Top 10 Best Baby Creams in India 2021

Your little bundle of joy needs care and attention. Being parents, you need to assure that your baby’s skin always stays protected and nourished. Make sure to use products that are safe and would pamper the tender skin to the fullest. To keep up the suppleness of the skin, you need to rely on the best baby cream in India, which is specially formulated with organic ingredients such as aloe vera, avocado.

Some babies have skin problems like red rashes or eczema, and the baby creams turn out the best. It is because these creams for babies are also prepared with an antiseptic formula that gives fortification from inflammation.

But the thought that often strikes you is how to select the right baby cream for your little angel? There are multiple options in the market, but you need to choose wisely. To help you out, we are here to guide you thoroughly. For the readers’ ease, we have jotted the names of the top 10 baby creams in India. Our article will enlighten you on the benefits, pros, and cons of the baby creams. This will help you compare their features and keep you informed of the best baby creams available in the market.

Factors to consider while choosing the Best baby creams in India:

When it comes to buying skincare products for the baby, it is crucial to purchase only the tried and tested items that match the quality and safety standard here. The skin texture differs from baby to baby and thus requires proper cream to be selected as per the sensitivity. Have a look at the factors which you should consider before buying a baby cream below.

Specially designed for babies

Babies require regular clean massage as well as moisturization. The skin is usually susceptible to dryness, so it won’t be perfect if you massage it with adult products. So, ideally you should choose the skincare brands suitable for the child’s needs.

Paraben, dye-free materials

You must read the ingredients before purchasing. Please pay attention to see that it does not consider the ingredients like the dyes or Alcohol. They are vulnerable to causing allergic reactions and discomfort. Always ensure that the products do not contain paraben as well. Parabens get easily absorbed into the skin of the infants when compared to adults. So the vulnerability to the potential harmful effect on the skin of the baby also increases. Again, phthalates are responsible for causing dangerous effects to the skin of the baby. They are also responsible for causing asthma, attention deficit, hyper-activity disorder, neurodevelopmental issues, and a low IQ.

Refrain from additives

In India, there is a problem in the form that there is no regulation regarding the marketing of the product as Natural. Usually, people are befooled with this word. For purchasing, always see that it is free of preservatives or harmful additives. Make sure to read the ingredients carefully before choosing the product. Check the Chemicals that are being used in the product. Only then you can be assured that it is fit for children or young children.

Only pick hypoallergenic

Use a product that proves to be hypoallergenic. These are the ones that are formulated for having the least risk on the skin. The pediatrician and dermatologist approved ones are only the moisturizing substances that will fit the skin of the babies.

Ph balance

Always use the ph neutral baby solution. You should see that it is balanced for the good health of the baby. Make sure that it is better protected against allergens in the environment. Products that do not have the neutral levels of PH are responsible for causing skin irritation in the babies. Formulate the skincare regime that will come inclusive of the baby massage oil, natural moisturizing baby lotion, and so on.

10 Best Baby Creams in India

1) Mamaearth’s natural milky cream

Mamaearth Milky Soft Natural Baby Face Cream for Babies, For All Skin Types 60 g

Mamaearth is popularly known for its best quality skincare ranges. And this time, you can check out this natural milky cream for babies. Indeed the cream nourishes the skin deeply. Parents can even use this cream for babies with extra dry or sensitive skin. Coming to the composition of this delicate facial moisturizing cream, it mainly comprises both oat flour and oat oil.

The double oat formula offers instant relief to the itchy and dry skin. It traps the moisture inside and works on healing the itchy part of the skin. In addition to this, lavender oil shields the skin by protecting it from harmful agents. Besides that, milk protein is also included in the list of ingredients that also maintain the skin’s hydration.

Mamaearth always promises to offer natural toxin-free products for babies. Like, this is free of any acid perfumes, parabens, preservatives, mineral oil, petroleum, or synthetic fragrance.

  • It has shea butter that soothes and heals the skin as it has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • The presence of murumuru butter moisturizes the chappy skin of the babies deeply.
  • Conducts a stringent dermatological test to ensure that it is safe to use.
  • Addition of bioactive offers a smooth milk texture to the cream helps to blend easily on the baby’s skin.
  • The report is there of getting rashes after application.

2) Baby+ Tender Lotus Herbal cream

Mamaearth Milky Soft Natural Baby Face Cream for Babies 50mL(Pack of 2)

Being one of the veteran cosmetic brands and mainly known for its herbal products, Lotus has quite sought after. And when it comes to choosing Baby cream from Lotus, of course, parents don’t need to give a second thought for that. In that regard, you can pick this baby plus tender cream because Lotus relies entirely on organic products, and the main ingredients for preparing this cream are calendula as well as shea butter.

