Top 6 Best Baby Diaper Bags in India 2020

Being a parent is not an easy thing. With the parenthood, you get a lot of responsibilities to look after. For new parents, life will suddenly change with the arrival of the baby. The first few months of the years are quite hectic, and you have to keep an eye on the baby’s needs. The house will be filled with baby essentials and the toys. Because taking care of the baby is essential, the parents have to stock up everything for avoiding any issues. 

For the first few months, it’s quite easy for the parents to take care of the baby at home. But when the baby grows up, and you have to take the baby outside, it’s the real challenge. As you have to carry the baby essentials with you all the time, it becomes a lot hectic job to take the baby outside for fresh air or even for some other work. Carrying the baby essentials like the diapers, water bottles, milk bottles, food, and other things in the carry bag is not advisable. Even though it works very well, but it’s not efficient, as finding the essential item in the carry bag is difficult. That’s why you should carry a dedicated bag for the baby essentials. 

The best baby diaper bags are advised by the experts for new parents. With the specialized diaper bags for baby essentials, the parents can carry all the baby essentials like diapers, food and water, medicines, clothes and many other things with ease. It’s quite an essential thing to have in your house, as you can fit a lot of baby essentials in such bags. If you are looking for the best baby diaper bags in India, then you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to share the list of the best baby diaper bags in India, which you can find on the Amazon marketplace with ease. 

6 Best Baby Diaper Bags in India

#1 – Baby Bucket Baby Diaper Bag 

Baby Bucket Baby Diaper Bag 

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Baby bucket baby diaper bag is the first product in our list of the best baby diaper bags in India. It’s made with the microfiber and polyester material, which provides it with the strength and the durability. The Microfiber material is used on the exterior, which the polyester material is used internally. This baby diaper bag has a lot of space to store the baby essentials. According to the manufacturer, this product comes with the eight pockets for storing the baby essentials like diapers, mats and other things. 

For the comfort of the parents, the baby bucket baby diaper bag comes with the adjustable shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is made with the fabric, and not with the foam material. So, it’s not ideal for wearing this diaper bag on your shoulders for a long time. Fortunately, it attaches easily to the baby stroller, so you can reduce the burden from your shoulder. As it comes with eight pockets for storage, you can use it to store almost all of the baby essentials. Not just the essentials, but you can store all of the things that you might need when roaming around. 

Due to the use of the polyester and microfiber material, the Baby bucket baby diaper bag is washable. You can easily wash this bag by hands. But, the machine wash is not recommended to prevent the damage to the fabric. For the safety of the items, you get a ziplock protection. It’s quite great to see ziplock for securing the contents of the diaper bag. If you love colours, then this product is available in Grey, Giraffe Green, White, Orange Giraffe and Zebra colours and designs. Also, it’s quite affordable, and that’s why it has earned the first place in this list of the best baby diaper bags in India. 


  • Made with high-quality microfiber and polyester material. 
  • The product is lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • The adjustable shoulder strap is useful to carry this bag on the shoulders.
  • It has eight storage pockets for storing the baby essentials. 


  • The use of the bleach and washing machine is not recommended.
  • Ziplock of this bag is of low-quality. It might fail within a first few days. 

#2 – Bey Bee Mama’s Bag / Diaper Bag 

Bey Bee Mama’s Bag / Diaper Bag 

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Bey Bee Mama’s bag is the new style of the diaper bag, which looks beautiful. It’s made with the durable premium material, which makes it strong and durable. Even though the name suggests it’s a mama’s bag, everyone can use it without any issues, as it’s a unisex bag. For carrying all the baby essentials around, the strong and adjustable shoulder strap makes it easier. The shoulder strap is not filled with the foam, so using it for a long time will make it difficult for the parents. 

Unlike the other bags with the side access, this product comes with the top access. The zipped compartments make it easier for the parents to store all of the essentials securely. The ZIP is made of high-quality material, so frequent zip failure is not the case in BeyBee Mama’s bag for baby diapers. There are multiple pockets in this bag, which allow you to store water bottles, milk bottles, diapers, snacks and other essentials like baby toys. 

