Top 10 Best Baby Diaper Rash Cream in India 2021

Usually, wearing the diapers for a prolonged period leads to the consequent development of the rashes. So, at such times, there is a requirement of the materials that will be soothing for the skin while keeping away the occurrence of rashes.

It will be giving the baby the utmost comfort all day long. In this regard, only the baby diaper creams are perfect. The new baby diaper creams are free from greasy substances that will keep the areas moisturized over the longer periods.

In this article, we will mention the name of the top 10 baby diaper creams in India that are working as a protective barrier between the bottom and the potential irritants. Read on to find more.

Factors to consider while choosing the best diaper rash baby creams in India:

To assist your baby while fixing the irritation that comes with rash, there is always a need to do some research. The various ointments and creams have varied levels of strength to help soothe and heal your child’s skin. You cannot randomly pick any baby diaper rash cream. You must always consider certain points.

Type of rash

First, decide on the type of rash that will give you the ultimate source of rash cream fit for the baby. In case the baby is facing problems due to the bottom rashes, select the event that will be similar to the traditional diaper cream. However, for the yeast rash infection, you will require the antifungal cream because a regular diaper rash cream won’t work in such circumstances.


Always pick the diaper rash cream according to the ingredients. Understanding them makes sure that you have the right cream. It should come with the ingredients like calendula, aloe Vera, and zinc oxide that can help come down the irritation.

Cream or ointment

When you’re looking for the product that will be acting on the baby’s skin, you have to select the ointment that will be suitable for usage. For heating and cooling of the skin, you will require a good cream that should be chosen with the optimum consistency for protecting and healing the skin.

Skin Sensitivity

Children are usually different based on their sensitivity to the skin. Some skin can be dehydrated while others become easily relieved from such rashes. You will find the information on the label. To ensure the cream’s suitability to the skin of the baby, look out for the potential ingredients like the lanolin, Mineral oil, or preservatives.

Type of Diaper

The type of diaper is responsible for the determination of the type of cream. If you’re using the disposable diapers, you won’t have to worry about the cream’s composition. Again, if you’re using the cloth diaper, then have to go for the diaper cream set with no petrolatum. It works for prevention from the clogging of the fibers.

Number of usages

The determination of the cream usage is related to the percentage of the zinc oxide in the cream. It often becomes difficult for most parents to figure out the product’s rate that requires daily usage. There is a requirement for a small amount of zinc oxide between 10% and 15%. The persistent rash should be between 30 and 40% since it will give thickened coverage.


The type of rash creams in the market differs in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. However, the brand states shortcomings. Before purchase, you should look for the brand that will be working for you. Go through the reviews that will give you the confidence to determine the right cream without fail.

10 Best Baby Diaper Rash Cream in India

1) Mom’s Co. Natural Diaper Rash Cream

The Moms Co Nipple Butter Cream for Sore and Cracked Nipples 25 g & Diaper Rash Cream | Treats and Prevents Diaper Rash | Zinc Oxide, Shea Butter, Organic Chamomile Oil (25g)


The Moms Co. Diaper Rash Cream protects, treats, and soothes diaper rashes and skin irritation with USDA-Certified Organic Actives. It incorporates Zinc Oxide, Hydrolyzed Oat Protein, and Organic Chamomile Oil. Extraordinarily intended for Baby’s initial three years, it is protected and delicate for every little one. The Moms Co. Diaper Rash Cream develops a barrier that helps prevent irritating rashes on your baby’s skin.

The cream, manufactured in India, comprises 15% Zinc Oxide that makes a layer on the skin. It helps in shielding the skin from a diaper rash. It helps in the natural treatment of rash. The cream comprises Hydrolyzed Oat proteins, and natural chamomile oil is known to fix the skin and make it delicate. It works for increasing the moisture content.

The cream is improved with Shea Butter and Organic Jojoba Oil, which increments collagen creation while saturating the skin and diminishing the odds of rashes. It also prevents further rashes and heals the skin. The cream mends the influenced diaper rash zone and secures the skin with the application of Calendula Oil.

  • The packaging is perfectly done
  • It is value for money cream
  • Scent is also perfect
  • Thickness is also perfect
  • The quantity of the cream is less.

