Top 6 Best Baby Bed Rails in India 2021

Everyone loves the wonderful sleep. With a baby in the house, the parents at least cannot get a good sleep. The parents have to keep an eye on the baby while playing and roaming around the house. But the parents have to keep an eye on them even while they are sleeping. When the babies are sleeping on the beds, they don’t have the idea of bed edges. So, in the sleep, the baby might slide to the corner and fall down the bed. That’s not a good thing for the baby, as they might get seriously injured. 

As a parent, you must prevent the same with your baby. If your baby is sleeping on the bed, and you don’t want the baby to fall down the bed while sleeping, you should be extra careful. Keeping an eye on them is one thing, but that’s not possible every time. That’s why you should buy the best baby bed rails in India. With the bed rails for babies, you can cover the bed’s sides to prevent the baby from falling. 

The bed rails attach to the sides of the bed. So, the babies who are sleeping peacefully won’t roll down the bed. The bed rail stops the baby from falling. If your baby has the habit of moving to the sides and is at the danger of falling from the bed, you should buy the best baby bed rails in India. 

There are a ton of products available in the market. So, it could be frustrating for you to find the best product from the list. Before choosing the best baby bed rails, you should consider a few points. Performing in-depth research might give headaches to some parents. To avoid the headache, we are going to share the list of the best baby bed rails in India. The products are listed on the Amazon Marketplace and have positive customer ratings. So, check out this list and get the best baby bed rails in India that suit your requirements for baby safety. 

Best Baby Bed Rails in India

1) Kiddale Extra Long Foldable Baby Safety Bed Rail

Kiddale Bedrail : Extra Long (6X2.2 Ft) Foldable Safety Guard for Baby-Blue

Kiddale is a well-known brand in the baby products industry. The Kiddale Extra-long foldable baby safety bed rail is another interesting product from the company. This baby bedrail for safety is easy to assemble and install. You can easily install this bed rail by yourself on any bed without any issues. This Kiddale bed rail is foldable on the one side, which is helpful for the parents. By folding the bed rail on the one side, the parents can sit bedside to play with the kids on the bed or even take care of them. 

The safety and durability of this product are top-notch. The strong metal frame is good for durability and makes it the safest one amongst the all. The metal frame is made with high-quality metal, which is polished and coated with non-toxic material for baby safety. The fabric on this baby bedrail is see-through. The breathable fabric makes it easier for the babies to get air ventilation. Also, the see-through fabric is useful for the parents to keep an eye on the babies while they are sleeping. 

On the fabric, there is a small pocket, which is useful to keep the bottles, toys, and other baby accessories. With the pull-knob on the side, it becomes easier for the parents to fold the bed rail. The parents can fold this bed rail according to the needs. They can fold it all the way down to remove and store, or just adjust the height for baby safety. Fortunately, the fabric used in the Kiddale Baby safety bed rail is highly durable and washable. So, there is no issue with maintaining the product and ensuring hygiene. The best thing we found about this product is that it’s not only made for the kids. The adults who have the habit of leaning to the sides and at the risk of falling from bed can use this bed rail for their safety. Kiddale Baby Bedrail is available on Amazon and is one of the best seller products in the Baby safety category. 

  • A strong Metal Frame provides durability and strength. 
  • The storage pocket is useful for storing baby accessories.
  • It’s suitable for everyone. Not just the babies, but even adults find it useful. 
  • Easy to Wash and high-quality fabric ensures baby safety. 
  • Requires Manual Assembly. Even though it’s easy, it requires a lot of time. 
  • This product is a bit on the expensive side compared to the other baby safety bed rails.  

2) LuvLap Bed Rail Guard for Babies

Luvlap Bed Rail Guard for Baby/Kids Safety (180 x 68 cm), Portable & Foldable Bed Rail (Green)

If you want ultimate safety for your babies from falling from the bedside, then LuvLap Bed rail guard is a good choice. This product provides safety to babies while they are sleeping peacefully on the bed. This is an easy to fold bed rail, which allows you to adjust the height and even store it anywhere in the house. You can carry it anywhere you want due to the foldability option. 

The LuvLap bed rail guard for babies comes with high-quality fabric. The breathable see-through fabric makes it easier for the parents to spot the babies while they are sleeping. It provides assurance to the parents, as they can occasionally see through the fabric to check if the baby is awake or not. As the babies grow very fast, you have to adjust the height of the bed rail. With the height adjustability option, you can easily make it taller or shorter. You can adjust it according to your needs, so the baby won’t climb over the bed rail, which is very dangerous. 