Note that calendula, in particular, leaves a hydrating and refreshing effect on the skin. On the flip side, shea butter keeps the skin shiny and smooth. In addition to that, it protects the skin from free- radicals. Parents can use this without hesitation because pediatricians do recommend this particular cream as well.

  • Using the cream will maintain the Ph level of the skin. Precisely it keeps the PH level to 5.5.
  • The baby cream is prepared with 99.3% organic products.
  • Babies with sensitive skin can even count on this specific cream.
  • Lotus always stays away from chemicals such as preservatives and petroleum so that parents can use it safely.
  • The non- greasy formula makes this cream a worthy purchase.
  • As per record, it turned out sticky and tends to make the skin tone look a bit darker.

3) Mamaearth Moisturizing Natural Baby Lotion

Mamaearth Daily Moisturizing Natural Baby Lotion (400 ml)

Are you looking for a daily moisturizing natural baby lotion for your baby? If yes, then positively add this product from Mamaearth to your cart. Note that the baby’s skin needs the ultimate nourishment, and this cream is an idyllic one to offer. It is because of the presence of ingredients such as calendula, cocoa, and shea butter. All of these elements together keep the skin moisturized for 12 hours at a stretch.

Baby’s skin is too tender to tolerate the sun’s heat, but this cream’s application thus offers a guard from that. Again, it is because of the elements like aloe vera and vitamin E, which strongly soothes the skin and gives relief from itching. Lotus is known for its authentic herbal products, and that’s why its ingredients include jojoba oil, which protects the baby’s soft skin from getting dry.

  • No chemicals such as parabens, preservatives, or artificial smells are used in the product.
  • Protects the tender skin from dryness and irritation.
  • Light in texture so it won’t turn out to be greasy at all.
  • You need to be mindful while applying because babies with too much sensitive skin can feel a burning sensation.

4) Chicco Rich Cream

Chicco Rich Cream 50ml

As a mother, you promised to keep your baby safe from every odds. You are looking after your baby means taking extra care of her skin. And you can do so regularly after bathing the little one with this richly creamy formulated baby cream from Chicco. It is specially prepared with organic ingredients such as shea butter, glycerine, and vitamin E. Therefore, the company assures us to use 100 percent of vegetarian constituents.

These elements nourish and hydrate the dry skin from deep within. Simultaneously, the quick-absorbing formula does not clog the pores of the skin and make it remain breathable. It also comes with a mild fragrance that is free of allergens. Hence, you don’t have to worry that your baby will catch allergies.

  • Specially prepared for extra dry skin.
  • You can use it for all the seasons.
  • Also, you can apply the cream at any time of the day as well.
  • It is also free of parabens.
  • The creamy moisturizing formula keeps the skin soft.
  • Safe and completely gentle for the baby
  • Make sure it’s not used, and check the expiry date as you may face problems with that.

5) Milk and Rice baby lotion from Johnson Baby

Johnson's Baby Milk and Rice Lotion, 50ml

A baby’s skin is indeed so delicate that it tends to get dry sooner. Therefore, frequent moisturization is required to keep the skin moisturized. But Johnson’s baby is here with its milk and rice baby lotion to make you feel at ease. Taking about the composition, it uses significant vitamins and protein of the milk to keep the skin moisturized for a longer duration.

There is no hard and fast application rule, but you need to apply the cream once your baby is done with bathing. In the case of dry skin, you can apply it anytime when the skin gets chapped.  Even doctors do recommend the cream for your baby. Don’t worry about safety, as the baby cream had to undergo 5 level tests to prove its authenticity.

  • It makes the skin healthier from inside.
  • The cream keeps the ph level of the skin well- balanced.
  • The cream is mild as clinically proven.
  • No parabens, sulfates, or dyes have been used to formulate the cream.
  • It is hypoallergenic
  • The product may not turn out that effective as expected to have

6) Cetaphil Baby Daily lotion

Cetaphil Baby Daily lotion, 400 ml

A reliable skincare brand that promises to take care of your little baby from the first day is one and only Cetaphil. Today the highlight is mainly on the daily baby lotion from this brand. Mothers will always prefer to choose this because of the natural constituents such as sunflower seed oil, shea butter, and soybean oil. The blending of all these ensures the skin remains nourished and moisturized for 24 hours long. In addition to that, glycerin works to strengthen the skin’s protective layer not to get dehydrated or irritating.

Being a non-reacting baby cream, its PH level is maintained so that it does not turn out harsh on the soft skin.  It has been prepared with hypoallergenic technology that assures it won’t cause any allergic reaction on the baby’s skin. The best part is that it smoothly absorbs into the baby’s skin without leaving any sticky impact.

