10 Best Baby Car Seats In India

As parents, you need to care for the newborn to the tee. Infact, you have to pay heed to every small detail when it comes to the newborn. With birth, you have to introduce things that will offer comfort and security to the little one. Like, while travelling in a car, you need to assure a specific baby car seat for them. It is because when confined to a particular place inside the car, it minimizes the risk of getting wounded. By fastening the belt you assure that the baby won’t get imbalanced and slip off from his or her seat.

But getting the best baby car seat in India is not a cakewalk. You need to search very meticulously to pick the right one. Of course, if you start to quest for the same in the local stores, it might take your day, and it is not certain whether you will get the one with the exact specifications that you particularly want to have.

Buying Guide for Best Baby Car Seats In India

The baby car seats are customizable for babies of different ages, sizes, and body statues. It isn’t that easy to find the right baby car seat if you don’t have enough knowledge about the baby car seats. The choice of the right baby car seat depends on your requirements and budget. For your assistance, we have listed a few points below.

Type of Car Seats

You will get the three types of car seats, namely in front, convertible, and booster. Infant car seats are preferred among parents. They are also referred to as a rear-facing seat. They are perfect for the babies one year to around 15 months. They can hold infants up to 18 kgs. The convertible car seats can be used in case of the rear-facing. They are fit for the children below one year of age and 8 kg of weight. You can also use it in the form of the front-facing unit until the baby is around 20 kg or more. This is one of the safest options.

The Booster car seat is also available for children who outgrow the height and weight limit. They find purpose, especially in the case of the front-facing harnesses. They are also available in two modes, namely backless and high back. The high back model can provide a better side-impact when compared to the backless. Besides, backless is also good enough for providing portability and simple installation.

Harness type

Harness proves to become the essential factor that ensures the safety and protection of the baby. You will get the 5 point harness that comes with the two shoulder straps to waist straps, as well as the point, harnesses for holding the baby in a secured position. The three-point harnesses are available at three points where there are two shoulder straps as well as 1 between the legs type of strap.


Check the padding of the Infant car seat for making sure that it can provide you with enough head support. They are quite beneficial for providing a comfortable seat to the baby no matter how short it is. Besides, always make sure that it is also easy to clean perfectly.


Always make sure that the manufacturer has provided a detailed installation guide. This becomes easy for you to understand how to use it while changing it from one car to the other.

To help you out, we have conscripted the names of the top 10 best baby car seats in India. We have ranked them based on the benefits, attributes, and performances. You only need to go through these at once and choose the best product from the list that meets your requirement.

Top 10 Baby Car Seats In India 2021

1) Luvlap’s Sport Convertible Car Seats for Babies

LuvLap Sports Convertible Car Seat for Baby & Kids, Rearward Facing Baby car seat (0m - 2yr) & Forward Facing (2-4yr), New Born to 4 Years, Upto 36 Kgs, European Safety Standard Certified (Blue)

Car seats for babies are essential. Because babies need comfort and that cozy lap while traveling, so being parents, you can get that touch from the well-known brand LuvLap. The brand promises to keep your child safe from head to toe while on the move. You can adjust the baby’s seat to secure the harness and headrest. On top of that 5-point safety system offers security to the child from the crotch, shoulder till waist.

The cutting edge design of the baby car seat ensures three positions in which your baby can recline. Precisely 1 rear and 2 forward reclining positions are there. The head, harness, and seat are offered with pads so that your baby gets the ultimate comfort always. Note that the car seats for babies are available from 0 months to 4 years. And the best part is that altogether it is capacitated to carry 10 kgs easily.

  • Mom’s claim this is the best baby car seat.
  • The installation of the baby car seat is simple.
  • The seat cover can be easily removed.
  • Washing is also quite hassle-free.
  • Inappropriate seating angles can put a strain on the baby’s neck.

2) Baby Seat From Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price - Infant Car Seat / Carry Cot (Blue)

Traveling with your baby in a car won’t be a hassle anymore when you have this comfortable baby car seat from the Fisher cat. Moving on to the safety part, it offers 5 level safety to the babies and keeps them secured on uneven roads. Talking about the materials used for designing, then remember the company used white organic plastic, which is 100 percent safe for the babies, unlike the black colored plastics, which are majorly recycled.

The plus side of the baby car seat is that you can use it as a 4 in 1 seat option. That means you can use it as a chair for feeding, baby seat, rocker, as well as a cot for carrying. The built-in shade style shields the baby from sun rays. In addition to that, the bottom part is streamlined to keep the vehicle protected. Coming to the design, it is lightweight, and the cushioned- sides are well-fortified. You can simply remove and wash the baby car seat.

