Top 6 Best Baby Diapers In India 2020

Keeping everything hygienic when it comes to babies is essential. With the babies’ proper care, they can stay healthy and sleep peacefully and play actively. Well, we always take care of the baby bedding set, pillows, bottles, toys, and many other things in terms of hygiene. But we often forget that the most important thing that a baby needs is the diaper. With the baby diapers in India, it becomes easier for the babies and the parents to stay safe from the timely urinary discharge. 

As the babies have no control over the urine discharge, they often urinate anytime they want. But, if they sit or sleep in the puddle of urine for a long time, it’d cause rashes and discomfort. Most of the time in the night, this happens as the baby and the parents both are sleeping. As the baby is sleeping in the comfortable bed, the damp bed causes discomfort and rashes. The baby needs to wear a good quality diaper that soaks all the liquid and keeps the baby dry and comfortable. 

Also, the best baby diapers in India are pretty useful in case you are going outside. When you are traveling, you cannot let your baby pee in the open. So, getting a diaper will help you let the baby pee peacefully without any worries. As the diaper automatically soaks all the liquid and prevents the leakage, you can stay safe, and the baby also stays in comfort. If you are willing to get the best baby diapers for your baby, then you are in the right place. In this post, we will share the detailed information about the best baby diapers in India, which allows you to take care of the baby and prevent any kind of discomfort. All you have to do is to check all of the products listed in this post and get the best one delivered at your doorstep from Amazon marketplace.

6 Best Baby Diapers in India

#1 – Supples Baby Pants Diapers 

Supples Baby Pants Diapers 

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If you are looking for the best seller baby diapers on the Amazon India marketplace, you’ll see the Supples Baby pants diapers. The Supples baby diapers provide all day and night protection to the babies. They are rated for 12-hours of protection to the babies so that you can rely on the diaper for night time. This diaper is made with soft cottony material, which provides the ultimate comfort. As the baby feels comfortable, you should be happy as the parent. 

Supples baby diapers are made with the non-woven soft, breathable material. The breathable material allows the proper air ventilation, which prevents the stuffiness. As there is no stuffiness, the baby can wear it for a long time without any discomfort. For absorbing the urine, it has a large absorbing area. The large absorbing area is filled with the hydrophilic gel magnets, which soak up all the water. The hydrophilic gel magnets have a high absorption rate, so the liquid is soaked almost immediately. 

Due to the use of high-quality gel material, the diaper can absorb nearly 350ml liquid at a time. Also, even after soaking this much liquid, your baby stays dry and does not feel any discomfort. But, most of the time, the diapers tend to leak from the sides after getting filed with the liquid. But fortunately, Supple’s baby diapers come with the Trickle Lockside cuffs, which prevent any kind of leakage. As there is no leakage, you’ll get some time to change the diaper. 

The best thing we found about this product is the zigzag channel layer. The zigzag channel layer is added for the uniform liquid distribution. With the uniform liquid distribution, the water does not accumulate at the same place but is distributed all around the diaper. This makes the diaper lightweight, and it becomes easier for the baby to walk around, even with the diaper full of liquid. It’s one of the best baby diapers in India that we’ve found on the Amazon marketplace. 


  • This baby diaper provides 12-hours of day-and-night protection.
  • The non-woven breathable material supports proper air ventilation. 
  • The absorption rate of this product is very high due to the use of Hydrophilic gel magnets. 


  • We cannot find any bad thing about this baby diaper. That’s why it’s one the first place on this list. 

#2 – Huggies Wonderpands Baby Diapers 

Huggies Wonderpands Baby Diapers 

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Huggies is one of the leading brands that sell high-quality diapers. We always see Huggies advertisements on television. The Huggies Wonderpants baby diapers are also one of the best seller products on the Amazon marketplace. The Wonderpandts from Huggies are made with the Buddle-bed technology. The bubble-bed technology provides the ultimate comfort and the softness to the skin of the babies. The same technology ensures that the liquid does not accumulate in one place. Instead, it allows the proper liquid distribution so that the babies don’t feel any increase in the weight.

