Top 6 Best Baby Body Wash In India 2021

Babies don’t have a sense of being hygienic. It’s our duty as the parents to keep them hygienic by using diapers and bathing the babies. It’s quite essential to use the shower and bathe the baby with high-quality body wash products. Without the same, it’d be harmful to the baby, and he/she would face severe health problems. Even the newborn is bathed in the hospital by the doctors and the nursing staff. The skin of the baby is not the same as the adults, so it is essential to prevent any harmful bacteria or dirt accumulation on the same. When the baby poops or pees, it is essential to wipe and wash the area to prevent skin disorders.

With the help of the best baby body wash in India, it becomes easier for you to bath the baby. The baby body wash products are usually safe for baby usage. With the use of the organic materials and perfect formulation, it becomes easier for the parents to use this wash without any issues. If you are a caring parent and looking for the best baby body wash in India, then you don’t have to surf the internet researching about the same. You’ll get the detailed information in this post, as we’ve shared the list of the best baby body wash in India. All you have to do is to check out the list, choose the best baby body wash in India that you think is suitable for the baby and order it online.

6 Best Baby Body Wash in India

1) Mamaearth Deeply Nourishing Body Wash for Babies

Mamaearth Deeply nourishing wash for babies (200 ml)

Mamaearth Deeply Nourishing Baby Wash for babies is one of the safest baby body wash in India. It’s a toxin-free body wash for the baby. With the naturally adjustable pH levels of 5.6, it’s suitable for the sensitive baby skin. The use of Coconut based natural cleansers and the vitamin E for the baby skin makes it one of the best baby body wash in India.

It’s suitable for the sensitive skin of the babies. It is guaranteed that the baby will have no skin allergy after using this product, as it’s been clinically tested in European laboratories for being Hypoallergenic. The use of Calendula Extracts, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter provides the natural fragrance and also moisturizes the baby skin.

Not just these, but the herbal extracts like Jojoba Oil, Aloe vera Extracts, and Essential orange oils makes it one of the best and safest baby body wash shampoo in India. The best thing about this product is that it’s affordable and suitable not just for the babies, but also for the adults.

  • Made with All-Natural Ingredients and Extracts.
  • Naturally Balanced 5.6 pH level is suitable for the sensitive baby skin.
  • This product is clinically tested to be Hypoallergenic.
  • Use of Herbal ingredients moisturizes and soothes the baby skin.
  • No bad thing about this product.

2) Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Body Wash

Baby Dove Rich Moisture Hair to Toe Baby Wash 200 ml, No Tears Body Wash for Baby's Soft Skin - Hypoallergenic, No Sulphates, No Parabens

Dove is one of the best skincare brands for adults, and with the Baby Dove, the same thing is available for the babies. The Baby Dove Rich Moisture baby body wash is super soft on baby skin. It provides the hair-to-toe baby wash, as this product is usable on the baby hairs too. The tear-free formulation makes it safer and ensures that no tear comes from the baby eyes.

The pH level of this product is Neutral, and that makes it Hypoallergenic. You should not worry about the allergies to the babies, as there is minimal chance of the same. With the soothing fragrance, the baby will love the bathing session more and more. The Ophthalmologists, Dermatologists and Pediatricians clinically test this product. So, the brand has developed this according to the instructions from the same.

Even though the shampoo base is of the pH neutral chemicals, the use of 100% natural extracts is beneficial. With the 100% natural extracts, the skin receives the necessary nutrition and moisturization. With this chemical base, the infants might face some issues, so you should use it for the babies of six months or more.

  • Super soft and safe on the Baby Skin.
  • Provides the Hair to Toe Wash for the babies.
  • Soothing Fragrance will Entice the babies to take a bath.
  • Being a Hypoallergenic product, it has minimal chance of allergies to the babies.
  • Use of Chemical base must be a concern due to harmful side effects.

3) Johnson's Baby Top to Toe Baby Body Wash

Johnson's Baby Top to Toe Baby Bath 500ml

You won’t find any person on this planet who has not heard the name of Johnson’s Baby company. Johnson’s Baby is famous for baby care products in the market. With Johnson’s Baby Top-to-Toe Baby body wash, you can be sure that your baby receives the proper care while taking a bath. This product is super mild on the baby body; that’s why most of the hospitals use it as the preferred body was for the babies. Usually, the first few baby body washes are done with the Johnson’s Baby top-to-toe body wash.

This baby product from Johnson and Johnson’s has the perfect pH balance. So, it is mild and soft for the baby skin. If you are worried about the use of soap base, then you should not worry at all. It’s 100% soap-free and tears free product for the sensitive baby skin.

As the baby skin is quite sensitive, they are prone to allergies. Fortunately, it is clinically proven that Johnson’s Baby Top-to-Toe baby body wash is hypoallergenic. Which means it’s not allergic to the majority of the population. As this product is free from the Parabens, Sulphates and the artificial dyes, you can be sure about its safety and the effectiveness.