The best thing about this product is that it’s compatible with all bed sizes. Be it the regular, king, queen, or double bed and mattress; it fits perfectly. All you have to do is the manual assembly, which is very easy. Although the installation takes quite some time, the procedure is pretty simple. After using it, you can remove the same and fold it anywhere you want. From the pricing perspective, it’s priced perfectly. It’s not overpriced at all, and you get a single side bed rail. 

  • The See-through Washable Fabric is of the highest quality. 
  • This product is compatible with all of the standard bed sizes in the world. 
  • The height adjustability is a very interesting and useful feature. 
  • This baby bed rail is easy to fold and store in the compact space. 
  • The height adjustability option is not tall enough. It cannot handle the baby, which is taller as they can easily jump from the bedrail or even break it. 
  • The installation is easy but pretty time-consuming. 

3) Vic Kid Bed Rail Guard for Baby Safety

Vic Kid® Adjustable Baby Bedrail Guard Bed Fence Size: L 178cm* H 66cm (Pattern : Pink Elephant)

Vic Kid bed rail guard is another interesting product that comes with a lot of features. First of all, almost all of the bed rail guards come disassembled in the package. This is not an exceptional product. The Vic Kid Bed rail guard for baby safety comes disassembled, but the installation procedure is quite easy. So, if you are worried about the complicated assembly and installation, then there is nothing to worry about. 

The Vic Kid bed rail guard comes with a foldable design, which helps you to store it easily. The high-quality washable see=thrugh fabric is another useful addition to this product. It comes with the removable fabric, which is see-through. As the fabric is see-through, you can easily check out the babies sleeping on the bed. You will immediately know if they are sleeping or moving around in the bed, which is kind of dangerous considering the kid’s safety. The best thing is that the fabric is washable, so you can keep the fabric hygienic. 

When it comes to durability, nothing can match the quality of this product. It comes with a high-quality steel frame, which handles the baby’s weight and provides durability. It works very well and snaps on to the bed frame. Unlike the other bed rails, there is no gap between the bed rail and the bed itself, which is essential for baby safety. For convenience, it has a small storage pocket, in which you can store the baby essentials like the milk bottle, water bottle, snacks, toys, and other stuff with ease. It’s available in four color options, which is a great thing. The pricing of this product is perfect and affordable for everyone. 

  • This product is suitable for all bed sizes.
  • Foldable Design ensures compact storage and portability.
  • The manufacturer has provided the storage pocket for storing the baby essentials.
  • The Removable and Washable Fabric ensures good hygiene. 
  • Assembly and installation process is time-consuming. 
  • According to some user reviews, the essential assembly and installation components were missing. 

4) Safe-O-Kid Baby Safety Bed Rails

Safe-O-Kid -Combo;Safest ( Extra thick; Best ABS material; 300 D) EXtra Large (1.8 mtr) Extra Thick; ABS Material; Bedrail; Fit-All; 8 Adjustable Points; One-Hand Operate; Washable Bed Rails + 4 Injury Protection Corners - Full Bed Size (6 ft)- Pack of 1; Pink

Safe-O-Kid Baby safety bed rails are one of the most popular products in the Amazon marketplace. It comes with high-quality stretchable, washable, and tear-free nylon oxford fabric, which is a great thing. The high-quality nylon oxford fabric is the best thing that we’ve found about this product. Other baby bed rails have the substandard quality of the fabric, which is not that great. The Safe-O-Kid Bed Rail for baby safety is great for all bed and mattress types. But the problem is that the longtime usage may damage some type of mattresses. So, you have to be a bit careful. 

The height is adjustable, so you can change the height settings according to your needs. This product is high enough to prevent babies from climbing and falling. Even if the baby manages to climb or tries to push the fabric and the bed rail, the sturdy construction bears the weight of the leaning baby. Thus, it provides ultimate safety for the kids that are quite active when they are awake. The best thing for the parents is that the installation procedure is very straightforward. You have to follow the graphical instructions shared in the manual and install this product. 

For storing the baby essentials, the manufacturer has provided the Tear-free nylon oxford fabric storage pocket. The pocket is stretchable, so you can accommodate a lot of baby accessories. Another interesting feature of this product is its foldable design. The foldable design makes it easy to fold and store it when not in use. Also, you can fold the sides and sit with your baby at the bedside. It’s one of the most affordable baby bed rails in India, so you should not ignore this product. 

  • It comes with the Stretchable and Washable Nylon Oxford Fabric.
  • Fits almost all of the standard bed sizes.
  • It bears the weight of the leaning baby and prevents the baby from falling.
  • Easy installation is one of the best things about this product. 
  • Only a Single side bed rail. You need to buy three of these to get protection for three sides of the bed. 
  • Long time use of this Bed Rail may damage the mattress in some cases. 

