Top 10 Best Baby Laundry Detergents In India

Baby’s skin is more sensitive than the adult’s skin and any changes in the environment and mainly in the clothes can cause adverse skin conditions. Thus, using harsh laundry detergents on the clothes can lead to eczema, skin allergies, and cradle cap, etc. This is why dedicated baby laundry detergents have emerged. These detergents are made of chemicals that are effective in cleaning stains besides being super gentle on the baby’s skin.

Factors to be kept in mind while buying the best baby laundry detergents:

1. Types of Detergent: The detergents exclusively made to wash baby’s cloth are available in three forms in the market: Liquid Detergent, Powder Detergent, and pods.

  • a) Liquid Detergent: This is the most commonly used type of detergent in the market. They are sold in bottles. The lid is in the shape of a cup used to measure the product’s right quantity to use. It can easily remove oily or greasy stains, is accessible to pre-treat, and quickly dissolves in cold and hot water.
  • b) Powder Detergent: These detergents are sold in recyclable cardboard boxes in the market. Very useful to get rid of dirt or ground stains and bloodstains. This is comparatively cheaper than other detergents, and the powder formula works efficiently, even in hard water. These are not completely soluble in cold water and can get messy and form lumps when it comes to water contact.
  • c) Pods: Pods/Packs are available in the market in small, pre-measured packages. These are in the shapes of candies or tablets, which can be dropped in water before adding clothes. The most significant advantage is that it’s portable and gives a persistent result after every wash, and easy to use. Most parents prefer liquid and powder baby detergents over the pods.

2. Quality: Keeping in mind about babies’ delicate skin, one should purchase the highest detergent quality available in the market. The best quality product should be used to prevent skin problems and redness. The chemical levels should be low in the detergent and should not cause any harm.

3. Stain Removal ability: Babies will continuously stain their clothes and sheets. Parents should be careful while choosing a baby detergent that has the best stain removal ability. The detergent should effortlessly clean the tough stains, keeping the fabric soft.

4. Fabric Softener: The clothes and articles used by newborns should be washed and kept too soft. Rough fabrics might give rise to redness or irritation on their skin. Try to choose the baby detergent, which has a fabric softener; this will save the cost of buying an individual fabric softener.

5. No Toxic Chemicals: The regular detergents have strong stain removing capacity but are fatal to use. It contains NPE, diethanolamine, petroleum, Ethylene oxide, Polyalkylene oxide, quaternions-15, etc. These elements cause cancer and damage to the kidney, heart, liver in babies.

6. Scented detergents and brighteners should be avoided: The scented detergents do not help in dirt or stain removal. It just adds fragrance to clothes. Babies can have allergies and irritation due to this fragrance. Brighteners absorb UV light rays and brighten and keep the color of clothes intact. They remain stuck in the fabric, later causing redness on the skin of the newborns.

7. Plant-based detergents: If the infant is not allergic to natural herbs, this detergent type will be the best available option. The plant-based detergents are safer and less risky compared to the synthetic products available in the market. It does not contain any chemicals.

8. Hypoallergenic: This is the safest option for babies with the most sensitive skin. Detergents with ‘hypoallergenic’ label mean it does not contain dyes, brighteners, or fragrance. It prevents the baby’s skin from rashes.

9. HE Compatibility: Parents can buy detergents with ‘HE’ symbols on the packages and own high-efficiency (HE) washing machines. Its advantages are its washes and clean clothes using a minimal amount of water. It rinses efficiently and creates less foam.

10. Cost-effective: The notion, ‘costlier the better’ is a myth. An equally efficient product can be available as an alternative in the market.

Besides taking care of your baby’s skin and allergens that might be weaved into the clothes, parents should buy a detergent that will be gentle on their hands too.

But, buying the best baby laundry detergent among the tons of available options is one of the toughest tasks. You have to go through all available options in the market to filter out the top products and then choose among them. This conventional method will probably consume a lot of time and still, you can’t be guaranteed of expected results. Well, we are here to help you to crack the best deal on baby laundry detergents.