There is a special elastic side pocket, which allows you to securely store the water or milk bottles for the babies. As carrying the bottles inside the bag compartments is quite risky due to the leakage, you will find this elastic side pocket very useful. The best thing I found about this product is that it’s water-resistant. It can handle light splashes of the water and won’t let the water to penetrate the exterior. You are washing it in the washing machine or by hands it not an issue at all. If you are not willing to wash it by hand or washing machine, then use the wet wipes to clean the surface. This product is very affordable and comes in four colour options, i.e., Pink, Baby Blue, Green Purple and Red. 


  • It’s made with the Durable Premium Material.
  • Strong and Adjustable Shoulder Strap makes it easier to carry the bag.
  • There are six separate pockets with ZIPlock for essential storage. 
  • The product is water-resistant and fully washable for hygiene. 


  • The Stitching quality is not so good. You may see the loose stitching on the corners.

#3 – Motherly Baby Diaper Bag 

Motherly Baby Diaper Bag 

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Looking to accommodate a lot of baby essentials, then the Motherly Baby diaper bag is one of the best products you can find in the market. The Motherly baby diaper bag is pretty big. It can easily store a lot of baby essentials. There are three separate compartments for storing the bottles, be it the water bottles or the milk bottles, you can store it with ease. It’s made with 100% waterproof polyester fabric, which makes it durable. Also, the sturdy zippers keep the contents of the bag secure. The zipped compartments at the front is useful for the parents, as they can access the baby essentials stored in the front pocket with ease. 

The best thing about this is that it comes with the anti-theft mobile pocket. The mobile pocket is useful for the parents, as while taking care of the baby, they have to keep the mobile safe. With the anti-theft pocket, it becomes easy to keep the mobile hone safe. Not just the mobiles, but you can store valuable items. For easy carry, the Motherly baby diaper bag comes with the two sides shoulder straps. These shoulder straps are filled with the foam and give this bag the look of a school bag. The foam-filled straps are extremely comfortable, which makes it easier to carry the bag for a long time. 

Along with the foam-filled straps, it comes with the 2D rings, that attaches to the stroller. So, if you are tired after wearing this bag for a long time, it’s better to attach it to the stroller. You get thirteen pockets for storing the baby essentials, which is quite a large storage space. It’s available in the Unicorn Grey, Unicorn Black, and Unicorn Blue colour options. The only thing that bothers us is pricing. It’s a great baby diaper bag, but it’s very expensive. 


  • This product is made with 100% waterproof polyester fabric. 
  • Motherly baby diaper bag comes with the Anti-theft mobile pocket. 
  • There are thirteen Internal and external storage pockets with dry/wet separation.
  • This baby diaper bag is fully washable in a washing machine and hand wash.


  • The motherly baby diaper bag is very expensive.
  • As it has a huge storage space and sturdy construction, it’s very heavy.

#4 – LuvLap Lily Waterproof Diaper Bag

LuvLap Lily Waterproof Diaper Bag

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LuvLap is a popular brand in the baby care industry. The LuvLap Lily waterproof diaper bag is one such amazing product from the company, which is loved by thousands of happy users. The LuvLap Lily waterproof diaper bag is made with the water-resistant material, which provides full-proof protection from the rain and splashes of water. For the storage, it comes with a huge storage option. There are fifteen dedicated storage pockets for keeping the baby essentials. There is the proper wet and dry separation, so you can keep the essentials accordingly inside the bag. 

For the parents who carry the hot or cold bottles of milk and other food for babies, there is an insulated bottle compartment. The insulated compartment helps you to keep the warm bottle warm and cold bottle cold for a long time. Even with that much compartments, it’s a lightweight and sturdy baby diaper bag from LuvLap. The stitching is of very high quality, making it durable. One of the interesting features of this product is the hidden anti-theft pocket for storing valuable items. 

This baby diaper bag is quite convenient to carry around. With the padded shoulder straps, it’s quite convenient. The best thing I found about LuvLap Lily baby diaper bag is that it comes with the diaper changing mat. The parents often find it difficult to change the diaper of the babies in inconvenient locations. So, the diaper changing mat becomes helpful. The pricing is very affordable, so you don’t have to worry much about overspending for this amazing waterproof diaper bag for babies. 


  • Made with 100% water-resistant material. 
  • The Insulated Bottle Compartment is suitable for hot and cold water bottles.
  • Fifteen Pockets with dry and wet separation provide huge space.


  • The Insulated Compartment is good for a short time. It doesn’t work effectively.
  • The Anti-Theft pocket is not big enough to accommodate a smartphone. 