  • The angled-torso helps babies to sit comfortably.
  • It has cushioned buckles to keep the baby in position.
  • It comes with proper certification.
  • Not as such, but be cautious about the seating angle.

3) 4 in 1 Baby Car From Luvlap

LuvLap Multipurpose 4 in 1 Baby Carry Cot Cum Infant Car Seat, Rocker, Chair, 0 Month+, Carrying Capacity 13Kg, 5 Point Safety Harness, ECER44/04 Safety Standard Certified, Extendable Canopy (Black)

Are you looking for 4 in 1 baby car seats? If yes, then one of the prominent baby car seating brands LuvLap, is here with its new baby car seat design. The comfortable seats are ideal for babies from 0 months to 15 months. Overall, it can carry 13. kg at once. It comes with EN certification, which ensures safety to the little one. The seats are well- cushioned so that babies can snugly adjust in there without any discomfort.

In addition to that, the three-level height adjuster is just superb. The best part is the convertible seating idea, where you can use the baby car seat as a carrying cot as well. Apart from that, the integrated shade protection keeps the baby safe from the sun. One more attribute about the baby car seat is that, it offers 5 level safety to the babies. That means it protects the baby from the head till waist and the crotch. Talking about cleaning, it is simple to wash because you only need to detach the baby’s car seat for that.

  • The head, harness, and seat are designed with soft cushions.
  • The padded seats come with extra width.
  • May not be capable of carrying the weight claimed on the product.

4) Rabbit’s Jack and Jill Baby Car Seat

R for Rabbit Convertible Baby Car Seat Jack N Jill ECE R44/04 Safety Certified Car Seat for Kids of 0 to 5 Years Age (Black Grey)

Moving in a car with your baby would be a hassle unless you care to get a separate seat for your baby. Talking about Rabbit’s baby seat, this one is a true convertible seat designed for three age groups. That means it can be used as group 0, group 1, and group 2. The comfortable design of the cushioned- side wings offers protection to the baby. It secures the baby’s head, back legs, and hips well so that he or she won’t slip off from the seat. Most importantly, it keeps the baby’s spine in position so that it won’t cause any problem.

In addition to that, the three-position recliner offers protection to the child. The adjustable front harness, precisely the 5 level safety, offers a safe and secured ride to the little one. Talking about the seat, it is comfortable and the blending of metal and plastic makes it sturdier. As for cleaning, it is easy because you can wash the seat in the washing machine.

  • Ideal for 0 to 7 years.
  • It can carry up to 25 kg in weight.
  • It comes with EC certification.
  • The belt length for harnessing the shoulder is small.

5) Baby Seat From Trumom

Trumom (USA) Infant Baby Car Seat, Carry Cot And Rocker With Canopy For Kids 0-15 Months Old (Upto 13 Kgs) Black

Do you need a baby car seat with multi-use features? Then you should try this one from Trumom. Alike all other this also comes with 5 level safety options. Note that a special feature like the single-pull adjustment allows additional safety to the babies. The plus side is that the handle comes with 4 point adjustment options like you can lift up and sideways to use it as a carrier cot, rocker chair, feeding place, and a baby car seat.

The inbuilt sun Protection canopy can be used as a shade to get protection from 50 UV. You can use the same sun protector as a safety handle as well. In addition to that, the handle comes with a padded area where your baby can rest the hands comfortably. One more underlined feature is the side- safety technology which ensures that great protection on the sides as well.

  • The added chest pads offer protection from injury.
  • It is capable of carrying a weight up to 13 kgs.
  • It comes with a cushioned side – wings for added protection.
  • You need to pay attention to the screws used to secure seat belts.

6) Sunbaby’s Orange Bubble Car Seat

Sunbaby Car Seat Bubble (Orange)

Commuting in a car with a baby is not an easy chore, you need to be extra cautious. But to enjoy a hectic free ride, Sunbaby is there to offer a bubble baby car seat. The baby car seat can be converted to a carrying cot to offer protection to your baby to the fullest. The best is that you can even use it as a carrying cot as well. Even deploy the same as a rocking chair to let your baby enjoy a small nap while traveling. Besides that, you can use it as a carrycot as well.

The winged sides designed soft cushions offer comfort to your delicate baby. Most of the time parents have this apprehension that the baby might trip off from the seat while moving. But you don’t need to worry when you have this baby car seat. It is because the sturdier buckles embrace the baby securely in position. It has been accredited with a safety standard compliance certificate of ECE R44 & R04.

