. This lightweight chair is propped with all customizable requirements and is easy to maintain, making it enlisted in the top 10 best booster seats for infants in India.

  • Ultra-compact folding design with good portability and storage
  • 3-point safety restraint system with adjustable straps
  • A comfortable solution for eating with a dishwasher-safe tray
  • 4 level height adjustments to match with any kinds of dining table
  • Can’t be attached to the car seat, although it has versatile height and position adjusting systems
  • Comes in a single color

3) Tender Care Booster Chairs for Baby

Tender Care Booster Chair for Baby with 6-in-1 Ability and Comfortable seat (Blue)

A multipurpose baby chair is probably one of the smartest options for babies as it can reduce your efforts in moving or positioning the baby for a meal to a great extent. This Baby booster chair from Tender care is one such chair with multi-functionality within easy-to-carry portable chairs.

This booster chair is made from premium quality plastic, durable, BPA free, and safe for babies. Besides, it comes with 4 point safety harness system and a feeding tray and a sipper cup holder, making it comfortable during mealtime. Ultra-compact folding design complemented with storage and portability makes it one of the best baby booster seats in flexibility and maintenance.

  • 6-in-1 multipurpose baby chair for all kinds of functions
  • Premium quality plastic which is BPA free and durable as well
  • 4 point safety harness system with heavy-duty ropes and super lock
  • Easy to carry a portable chair with tray and cup holder
  • Assembly can be a bit tough, but once you understand, it is relatively easy to maintain and handle without any inconvenience.

4) GUDS Kids Booster Seat

GUDS Kids Booster Seat Cum Feeding Swing Chairs for Baby (Blue Green)

Kids Booster Seat from GUDS supports a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications, making it one of the most favorable choices out there. The size and adjustable options infused in this booster seat can be perfect for babies from 6 months to 2 years. Additionally, it can also be one of the best toddler food feeding high chairs with different positioning tweaks.

This kid’s booster seat is compatible with all dining chairs and easily attached to car chairs. Besides, it comes with strings and can be used as a bath seat and easy to carry portable size and perks like a large food tray and safety belts. All these features make is utmost favorable as a multipurpose feeding swing chair and as a baby seat.

  • Comes with a large food tray and safety belts
  • Multipurpose chair for different functions in both indoor and outdoor conditions
  • Compatible with dining chairs, baby swings, and car seat as well
  • The portable foldable design and easy to assemble
  • The seating position is quite comfortable, but with dining chairs, the positioning of the baby would be tough

5) Goyal’s 5-in-1 Baby Booster Seat

Goyal's 6-in-1 Baby Booster Seat Cum Swing with Feeding Tray - Blue Pink

An infant feeding chair complemented with swing feature and safety tweaks for child security is undoubtedly the safe preference. This 5-in-1 Baby Booster Seat from Goyal’s is one such seat that is equipped with all kinds of convenient and security-based features for baby.

One of the best things about Goyal’s Booster Seat is that it can be used as a car seat and on the dinner table on mealtimes as well. Besides, Heavy ropes are provided with this seat for proper baby safety with which 5 different functions can be done easily. These functions include swing, car seat, dining, high chair, and bath seat.

  • Multipurpose Baby booster seat for 5 different functions
  • Super lock feature with heavy-duty rope
  • Ultra-compact folding design for 6 months to 3 year’s baby
  • Premium quality BPA free seat
  • Large food tray with an in-built sipper cup
  • Although safety features are quite reliable, adult supervision is required for different functions.

6) TruGood 3 in 1 Booster Seat for Babies

GUDS Kids Booster Seat Cum Feeding Swing Chairs for Baby (Blue Green)

Booster seat from TruGood has infused all kinds of essential features required for babies in one seat. It can be a high chair besides being a car seat, a baby bather, a swing, and a good feeding chair with a tray. Besides, it is foldable and can be carried anywhere easily without many efforts.

The TruGood Booster seat comes with strings, which makes it a reliable baby swing. Moreover, the seats are comfortable and compatible with all dining chairs as a high chair with safety belts and a large food tray. It has all kinds of options featuring a portable chair, making it one of the best baby booster seats.

  • Multipurpose booster seat for babies with swinging feature too
  • Foldable and portable design
  • Can be used in both indoor and outdoor conditions
  • Good dining chair with a large food tray and seat belts
  • Proper backrest and recliner can be a good option, but the seat is quite comfortable

7) LuvLap Springdale 2 in 1 feeding chair and booster seat

Luvlap Springdale 2 in 1 Feeding Chair & Booster Seat, Portable (Red)

LuvLap is probably the most favorable booster seat and feeding chair that takes the next level’s convenience and comfort level. It features 2 stage functions with a detachable tray for mealtimes. And a 3 point safety harness system can hold the baby securely with the utmost comfortable seats.