5) Baybee Bed Rail Guard

Baybee Bed Rail Guard Barrier for Baby Portable Safety Adjustable Height Falling Protector Fence Foldable Safeguard Bed Rails Single Side Bed for Newborn Toddler Kids Pack of 1 (Green, 180x63 cm)

Baybee Bed rail guard is another popular product on the Amazon marketplace in India. The Indian parents have loved this product a lot for the impeccable safety features. The Baybee bed rail guard comes with the safety belt that keeps the bed rail firm to the bed. So, if you are tired from the Bedrail falling or sliding down due to loose installation, you should get some relief after buying the Baybee bed rail guard with a safety belt. 

This bedrail can easily fold down, so the parents can sit beside the baby at the bedside. It becomes easier to fold down the entire Bed Rail to store in the cupboard when not in use. For the parents, it’s very easy to attach the Bedrail to the bed with a safety strap and detach the same. It’s suitable for almost all types of beds. It doesn’t matter if you have a single, double, king or queen size bed; you’ll be able to install this baby bed rail guard with ease. 

For the baby, it comes with a breathable mesh fabric. The mesh fabric is of high quality, and you can easily detach it from the Bedrail. You can regularly wash it in the washing machine, or even hand wash it to take care of the hygiene. As it has the mesh design, the fabric is pretty breathable and see-through. You can spot the activities of the baby from away with ease. One of the best things that I’ve found about this product is the high-quality steel frame. The same steel frame provides the strength and durability of this product and makes it lightweight. You will not find this product expensive at all as it has a lot of features and affordable pricing. 

  • High-Quality Steel Frame Makes it Sturdy and Durable. 
  • The Breathable, Washable, and See-through mesh Fabric is of High-quality.
  • Lightweight and Foldable Construction for compact storage and portability.
  • The product comes with an incomplete Instruction manual. So, the installation becomes a bit complicated. 

6) Kurtzy Foldable Bed Rail

About Space Foldable Bed Rail Baby Falling Safety Guard Barrier Protector Fence for New Born Toddler Kids 6 x 2.5 Feet (Pack of 1 - Pink)

If all you need is the Strength and durability, the Kurtzy Foldable Bed Rail is one that suits your requirements. The Kurtzy foldable Bed Rail is made with the strong ABS plastic material. The hollow metal frame provides the required strength and durability. The same hollow frame makes it lightweight, so it’s easy to install and carry around anywhere you want. It’s foldable, so you can easily fold and store it into the small bag or in the cupboard. 

Just like any other bed rail for babies, the Kurtzy foldable Bedrail has the option of adjusting the height. The height adjustment option is great, as you can adjust the height to multiple levels. For the babies, it comes with a strong nylon mesh fabric, which is breathable. The mesh fabric is see-through, so observing the babies from far away is possible for the parents and the babies can see outside without any issues. The fabric is high-quality, so it won’t tear even after long use. 

The best thing I found about this product is the cute and attractive designs. It comes with multiple colors and design options. Your baby would definitely love the cute designs. For the parents, the installation is quite simple and won’t consume a lot of time. But, it requires expertise, as the installation consists of drilling. All-in-all, it’s a great product that’s suitable for the babies to stay safe while they are sleeping or playing in the bed. 

  • It’s made with the Strong ABS Plastic and Hollow Metal Frame.
  • Foldable construction makes it highly portable and lightweight. 
  • Multiple colors and design options for the babies. 
  • It’s not suitable for Beds with Steel frames.
  • Installation of this Bedrail requires the drilling. So, it may damage the wood. 

Final Words 

The babies are active, and they are always busy playing or sleeping. As the babies don’t know anything about the threats, they may fall from the bed and get injured. As a parent, it’s your duty to prevent such mishaps and prevent any injuries to the baby. Most of the babies grow faster, and they don’t fit inside the cradle. For such babies, letting them sleep and play on the soft and comfortable bed is a great option. With the best baby bed rails in India, you can prevent the babies from falling from the bedside. 

The best baby bed rails in India are important to have in every household where there are babies. The bed rails attach to the bedside and prevent the babies from falling from the sides. As the Bedrail is attached to the bed, the babies will stop sliding down while sleeping and accidentally fall while playing. As we have the baby in our house, we had an idea of how to buy the best baby bed rails for baby safety. We’ve tried to share the best products from the Amazon marketplace that you can buy and ensure baby safety.

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