We have enlisted the top 10baby laundry detergents in India that are ranked based on the benefits, highlighting features and performance, etc. All you have to do is, go through these selective items and compare them with your requirements to get the best product out of them.

10 Best Laundry Detergents In India

1) Mamaearth's Plant Based Baby Laundry Liquid Detergent, With Bio-Enzymes and Neem Extracts, 1000ml

Mamaearth's Plant Based Baby Laundry Liquid Detergent, With Bio-Enzymes and Neem Extracts, 1000ml

Mamaearth is one of the few products available in the market which is providing whole natural composition in their products. They are quite renowned and reputed in delivering natural products. This baby laundry liquid detergent from Mamaearth is completely safe for baby clothes, towels, and sheets, etc.

This detergent is infused with effective natural ingredients and bio-enzymes which help in the breakdown of oil and dirt from the fabrics. Citric acid is a naturally occurring bleach that can remove tough stains from the clothes while Neem extract inhibits the growth of bacteria.

The absence of any kind of harsh chemical additives in the detergent makes it the best laundry detergent for babies. It is dermatologically tested to be free from harsh chemicals like paraben, sulfates, bleach and phosphates, etc which makes it fully safe for babies.

  • The citrus fragrance is refreshing
  • Even stubborn stains like milk, oil, and dirt can be removed easily
  • No adverse effects on baby skin
  • Soft on clothes without any harsh chemicals in it
  • This detergent performs well with less action but you may need more detergent for good cleaning

2) Himalaya Gentle Baby Laundry Wash

Himalaya Gentle Baby Laundry Liquid Wash 1 Ltr (Pouch)

One of the topmost features of a baby laundry detergent is the absence of all kinds of harsh chemicals. This Baby Laundry Wash from Himalaya is one such product that is free from all kinds of chemicals and effective in cleaning stubborn stains from the baby’s clothes. Himalaya is one of the most renowned companies in India with an unmatched reputation in providing natural products. Thus you can surely rely on their claims.

However, coming to this baby laundry wash, it is infused with the Soap nut extracts that have incredible stain removal properties. Additionally, it maintains the softness of the fabric while providing fresh and mild fragrance without any residue left behind. It is probably one of the best baby laundry wash liquid on which you can completely rely.

  • Fresh, mild fragrance lasts long
  • Maintains the softness of the fabric
  • Even stubborn stains of oil can be cleaned
  • The presence of neem, geranium, and lemon ensures antibacterial properties
  • Works well when the clothes are soaked for an hour although residues are not left behind.

3) Mee Mee Mild Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent

Mee Mee Mild Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent (1.2 L - Refill Pack)


Baby Laundry detergent is more effective when used in the liquid form and this Mild Baby liquid Laundry Detergent from Mee Mee leads this category. It is made to the highest safety standards keeping the sensitive baby skin in mind. The composition of this product depicts itself with zero harsh chemicals and effective performance.

Minimum wash action can give a good whitening effect within a few moments. The eco-friendly formulation of the liquid detergent is packed with triple enzymes that prevent soil and dirt from deposition into the fabric.

The liquid is quite gentle on baby clothes even in rapid wash action and cleans stubborn stain easily. You can use this liquid in the baby’s towel and on all types of fabrics. All these gentle features enlist it in the best baby laundry detergent in India.

  • Mild detergent specially for babies
  • Soft on all kinds of fabrics and gives a good whitening effect
  • Prevention of soil and dirt after laundry wash is done
  • Free from Phosphorus and fluorescent
  • Takes a while for the whitening effect but works well on all kinds of baby clothing, even on towels and pants as well


Pigeon is one of the renowned brands providing high-quality baby care products. The reason for its listing in these top-rated baby laundry detergents is the special formulation that kills hard stains instantly. It ensures soft baby clothes being completely gentle on sensitive baby skin.

