Top 6 Best Baby Bedding Sets in India 2021

Babies do sleep a lot. They need to sleep a lot so that they can rampage in the night. Just Kidding. Babies need sleep for brain development. Without enough and comfortable sleep, the babies would not have proper brain growth and would be prone to numerous cognitive disorders. That’s why it is essential to let the baby sleep properly for a long time when they are infants. The sleeping time reduces as they grow, but it becomes fixed to the eight hours minimum. The babies need sound sleep, so sleeping in a comfortable bed is essential. 

You can make them a soft and plush bed, but taking care of the babies would be a difficult job. There are bugs and, most importantly, mosquitoes, that won’t let your baby sleep peacefully. So, it’s your job to consider checking the available options for sound sleep for the babies. In my opinion, what is better than the baby bedding sets? The baby bedding sets are the best for your baby. The infant can easily fit inside one and get a sound sleep for the rest of the night. So, getting your baby the best bedding set in India is a great thing you can do as a parent. 

If you are willing to let your baby sleep for a long time, and that too comfortably, then you should immediately start looking for the best baby bedding sets in India. In this post, we are listing the best baby bedding sets in India that you can find on Amazon. With these baby bedding sets, you can let your baby sleep peacefully in the night. Although you should assess your requirements and the considerations first, we’ve done the same with some basic parameters. We’ve followed the basic buying guide and shortlisted a few best baby bedding sets in India that you should check out. 

6 Best Baby Bedding Sets in India

1) Amardeep and Co Toddler Mattress with Mosquito Net

Amardeep Toddler Mosquito and Insect Protection Net/Mattress Pink Teddy Print 70 * 40 cms

When it comes to the best baby bedding sets in India, you cannot ignore Amardeep and Co Toddler mattress. It’s one of the best seller products in the Amazon marketplace, which you should not ignore at all. It’s a comfortable bedding set, which is good for a sound sleep. The newborns who need comfort and safety and the babies of 6-7 months of age are suitable for this product. It comes with comfortable bedding made with 100% pure cotton. 

The Amardeep and Co Toddler Mattress is a proper bedding set for infants. The side restricts the big babies to fit in, but it’s suitable if your baby is small enough to fit inside the same. According to the customer reviews on Amazon, this product is suitable even for the baby of one year. Not just that, this product has a strong plastic wireframe. The plastic wireframe provides the ultimate durability and reduces the overall weight. As it’s a lightweight product, it is easier to pack and move around. 

This product is fully washable, so you can throw it in the washing machine or hand wash it to keep it clean. As it’s made with pure cotton, it takes some time to dry off properly, but it’s worth having something that you can wash for hygiene. The best thing I found about this product is that it comes with the attached mosquito nets. As the mosquitoes in India often bite the babies, there is a high chance of the baby getting malaria or other diseases. The mosquito net is not at all suffocating, but it allows the air to ventilate properly. So, the baby can sleep comfortably inside while staying safe from the harmful mosquito and bug bites. It’s one of the most affordable baby bedding sets that you can find in India with all of these features. 

  • This product is made with 100% Pure cotton material.
  • The Strong Plastic wireframe provides ultimate durability and foldability. 
  • This bedding set is completely washable for hygiene. 
  • It comes with a breathable mosquito net for baby safety.
  • Nylon and Synthetic material Stitching is not safe for babies. If the Stitching comes out loose, babies can start eating the same while in the bed. 

2) DearJoy Baby Kick and Play Bedding Set

DearJoy Baby Kick and Play Gym with Mosquito Net and Baby Bedding Set (Blue Bunny Print)

DearJoy is a famous brand in the baby care products segment. The DearJoy Baby Kick and Play Bedding set is another interesting and useful product from the company that you cannot ignore. It’s one of the best seller products on Amazon India marketplace. It’s made with high-quality materials, indeed, as this product is being loved by thousands of customers from everywhere in India. For the ultimate baby comfort, this product comes with a high-quality thick base. The thick base provides stability and comfort to the baby. 

Due to the foldable design, it’s easy to fold and store anywhere you want. Also, the cotton material is easy to wash for hygiene concerns. It comes with the attached mosquito net, which is very useful. The mosquito net provides ultimate protection to babies from the mosquitos and other kinds of bug. As the baby is trapped inside the net once it’s equipped, the manufacturer has provided a few stuffed toys to play with. The toys and hanged inside the bedding and the mosquito net. They are not of any specific shape but filled with the foam for entertaining the babies. 