  • The base comes with a rocker.
  • Ensures users with 3 levels of harnessing safety feature
  • Offers support to the head
  • Also offers sun protection shade along with a carrying handle.
  • Quality may not be that good as you expect to get.

7) Little Pumpkin's Baby Car Seat Cum Carrycot

Little Pumpkin - Kiddie Kingdom - Infant Car Seat Cum Carrycot (Black Grey)

If you are searching for the best buy baby car seat with multiple seating options, then you can always embrace this one from the Little Pumpkin. First of all, let’s highlight the design which is quite light so carrying the baby car seat as a carrycot is not a hassle at all. In addition to that, you can embrace your child easily without straining your arms. The integrated sun protection shade offers a shield to the baby from the harmful rays.

The 3 level safety harnessing belts can be adjusted at the convenience of the baby. You can even refix the belt considering the height of your baby as well. Moreover, you can use the handle to adjust it in 4 different positions. It is good news that the baby car seat comes with a removable cover which you can wash it on a daily basis.

  • The design is ultra-light.
  • The cozy seats allow the child to sleep in comfort.
  • The quality is quite excellent.
  • It might not be that safe on potholed roads.

8) Mee Mee Baby Car Seat

Mee Mee Baby Car Seat Cum Carry Cot with Thick Cushioned Seat (Green)

The baby car seat cum rocker and carrycot from Mee Mee baby will keep you startled because of its aesthetic design. The company did not underestimate the word comfort and that is what is exhibited through its conveniently designed padded seats, back and headrest. With the inbuilt net protector, you can shield the little one from painful insect bites. The rocker will let the baby fall asleep easily. Also, allows the baby to enjoy both sitting and reclining posture.

Moreover, the Y-designed padded belt used for harnessing the shoulder and head confines the baby securely. The three-level safety ensures that the baby is well secured and protected. The sturdier handle with easy-gripping helps the baby to travel comfortably. It comes with two-layered cushion covers which are completely wash- friendly. Parents need not worry at all as installing and uninstalling is easy because of its compact design.

  • The design is ergonomic.
  • It is completely travel friendly.
  • Storage is hassle-free.
  • It comes with full shade offering protection from all weather.
  • The cushion quality of the carrycot is not up to the mark.

9) Baby Car Seat From Infanto

Infanto Baby Car Seat (Red)

Are you looking for an easily adjustable baby car seat? If yes, then get the best one from Infanto. The best about this car seat is that you can fit it comfortably both on the front and rear seats of the car.  It comes with a guard in the front so that your baby stays protected on the seat. Note that the adjustable belt comes with two harnessing points as well.

You don’t have to worry about the quality as the company always stays ahead when it comes to upgradation. In addition to that engineering team invested a lot in experimenting in new and comfortable baby car seat designs. But before buying, parents should note that this particular car baby seat is idle for babies from 6 months to 3 years. Otherwise, it comes with a backstrap to hold the baby securely.

  • It has a 2 point harnessing type.
  • It is cost-friendly
  • Babies can sit comfortably and safely.
  • Fitting on the rear seat of the bike can be a problem.

10) Red Baby Car Seat From Sunbaby

Sunbaby Amour Carseat-SB-838, Red

The baby car seats from Sunbaby have always won the hearts of parents. It is because of their intelligent and super comfortable design. Like in this case, the baby car seat offers additional protection to the head with its padded design. In addition to that, the sides are offered with padded wings for resting the hands as well. On top of that, the extra cushioning provides comfort to the head, crotch pad, and the chest.

The baby car seat has been weaved with light fabric so that it remains breathable. And this will allow your baby to sit without sweating. As you can see that the seats come with fabric covers. So you can easily remove those and wash them at your convenience. You won’t find installation a tough task because it has a built-in 3 level automobile belt.

  • The quality is too good.
  • It also comes with airbags that adds more safety.
  • Hard plastic makes it difficult for babies to sit for long.

Final Talk

Finally, we have got the names of the top 10 best baby car seats In India. All of these are specifically designed for the little one. Therefore you can expect both safety and comfort at the same time. Make sure to go through the individual reviews before you choose a particular one for your baby.

But as per our analysis, the Luvlap’s Sport Convertible Car Seats For Babies is the best one because it will offer you all the attributes that you are particularly looking for. It is certified and ergonomic in terms of designs as well.

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