This detergent powder can remove dark out dirt and stains easily and effortlessly while removing the odor of diapers at the same time. Even regular washing of the baby clothes doesn’t fade the color. The manufacturer claims it to kill 99.99% bacteria from the baby clothes and it reaches closer to the claims.

Having zero phosphates and fluorescents in the formula makes it completely safe on the baby’s skin even if used regularly.

  • Removes odor from diaper while cleaning stubborn stain
  • Remove dark our dirt with minimum wash action
  • Completely gentle on the baby clothes
  • Natural ingredients are safe for the baby’s skin and can be used for all baby clothes.
  • Should be soaked for a while although stains can be removed effectively by a simple wash
  • No special fragrance but the diaper odor can be removed effectively.

5) Morisons Baby Dreams laundry Detergent

Morisons Baby Dreams Baby Laundry Detergent - 1 Lt

Morison’s company has been one of the leading manufacturers of baby products for three decades which makes it trustworthy for mothers. This baby laundry detergent from Morisons possesses all stringently tested ingredients which are gentle on all kinds of baby clothing.

The in-built disinfectants of this detergent from Morisons can be used for both washing machines as well as for hand washing purposes as well.  It can remove all kinds of hard stains and remains gentle on the baby’s skin.

The formula of the detergent is quite effective as it can keep the clothes fresh and clean for a longer time. The use of all-natural ingredients in this detergent makes it safe for the environment as well.

  • Long-lasting concentrated formula
  • Maintains the freshness of the baby clothes for a long time with neem and lemon fragrance
  • Fabric softener is used in the composition as the clothes remain soft for a long time
  • Can remove tough stains while being gentle on the skin
  • The formulation of the detergent from Morisons can keep the baby clothes fresh but no dedicated fragrance is present in it

6) Luvlap Baby Laundry Liquid detergent

LuvLap Baby Laundry Liquid Detergent, Food Grade, Refill Pack 1000ml

The advanced whitening effect accompanied by the environmental friendly is surely the best formulation for baby laundry detergents. Luvlap excels in this category with the most effective formulation that can remove the toughest stains and also prevents dirt deposition instantly with good pH balance.

Baby laundry detergent from Luvlap has no artificial colors or harsh chemicals in it which can be harsh on the baby’s sensitive skin. Besides, the composition is specially made to decompose harmful carcinogenic substances like formaldehyde instantly.  Additionally, the absence of phosphate and fluorescence also ensures zero allergic reactions when coming into contact with the skin.

The natural ingredients of this liquid detergent make it mild and gentle. You can use it for all kinds of fabrics as the environmentally friendly formulation with natural ingredients is completely safe.

  • Biodegradable and completely natural formulation
  • Faster whitening and softening effect
  • Refreshing smell for a long time
  • Works well in removing stubborn stains from the fabrics and can be used in towels as well.
  • You should let it soak for a while if you are using machine washing but hand washing can be done faster with good softening and whitening effect.

7) Mother Sparsh Baby laundry Liquid

Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Baby Laundry Liquid Detergent With Bio - Enzymes and Eucalyptus Oil | Without Dyes & Optical Brighteners -1 Litre

Baby Laundry Liquid detergent from Mother Sparsh possesses some quite compelling features like allergen-free fragrance and safe formulation which makes it enlisted in this list. It is a mild detergent with efficient cleaning performance due to powerful natural bio enzymes. Thus, it removes all varieties of stains like milk spots, food marks, and dirt.

Natural formulation accompanied with aloe and neem gives good allergen-free fragrance for a long time. These ingredients are also known for super anti-bacterial properties which means you do not need to worry about your baby skin as well.

Complete natural formulation with a soft and gentle feel to babies makes it a perfect detergent for newborn babies with sensitive skin conditions.

  • Good refreshing fragrance which makes it feel effective on clothes
  • Soft and gentle on baby skin and is perfect for newborn baby
  • Natural formulation and anti-bacterial properties
  • Can clean hard stains and milk spots from clothes easily
  • It can work well on hard oil stains but you have to keep it soaked for an hour and rinse well after washing as well.