  • Super Mild on the Baby Skin Due to Balanced pH Levels.
  • 100% free from Sulphates, Parabens and Artificial Dyes.
  • 100% Tear-Free formulation for the babies.
  • The Dispenser pump often fails, so you have to replace the bottles.

4) Chicco Baby Moments Gentle Baby Body Wash

Chicco Baby Moments Gentle Body Wash and Shampoo (500ml)

Chicco Baby Moments Gentle Body wash is gentle and mild on the baby body as the name suggests. It’s enriched with the oats extracts, which is gentle for the baby. The same oats extracts are suitable for exfoliating the baby skin and cleaning the pores. The special formulation ensures the moisturization and proper care for the skin.

The isocrymal neutral pH makes it safer for the baby skin. There is the added Glycerin in this product, which moisturizes and softens the skin. According to the manufacturer, the product has no tears formula. But the use of Glycerin may cause the babies to shed some tears. Fortunately, this product is Parabens, Dyes and Sulphates free, so it becomes easier for the parents to choose this product over the other chemical baby body wash shampoos. It’s been dermatologically tested, and you don’t have to worry about safety.

  • Enriched with the Oats Extract and Glycerin for soft skin.
  • Parabens, Dye and Sulphates Free.
  • Use of Organic Extracts for making it pH Neutral and Nutritious for the skin.
  • The organic extracts are combined with the Chemical base, so not suitable for the infants.


5) The Moms Co. Natural Baby Body Wash

The Moms Co. Tear-Free Natural Baby Wash with Calendula, Avocado Oils and USDA-Certified Organic Oils Like Argan, Chamomile (100ml)

The Moms Co. natural baby body wash is one of the best sellers in the market. Its made with Coconut based cleaners and avocado oil for moisturizing and nourishing the skin. The product is tested clinically for being hypoallergenic, so you can use it for the babies of six months to above. This baby body wash is enriched with the Avocado oil, Coconut based cleaners, Vitamin A, D, & E for the nourishment of the skin.

Not just that, the soothing effect with the Calendula Oil and Chamomile Oil makes it a great baby body wash. That’s why the USDA and the Australian Government has certified this product for safety. It’s a mild, hypoallergenic and gentle product, which is sulphate-free, Paraben-free and Synthetic fragrance-free. In short, this product provides the mothers care to the baby when it comes to the baths. It is one of the best products you can have from the market.

  • It’s made with the All-Natural Ingredients and not the Chemicals.
  • Enriched with the Avocado, Coconut based cleansers and the Vitamins for absolute skin nourishment.
  • This product is certified by Various Government health organizations for the ultimate safety.
  • Better not to use this product on Infants who have sensitive skin.


6) Mee Mee Gentle Baby Body Wash

Mee Mee Gentle Baby Body wash / Bubble Bath (With Cherry Extracts- 500 ml)

We’ve seen the Mee Mee brand selling the kids essentials. With the Mee Mee Gentle baby body wash, we can get the love from the brand for baby essentials. With the Me Mee Gentle Baby body wash, your baby will enjoy the bathing session. It’s a bubble bath body wash with the fruit extracts. It creates a lot of lather and foam, and the fruit extracts provide the natural fragrance, which entices the baby for the bathing.

This product comes with the natural fruit extracts, Vitamin E and Olive Oil for natural skin nourishment and rejuvenation. These natural ingredients nourish the skin and prevent any kind of rashes from developing. If the baby has dry skin, then using this baby body wash will moisturize the skin. According to the manufacturer, this product is dermatologically tested for being Hypoallergenic. So, you don’t have to worry about the safety of this product.

The composition of this product is unique. Even though it contains a lot of chemicals and dyes, it’s tear-free. Your baby won’t get the tears while bathing with this body wash. The only issue with this product is the excessive use of harsh chemicals, which are pH balanced but might show some serious side effects on some babies. But for the majority of the population, and even the adults, it is safe to use it for a long time.

  • This baby body wash has natural Fruit Extracts for fruity fragrance.
  • It comes with the Olive Oil and Vitamins for Skin Nourishment.
  • This is a Bubbly Body wash that makes a lot of lather.
  • The composition makes it tear-free and hypoallergenic.
  • The use of Harsh Chemicals and Dye as the base is a matter for worrying.


Final Words 

Usually, the babies don’t get sweaty or dirty, except after pooping or urinating. Still, you have to bath them daily to prevent any hygiene-related issues. Just like we adults take a bath every day, the baby needs the same. As a parent, you should always bath the babies to make them feel fresh and happier. With the best baby body washes in India, you can clean the baby body and ensure proper hygiene. It’s of utmost importance to take care of the baby skin. Otherwise, the baby can experience serious skin disorders in the future.

In Indian culture, we used to have the grandmothers bathing the baby with natural ingredients. Well, the time has changed, but we can get the organic extracts packed in the bottle for the same level of care. With these best baby body wash products in India, you can be sure about the safety of the baby skin. All of these products are safe to use on babies of different age groups, so you don’t have to worry about any side-effects. Just check out this list and shortlist the best baby body wash in India for your cute baby and order it online.

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