When it comes to a feeding feature, it has three positions adjustable dining tray followed by three positions adjustable leg height for your baby’s comfort. Besides, it is easy to carry with a compact folding design requiring no maintenance.

  • 3 position dining tray adjustment
  • 3 position height adjustment with a comfortable seat
  • Easy-grip handle to carry
  • Compact foldable design with 3 point safety harness feature
  • The detachable dining tray should be assembled correctly so that baby can’t detach it.

8) Little Tikes Baby Booster seat

Little Tikes My First Seat and Tray, Baby Infant Foam Floor Seat | Sitting Support Chair with Play and Feeding Tray, Safety Belt Strap | Firm Base | Suitable for 3+ Months | Infant First Chair, Grey

The baby Booster seat from Little tikes has the most comfortable seats of all time, made with soft foam. Besides, it can also prevent reflux and strengthens the spine with the firm backrest. Extra back and neck supports are provided in the seat to ensure the baby is sitting upright. It’s only the seat, which makes it one of the best booster seats for babies.

It comes with a safe and secure belt, which prevents the child from falling. Moreover, the structural bottom of the seat keeps the baby in position, thus ensuring complete safety. Furthermore, the plastic tray that comes with the booster seat is easy to clean and installed in seconds for dining or playing.

  • Multipurpose booster and feeding seat
  • Comfortable and adaptive seat for good baby’s posture
  • U-shaped spacious leg opening
  • Safety belt and structural bottom
  • Easy to clean, detachable trays
  • Can be perfect for babies of 3+ months but it won’t support more than one and half year due to the compact design of the seat

9) R for Rabbit Jelly Bean Booster High Chair

R for Rabbit Jelly Bean Booster Chair for baby, Baby Seat, Portable Baby Chair, Booster Chair for Babies, Baby Chair, Baby Dining Chair, Kids Seat for Age: 6 Months – 3 years, Weight Capacity: Max 15 Kg (Green)

This lightweight booster high chair from R for Rabbit Jelly bean is portable and travel friendly so that you can take your baby with you conveniently. Besides, the chair is EN 16120 certified for the safety of the baby. You can use this booster high baby chair as a feeding chair to dining together with a removable tray.

The booster chair is very compact and can fit anywhere, thus acquiring a small space from your home. It is a simple chair with a compact and portable design with all essential requirements as a feeding chair and a booster seat.

  • Comfortable seat with aluminum chair legs
  • Pretty lightweight, easy to fold, and easy to carry
  • Removable tray for feeding
  • Best for the kids from 6 months to 3 years
  • Leg rest is not present, but the safety belt makes it secure and comfortable for the baby

10) GOCART with G Logo Baby Booster Feeding Chair

GOCART WITH G LOGO Baby Booster Feeding Chair -Easy Travel Chair - with Safety Belt and Removable Dining Tray for Infants and Toddlers (Pink)

A baby booster chair can be complete only if it provides good comfort to the baby besides reliable security features. This Baby Booster feeding chair from GOCART covers both the aspects: incredibly comfortable seat, varieties of color, and lightweight size. Apart from this, it has a safety belt system for being a feasible travel chair for infants and toddlers.

The infant feeding seat from GOCART can be turned into a complete dining table with a dishwasher safe feeding tray. Furthermore, it is foldable and easy to carry with the shoulder carry strap. This chair also features a sippy cup holder, which makes it a perfect infant feeding booster chair.

  • Infant feeding seat and a toddler booster seat
  • Straps easily to the dining and kitchen chair
  • The tray is dishwasher safe
  • Portable with shoulder carry strap
  • More room for a moment of babies could be great, but the fact that it can be strapped anywhere makes it feel comfortable

Final words

A baby booster seat is undoubtedly one of the most convenient possessions for every household with newborns, infants, and kids. It makes them feel comfortable and makes it easy to travel by the seats strapped with the car seat. LuvLap Baby booster seat is probably one of the best versions with all kinds of security and convenient features that favor multi-functionality.

Well, you can find your best baby booster seats in India from the selective range of options mentioned above. All you have to do is go through the features, filter the best ones, compare them with each other with pros and cons, and that’s it, you have found the booster seats of your expectations.

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