8) Windmill Baby Natural Laundry detergent liquid

Windmill baby Natural Plant Based Laundry Detergent Liquid, USDA Certified, Allergen Free, Gentle with Bio-Enzymes, Fragrance Free - 900 ml

One should have a good trust in the company before buying a laundry detergent for a baby as the gentle and sensitive skin of babies requires good care. This Baby Natural plant-based Laundry Detergent liquid from Windmill is one such product on which you can surely put your trust on.

Windmill Detergent liquid is USDA certified as the allergen-free, fragrance-free and harsh chemicals free product in the market. Besides, it is infused with the effective bio enzymes known for providing superior performance on cleaning hard stains from baby clothes. This formulation can be used to clean blankets, Swaddlers, odors, stains, and towels, etc.

This detergent liquid can be used for both machine wash and hand washes as they are gentle on hands with zero chemical additives.

  • Environmental friendly USDA certified baby laundry detergent liquid
  • Can clean hard stains and provide fragrance-free results
  • Convenient for both machine and hand wash
  • Biodegradable with no irritation to the baby’s sensitive skin
  • Machine wash will need more amount of liquid while hand wash can make use of a normal amount of liquid to remove a stubborn stain

9) Pigeon Multifunctional Laundry Detergent

Pigeon Sunshine Baby Multifunctional Liquid Laundry Detergent, With Plant Extracts, Alcohol Free, 1200 ml

Laundry detergents aimed at color protection, care for all kinds of textile fibers and good cleaning performance are surely the best choice for baby laundry detergent. This multifunctional laundry detergent from Pigeon is one such product that intends to serve best for the baby’s healthy growth from all aspects.

It is infused with selected effective plant extract which can provide efficient performance in cleaning all variations of stains. Besides, its formulation is especially composed to protect the fabric against wear and tear which is common in hand washing procedure. Being gentle on hands, you can use it for washing cotton, linen, and blended materials as well.

Furthermore, this baby laundry detergent also includes antibacterial ingredients that can protect the dark color of the fabrics which often gets affected by washing.

  • Easy to use and rinse
  • Gentle on hands even in continuous hand washing
  • Suitable for all kinds of fabrics and can clean stubborn stains at ease
  • Comes with the extended dispensing unit
  • Machine wash needs more time to soak, but using this detergent can clean all kinds of fabrics through hand wash easily.

10) Chicco baby Laundry Detergent

Chicco Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent, 5X Stain & Germ Fighter, Kills 99% of Germs, Dermatologically Tested for Effective & Gentle Cleaning, Delicate FLowers (1 L)

Chicco laundry detergent can remove all kinds of dirt at ease which makes it enlisted in the top baby laundry detergents in India. It doesn’t irritate the baby’s skin at all, even though it can clean effectively at ease without much effort in the handwashing procedure.

A perfect ratio of anionic or non-ionic surfactants can remove food stains without being harsh on the fabrics or fading the color and texture of the skin. The delicacy of the formula has gone through hypoallergenic and dermatological tests.

  • Effectively removes food stains without being harsh on fabrics and baby skin as well
  • Can clean the hard stain with hand wash and rinse
  • Suitable for baby towels as well
  • Free from all harsh chemicals
  • Machine washing requires more amount of detergent while hand washing can be done effectively with less amount of detergent.

Conclusion: – 

One of the above-mentioned baby laundry detergents will surely meet your requirements from all aspects. They are selected especially for the Indian cleaning procedure besides considering the safety of the baby’s skin. You should go through the reviews of each of them to decide whether it is perfect for your baby or not.

Mamaearth baby detergent is renowned to be one of the most reputed and trusted brands for baby detergent with effective composition and is in buzz these days. However, all the above-mentioned products are free from harsh chemicals and are soft and gentle on the baby’s skin besides being efficient in cleaning all kinds of fabrics.

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