2) Life & Pursuits Ayurveda Calendula Cream

Life & Pursuits Organic Diaper Rash Cream for Baby with Zinc Oxide & Calendula, Ayurvedic & Natural (50gm)



This cream is a medicinal mix of cold-squeezed natural oils and therapeutic Ayurveda spices, which alleviates and mends itched skin and rashes. It keeps your child’s skin smooth. This cream doesn’t contain Mineral Oil, Colors, Parabens, BHT/BHA, Synthetic Fragrance, SLS/SLES, Silicones, and other poisonous/unsafe synthetic substances. The Ayurvedic fixings present in it lessens aggravation, redness of skin, wounds, and rashes. It works for moisturizing delicate skin.

It calms the affected skin and improves skin surface. Zinc Oxide (YashadBhasma) in it reduces aggravation, recuperates rashes, and bruises. Natural Neem extract provides safety against dampness and mitigates the influenced zones. The availability of Natural Tulsi extracts improves skin surface, advances perfection. Natural Haldi extract plays the role of mending and lessening aggravation. Natural Manjistha extract increases the mending of skin.

  • The smell of the cream is fantastic
  • The consistency is perfect
  • It is easy to use and good for the sensitive skin
  • The effect doesn’t last long.

3) The Divine Foods Organic Diaper Rash Cream

The Divine Foods Glo Rash Balm, Organic Rash Balm for Babies, Best Rash Balm, 50 Gm


Handmade with 100% organic Ingredients, the Natural Turmeric cream comprises antibacterial, clean properties, making it a powerful disinfectant. Coconut oil seals out wetness. You can rest assured that there are no Parabens, Preservatives, colors, and Petroleum. The ingredients save the delicateness of the infant’s sensitive skin over the long haul.

The Divine GLO “Diaper Rash Cream” is produced from Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil mixed with Organic High Curcumin Turmeric. For babies, it is applicable to heal wounds, rough skin, Insect bites, stretch marks, etc. It can likewise be utilized as a Lip Balm. Besides, it helps in soothing diaper rash, napkin, and other rashes.

  • It is the non-greasy cream
  • There is no artificial fragrance that makes it safe
  • The moisturizing effect is great
  • The price is costlier than others

4) Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream

Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream,100gm


The cream is mainly suitable for soothing the sensitive skin while healing the rashes. The cream works on the principle of promoting effective healing as well as smoothening of the skin. So, there will be no more chances of rash-prone skin when you affect the diaper rash cream’s treatment type. Besides, it also helps in the management of the rash while healing the earlier rashes. Applying it is easy when you only use it to the area that is vulnerable to the rashes.

You can keep the diaper rash away with the power of the zinc oxide as well as Herbs. Again, there are components like nirgundi and Manjistha for relieving pain, redness, as well as discomfort due to the rashes. Paraben-free material with mineral oil and the absence of synthetic colors makes them quite favorable. The key ingredients can heal the sores as well as skin infections like the blisters and rashes. Almond oil combination helps in restoring the supple skin.

  • The thickness is perfect
  • It is easy to use and comfortable diaper
  • The scent is amazing
  • The application doesn’t prove to be convenient always.



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The cream comes inclusive of Titanium dioxide ions that work as the physical barrier over the skin. Besides, the other ingredients function properly for ensuring faster recovery when compared to the conventional rash cream. Overall, the high content of panthenol helps promote skin regeneration while healing the damaged skin. There is also the presence of the natural beeswax that can lead to the skin’s optimal hydration. The delicate rash cream is perfect for relieving one from the painful blisters inside the pants.

It works to stimulate the heating procedure and provide the necessary support, thus making the titanium dioxide work as a protective barrier against the aggressive substances. Overall, it can give the normalized skin that will keep one free from the infections. Pantheon, wheat germ oil, along with sorbitol, helps in protecting the skin. The cream’s moisturizing capacity works along with the ingredients to ensure that the combined effect will require no more changing the diapers multiple times.

  • It is perfect for the application on sensitive skin
  • You can it use it twice a day around 12 hours apart for the expected results
  • The consistency of the cream is quite good
  • It is not the value for money cream

6) Mom & World Diaper Rash Cream

Mom & World Soothing Baby Care Combo | Diaper Rash Cream 50g + Baby Wash 200ml + Baby Nourishing Lotion + Baby Nourishing Oil (200ml Each) With Pouch


The beneficial protective layer skin soothes the rash caused by diapers and can effectively treat and prevent further occurrences. Overall, it can create the moisture barrier for the protection of the skin from chances of wetness. It can give soothing relief from the chemical ingredients and harshness. The natural, pure oil and other extracts work to keep away the further chances of rashes. Besides, there are no harmful ingredients, and it is paraben-free. The alcohol-free, as well as non-toxic cream, is perfect for keeping away occurrences of the damaged skin.