Along with the cotton bedding, which is soft and squishy, you get a soft pillow. The pillow is not too hard and tall, which prevents any damage to the neck of the babies. This product is suitable for babies who are of the age of one year. It’s best suitable for infants but can accommodate the babies who grow faster with ease. As it’s an affordable and high-quality product, you should not worry about its country of origin. The DearJoy baby Kick and Play bedding set are made in India, and the manufacturer has not used any cheap material in construction. 

  • Thick Cotton base with head support pillow lets baby sleep peacefully. 
  • Easy to fold and carry around the home or store it for later use. 
  • The mosquito net with Ziplock provides the ultimate safety. 
  • The use of a plastic frame makes it lightweight and also durably. 
  • The thick cotton base might be too thick for some babies. The parents should add comforters or quilts on top of the base for added comfort. 

3) Superminis Multicolor Digital Print Baby Bedding Set

Superminis Multicolor Digital Print On White Base Design Bedding Set Thick Base, Foldable Mattress, Colorful Pillow and Both Side Zip Closure Mosquito Net (0-12 Months, Green)

If you want your baby to like the bedding set, then Superminis multicolor digital print bedding set would be a great choice. The Superminis multicolor digital print bedding set comes with the digital print mattress, which the baby would definitely like. The same is done for the babies as they love the funky characters while they are in bed. This product has a thick cotton bedding cushion, which provides the ultimate comfort to the baby. The baby can sleep inside this bedding set with ease for a long time, thanks to the thick bedding made with cotton. 

For the same, it comes with the mosquito net with a breathable mesh design. The same provides the breathability and prevents the mosquitos from entering the bedding and biting the kids. It’s an ultimate safety net for the babies, which protects them from the viral diseases transported by the mosquitoes and the bugs. For storage and transport, this Superminis baby bedding set is quite suitable. You can fold the entire product and carry it around everywhere with ease. As the product is washable, you can easily take care of hygiene concerns. There is nothing to worry about the safety of the baby with this bedding set.

As the name suggests, it’s a multicolor product. It‘s available in Navy Blue, Blue, Pink, and Red color. One interesting thing about this product is that it comes with multiple size options. There are two size options that are available to the parents. In the first option, the infants from 0-12 months can sleep easily. And another big variant of the same is suitable for the babies of 12-1 months of age. That’s an interesting option for the parents. Also, there is nothing to worry about the pricing, as it’s affordable for most of the parents. 

  • A thick and Comfortable mattress provides a better sleeping experience. 
  • The Mosquito net is attached and protects the baby from viral infections due to mosquito bites. 
  • The foldable design of this product is suitable for taking the bedding set anywhere. 
  • Available in two size variants, which is suitable for most of the people. 
  • The pillow provided with this bedding set is not washable at all.
  • For zipping the mosquito net, low-quality ZIP is used. 

4) Cutieco Soft and Comfortable Baby Bedding Set

Scuzo Soft and Comfortable New Born Baby Bedding Set with Protective Mosquito Net and Pillow, Blue

Cutieco is the soft and comfortable bedding set for the babies or especially the infants. Cutieco is a comparatively new brand in the market, but being loved by thousands of people all around India. The Cutieco Soft and comfortable baby bedding set come with the velvet fabric. The use of velvet fabric provides the ultimate softness to the skin. Also, the attached mosquito net is made with high-quality nylon threads, so it provides full protection to the babies from all kinds of mosquitos and other bugs. The only thing missing here is the zip lock for the mosquito net, which is somewhat disappointing. 

Along with the bedding set, you get a soft and squishy pillow for the babies. The pillow is not washable, but you can use it for a long time without any issues. It’s filled with the soft and comfortable velvet material, so the babies won’t feel any discomfort sleeping on it. Also, the pillow is very soft that it won’t harm the infant’s neck. The design of this Cutieco baby bedding set is foldable. So, you can fold the entire product and carry it around or even store it in a compact space for convenience. 

It’s crafted with precision by the experts. You won’t find any point in complaining after using it for the babies. Cutieco has made this product available in five color options, like Sky Blue, Camel, Dark Blue, Pink, and Red. You can choose any color you want without any issues. Also, it’s not extravagantly priced like the other baby bedding sets with similar features. You’ll find it with an affordable price tag on the Amazon India marketplace. 

  • It’s made with the Velvet Material, So it’s soft and comfortable for babies.
  • The attached Mosquito net provides full safety from mosquitoes and other bugs.
  • The foldable design and lightweight construction make it easy to carry around.
  • There is no Zip lock for a Mosquito net. So, the mosquitos may enter from a small gap.
  • The product is not washable at all. 