#5 – House of Quirk Baby Diaper Bag 

House of Quirk Baby Diaper Bag 

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House of Quirk is a comparatively new brand in the market, but it has received some positive reviews from the customers. The House of Quirk Baby Diaper bag is made with the durable, high-quality oxford material, which provides the strength to this product. This diaper bag has a large capacity for storing the baby essentials. The manufacturer has stitched individual pockets for keeping the diapers, bottles, changing pads, baby snacks and many other things with ease. 

The House of Quirk baby diaper bag is usable as the Handbag and also the Backpack. It has the handles and also has the foam-padded shoulder straps for ultimate comfort. The parents can use it without any issues. The best thing I found about this product is that it’s a Unisex baby diaper bag. So the mother and father both can use this bag without any issues. Also, the design is quite modern, making it look like the normal Backpack. 

For the parents, there is a proper wet and dry compartment separation. You can store the used diapers and clothes in the wet compartment and the new and dry ones in the dry compartment with ease. The product is easy to wipe clean, but not washable. This is the only drawback that we found. Wiping this product clean with the wet cloth is efficient so you can take care of the hygiene. It’s available in the solid colours, mixed colours, printed patterns, printed pains and the other design options. It’s not at all expensive and comes with the affordable price tag. 


  • House of Quirk baby diaper bag is made with high-quality oxford material.
  • The strong zippers are extremely durable and won’t fail even after rigorous use. 
  • Wet and Dry separation prevents stains on clean clothes and diapers.


  • The product is not washable. You have to wipe it clean with the wet cloth.
  • The product is made with the oxford material, which is not waterproof at all. 

#6 – BabyMoon Multifunction Baby Diaper Bag 

BabyMoon Multifunction Baby Diaper Bag 

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The babyMoon multifunction baby diaper bag is waterproof and suitable for the parents who want something robust to carry the baby essentials. This baby diaper bag is made with the 600D Cationic polyester, which is waterproof. According to the manufacturer, this is a better type of fabric, than the other diaper bags that use cheap quality polyester fabric. The use of dyed cationic polyester material ensures the durability and waterproof the entire contents with ease. Washing it is easier as you can wipe it clean with the wet cloth for hygiene. With high-quality fabric, this bag will last for years, and you can use it as your daily Backpack. 

To store the baby essentials, this diaper bag comes with the multiple compartments. With the separate compartments, you can store the bottles, diapers, clothes, towels, toys and many other things with ease. Another interesting addition is the foiled compartment. The foiled compartment is temperature retainer, which makes it easier for the parents to carry hot or cold bottles. Design-wise, the compartments are designed according to the size, so the use of the available space is very optimal. Also, it comes with the smartphone pocket for the parents, so it becomes easier for them to carry the same. 

As the name suggests, it’s a multifunction diaper bag. You can use it as a tote bag, backpack, diaper bag, or a messenger bag. It’s all depends on you. The handles are quite strong, which lets you carry it like the tote bag. Also, the foam-filled shoulder straps are very soft and comfortable to carry the bag on your shoulders for a long time. It comes with the invisible pocket on the backside, which provides additional space to store the valuables. If you look at the price, then it’s quite expensive. But for the features and the quality you are getting, it’s worth spending the money. 


  • Made with 600D Cationic Dyed Polyester Fabric for Ultimate Durability.
  • Multifunction Product – Can be used as a Tote Bag, Diaper Bag, Backpack, and Messenger bag. 
  • Comes with Foiled Temperature Retainer pocket for Storing the Hot and Cold bottles. 


  • The price tag is very expensive for this product. May not be suitable for everyone. 

Final Words 

The babies have a lot of demands. As a parent, it’s your duty to care for all the needs of the baby. So, you should carry everything that a baby needs in the bag. Back in the days, parents used to carry the essentials in the simple polythene bag, which is quite difficult for them to access the necessary things at the right time. So, the need of carrying baby essentials compelled the manufacturers to introduce the baby diaper bags.

In the baby diaper bags, we can easily store al lot of baby care products and access it anytime we want. If comfort and convenience is your primary requirement, then buying the best baby diaper bags in India is the best option. We’ve collected only the best baby diaper bags in India that you can find on Amazon. No need to spend your valuable time researching for the best products. Checkout out all the products and buy the one that suits your needs. 

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