  • No chemicals like animal ingredients, parabens, mineral oils, or preservatives have been used.
  • In terms of dermatology, it is safe for babies as no soap or alcohol has been used.
  • Pediatricians recommend it without any second thought.
  • It may not prove worthy of your investment because it works like any other regular baby creams only.

7) Curatio Atolga Soft Baby Cream

Atogla Cream Atogla Baby Cream | For Soft Skin | Recommended by Doctors | Protects Against Rashes and Prevents Skin Irritation, 100g

Are you searching for a moisturizing baby cream for regular use? Then try out the Atolga baby cream that promises to keep the baby’s skin soft, nourished, and moisturized. The presence of cholesterol and ceramide III will build the protective shield of the skin. In addition to that, Gamma-Linolenic acid proved the best as it protects the baby’s skin from inflammation and rashes.

Moreover, the incorporation of oat lipids offers deep moisturization to the skin. Pediatricians recommend using it without hesitation as it is safe for the babies’ sensitive skin. The cream is completely safe for babies of 6 months and beyond that. But make sure that you apply the cream on a particular part of the skin only.

  • Protects the skin from losing the moisture and locks the moisture inside.
  • Intensely moisturizes and nourishes the skin.
  • Be watchful while applying the cream for the first time because your baby may get rashes.

8) Johnson's Baby Cream

Johnson's Baby Cream, 100g

For new toddlers, crawling hurts their knees, and at times it gets chappy as well. So the well known Johnson’s baby cream is there to protect the crawler’s tender knees. You may wonder why it is the best. It is because it offers deep moisturization to the baby’s skin and keeps it supple for 24 hours. As dermatologists thoroughly test it so it won’t cause any kind of irritation on the skin.

It is very gentle for your baby, so you can generously apply it on the cracked cheeks, elbows, and nose. It is prepared with vitamin A, glycerine, and emollients that keep the skin protected from chaffing.

  • You can use Johnson’s baby cream any time to keep the skin naturally moisturized.
  • It improves the texture of the skin.
  • No chemicals have been used to prepare the cream.
  • The cream does not offer that expected level of moisturization.

9) Sebamed extra soft baby cream

Sebamed Baby Cream, Extra Soft, 200ml

For babies with too much dry or irritated skin, you can always use this extra soft cream from Sebamed. The balanced combinations of the organic lipids, chamomile, panthenol, and allantoin, fortify the skin from irritation. You can apply the cream 3 to 4 times as required. But apply a thin layer on the skin instead of using it thickly. And make sure that it absorbs well into the skin.

The baby cream from Sebamed comes with a ph level of 5.5 which helps develop the skin’s acid layer. And it is essential for shielding the skin against acrid bacteria. Therefore you can stay sure that the cream will enter deep into the skin and would moisturize from within. Also, it is the best protector of cracked knees as well.

  • The 42% lipid nourishes and fortifies the skin.
  • Chamomile protects the baby’s skin from getting irritated.
  • It is a bit oily in texture, so it might get difficult to spread on damp skin.

10) Baby Lotion from Sebamed

SebaMed Baby Body Lotion, For All Skin Types, 400 ml

Do you need a baby cream that will offer deep hydration to the delicate skin of the baby? Then the Sebamed’s baby lotion is the best choice without a doubt. The presence of lipid lecithin offers hydration to the skin. In addition to that, a special type of ointment is also used, known as sorbitol, which works explicitly for keeping babies’ skin soft.

The extracts of chamomile are also used in the process to keep the skin free from irritation. The presence of vitamin A ensures the skin blends perfectly into the skin, so it is not sticky at all. Also, vitamin A moisturizes intensely and shields the skin from harmful agents.

  • The soothing botanical aroma makes the baby feel happy.
  • The presence of Allantoin adds suppleness to the skin.
  • It won’t cause any kind of allergic reactions on the skin.
  • Also, it protects the baby’s skin from irritation.
  • Though the product is safe for babies, you need to be cautious about the product’s authenticity.

Final say

Finally, we would like to say that we have jotted the names of the top 10 listed baby creams in India. For your sake, we have updated the benefits as well as the pros and cons. This detailed information will help you select the right baby cream for your sweetheart.

Go through each of the reviews at length to have a concise idea and compare the features for better understanding. As per our concern, we will recommend you to use Mamaearth natural milky cream. It is because this particular brand protects and nurtures the baby’s tender skin to the fullest. But on the whole, all of the above said baby creams are completely safe as no trace of chemicals can be found.

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