5) Littly Contemporary Velvet Baby Bedding Set

Littly Contemporary Velvet Baby Bedding Set

Just like the Cutieco Baby bedding set, the Littly Contemporary velvet baby bedding set is made with the soft and comfortable velvet fabric. It’s very soft and squishy, so the babies can sleep peacefully on this bedding set. The Littly Contemporary Velvet baby bedding set has all of the common features that you can find in all other bedding sets. It’s compact and foldable design allows you to fold and carry it anywhere you want. The lightweight construction makes it easy for anyone to carry it around or even store it on the shelves when not in use.

The Littly Contemporary velvet baby bedding set comes with the attached mosquito net. The mosquito net is made with good quality Nylon threads, and there is nothing to complain about the same. Also, the stitching is very strong, so it keeps everything in place for a long time. You don’t have to worry about the loose stitching and the durability of this product. The best thing I found about this product is that it comes in different sizes. For the parents, the Littly Contemporary bedding set is available in three size variants. The first variant is suitable for infants of 0-3 months of age, the second variant is suitable for babies of 3-12 months of age, and the third one is the biggest, which can accommodate babies of 12-18 months of age without any issue.

There are a few things that are a little disappointing about this product. The Little Contemporary bedding set for babies is not washable at all. Although the parents can wipe the exterior with a wet cloth for removing dirt and dust, it’s not fully washable in the machine or by hands. The entire bedding set is filled with cotton material, which provides it the fluffiness. For those who are interested in buying this bedding set for babies, there is nothing to worry about the pricing as it’s affordable for everyone.

  • Soft and Comfortable feel is suitable for the babies, and they can have a sound sleep.
  • Comes in multiple colors like Pink, Magenta, Orange, Blue, and Sky Blue.
  • The product is very durable due to the high-quality materials and strong stitching.  
  • The use of Velvet fabric might cause skin issues in babies.
  • The product is not washable at all. Though, you can use wet wipes of cleaning the same. 

6) Pinks and Blues Complete Baby Bedding Set

PINKS & BLUES New Born Baby Full Sleeping Bedding Set with 2 Side Pillows in a Shape of Cute Bears. 0-30 months (PINK SKY)

If you want your baby to feel like King or Queen, then the Pinks and Blues Complete baby bedding set is made to fulfill your needs. The Pinks and Blues is not a compact baby bedding set, but it’s a complete set. It comes with one bed, one quilt, two bear pillows, and one normal pillow. It’s not your regular bedding set that compact and cheap. Rather it’s big and expensive for normal people. In this baby bedding set, the babies will feel pretty comfortable, and the bed makes babies feel the warmth. It also has bulging corners, which prevents the baby from rolling down while sleeping. 

The only thing that we don’t like about this product is that it doesn’t have a mosquito net. You have to buy a third-party mosquito net from the market and get it installed with the complete bedding set from Pinks and Blues. Other than that, everything is a good option. The best thing I found about this product is that it’s fully washable. Every component of this bedding set is fully washable inside the washing machine or by hand. It’s lightweight, comfortable, warm, and soft. In short, the babies will definitely like sleeping in this bedding set.

The Pinks and Blues bedding set is suitable for the babies. Be it the infants or the two-year-old, it’s suitable for everyone. As it provides warmth, you should not use it in the summer season at all. It comes in different color variations. You have options like Camel Chocolate, Pink, Pink Sky, Red Camel, and Sky Red. For those who are wondering about the pricing of this product, it’s quite expensive. If you have a good budget to splurge on this expensive bedding set, then you will find it useful. 

  • It’s a complete bedding set with a bed, quilt, and a few pillows.
  • Soft and Comfortable construction provides warmth in the winter season.
  • The product is fully washable, and you don’t have to worry about hygiene issues.
  • The product is very expensive, and you need a good budget to spend on this bedding set.
  • This bedding set does not come with the attached mosquito net. You have to buy the third-party one from the market. 

Final Words 

Having a sound sleep every day will make your baby happier and healthier. So, as a parent, you should not ignore the sleeping requirements of the baby and provide them the best environment to sleep. With the best baby bedding sets in India, you can provide all the comfort that baby needs for letting them sleep peacefully. These baby bedding sets in India come with all of the comfort arrangements and the safety arrangements. So, you don’t have to worry a lot about comfort and safety. 

We’ve shortlisted these products based on the basic buying parameters. We’ve considered the comfort, safety, design, portability, and the pricing while shortlisting these products for your convenience. So, all you have to do is to check out the list, find the best product that suits your requirements and the budget, and order it to get delivered at your doorsteps. 

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