Besides, the formulations zinc oxide and Vitamin E also ensure that it will be working as the soothing cream for the baby. The antibacterial and anti-fungal properties can become gentle and a breathable barrier for the prevention and alleviation of bacterial growth or any other infection.

  • The ingredients soothe the skin immediately.
  • Shea butter reduces inflammation while promoting the collagen production
  • The consistency is perfect
  • It is the value for money cream
  • The scent is also soothing
  • The cream takes time for giving the moisturized effect

7) Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream

Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream 70g


Be ready to give your baby the relief from the sores any more when you have this cream. It can drive away irritation due to the rashes. There won’t be any more chances of surrounding redness in the areas when it can deliver the gentle everyday soothing effect. The non-sticky, as well as the non-greasy cream, becomes the right formula when the skin starts adjusting to the problematic conditions. Skin health becomes very important, especially for babies. The dermatologically tested creams become perfect for nourishing and moisturizing even the most delicate skin.

You can rest assured that the ingredients like chamomile, almond oil, sunflower seed oil, shea butter, and zinc oxide will be working together for soothing the symptoms when you use it.  Besides, the cream will also help to relieve one from rash and discomfort due to the everyday soothing formula. It is perfect for delivering protection to the chapped skin by making the surface non-greasy.

8) Pigeon Baby Diaper Rash Cream

Pigeon Baby Diaper Rash Cream, 50 g


The diaper rash cream from Pigeon is perfect in terms of the formulation for the sensitive skin. The unique combination loaded with rich emollient, zinc oxide, as well as the other ingredients also ensures that it will be forming the thickest layer to work as a barrier between the skin and the moist environment.

Overall, the diaper becomes perfect for the avoidance of rashes. It is also suitable against other allergens. The hypoallergenic features, like the prevention of the rashes, give a satisfying impact.  So, it will also heal in the shortest time. The natural extracts from the plants are suitable for the skin of the sensitive newborn.

  • The consistency is perfect for building a good thickness
  • The scent is amazing
  • The packaging is perfect
  • It is a value for money cream
  • Easy to use

9) B4 Nappi Diaper Rash Prevention Cream

B4 Nappi Cream 75gm - Diaper Rash Prevention Cream.


The cream is perfect for stopping irritation while delivering the discomfort caused by the diaper rashes. Overall, it leads to the stoppage of the recurrence of the rash. While you are regularly using it, it helps in rehydrating the skin while soothing and moisturizing it. You can get enhanced protection in the form of the thick layer in the space between the skin and nappy.

It also helps in the protection of the skin from the harmful effects. You can rest assured that the cream is perfect and that the area’s application can work in the form of the thick layer for the prevention of the infectious matter depositing there. Besides, the rash elimination cream is perfect for working between the changing sessions of the pot. Zinc oxide content works as a barrier between the skin, and then, it is safe and effective. Besides, the oil helps in the prevention of the bacteria by providing a soothing effect.

  • You can get the enhanced comfort
  • The packaging is perfect
  • It is value for money cream
  • The consistency is very good
  • Some people find that it becomes sticky on the application on the skin

10) Softsens Diaper Rash Cream

Softsens Baby Natural Diaper Rash Cream, 50 g (Single Pack)


It is designed for providing rapid relief from skin redness, painful nappy rash, and other causes of inflammation. Overall, the effective natural cream is power-packed that includes 6 natural skin ingredients. They are kokum butter, shea butter, almond oil butter, Vitamin E, as well as aloe vera juice. Overall, it works as the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory formula that helps heal and protect the skin against any kind of irritations or germs.

Overall, the ingredients work for providing the long-lasting effect. The skin’s addition gently ensures that the ingredients are available for absorption by providing long-lasting moisturization. The interest zinc oxide ensures the safety barrier between the skin as well as the diaper. The tested formula ensures 100% safety on the delicate skin of the baby. Besides, it is also free from Caribbean synthetic colors as well as to alkalis that makes it stand out. The chemical-free formula is good for daily usage.

  • The packaging is properly done
  • It is value for money cream
  • The scent is perfect when compared to many others
  • It is not that effective for long hours

Final Verdict

We have mentioned the names of the top baby diapers that are quite trending. However, from our list, we find Softsens Diaper Rash Cream as the best one. It works as an all-natural and free from potential allergens type of the baby diaper rash creams. It also has the anti-fungal properties to make it stand out. Sometimes, picking the right diaper cream becomes a bit tricky. So, we have created this concise guide that will give you only the most beneficial creams in the market.

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