The Huggies Wonderpants provide 12-hours protection to the baby. With the high absorption rate, the bum skin stays dry. It’s one of the easy to use baby diapers, which works as the pants. There is no complicated baby diaper-wearing technique. All you have to do is to put the feet of the babies in the hole and wear it as the pants—nothing complicated at all. For the ultimate comfort to the babies, it comes with the cushiony waistband. The cushiony waistband prevents the stretch marks on the skin. As the baby’s skin is quite sensitive, any increase in the pressure will cause the red marks on the waist, which is common with the other baby diapers. 

The best thing we found about this product is the Triple Leak Guard. With the extra padding on the sides it prevents the liquid leakage from the vulnerable part, which is the thighs. The parents don’t have to worry about the leakage while traveling or after 12-hours of usage. The product is available in different sizes for babies until the age of three years. Most of the Indian parents will find Huggies Wonderpants Baby diapers affordable if bought in the bulk packs. 


  • The Triple Leak Guard comes with extra padding to prevent the leakage.
  • It comes with Bubble Bed Technology for comfort and liquid distribution. 
  • Suitable for the babies weighing 8-14Kgs. 
  • All night 12-hour protection for babies. 


  • The Elastic Waistband gets loose very easily. The diaper may fall from the waist if the baby is a crawler. 

#3 – Himalaya Total Care Baby Pants Diapers 

Himalaya Total Care Baby Pants Diapers 

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Himalaya is a relatively new name in the baby care products market. They are known for the Ayurvedic medicines, which they’ve used in this product for protecting the babies. The Himalaya Total Care baby pants diapers are super soft and comfortable. They are suitable for the sensitive skin of the babies. As the use of synthetic material in the diapers causes rashes to the bum skin, Himalayas has come up with a unique solution. This diaper comes with the natural anti-rash shield, which contains the Indian Aloe vera and Zinc oxide. Due to this combination, there will be no rashes on the delicate baby skin. 

The Himalaya Total Care baby diapers are made with the super soft material that is breathable. With the breathable material and the fabric, the proper air circulation is maintained so the baby’s skin can breathe. Due to the breathable fabric, wearing the diaper for a long time provides ultimate comfort to the babies. The manufacturer has used the cellulose and super absorbent polymer layer. Due to the same, it has the rapid absorption of the liquid. So, there is less chance of the urine leakage. To prevent further leakage, it comes with the leak-proof plastic edges. When the diaper is full of liquid, it provides protection for two hours. 

The best thing we found about this product is that it comes with the wetness indicator. There is the wetness indicator strip, which is yellow in color. When the strap changes the color to Blue, then it means that the diaper is wet. This will let you know about the time to change the diaper. This product is suitable for babies with skin problems. Also, the baby’s weight 8-14 kgs are suitable to use this diaper. There are different sizes available for the heavyweight kids. 


  • The Himalaya Total Care diapers come with the Natural Antirash shield.
  • The breathable fabric used in this product allows for proper air ventilation.
  • This baby diaper from Himalaya provides 12-hours of all-night protection. 


  • The leak-proof plastic edges are not that effective. The parents have to keep an eye for leakage. 
  • Even though it has Rapid absorption, it absorbs very less amount of liquid, forcing parents to change the diapers frequently. 

#4 – MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorbent Diapers 

MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorbent Diapers 

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MamyPoko Pants is one of the most popular brands in the market. With Japanese technology, it has gained a lot of market in India. The Mamy Poko Pants Extra Absorbent Diapers come with the criss-cross absorbent sheet. The same sheet absorbs nearly seven glasses worth of liquid with ease. Also, the same technology helps the diaper to distribute the liquid evenly on the surface. It’s very beneficial as it prevents fluid retention in one place, which will make the diaper feel heavier. 

The absorbent material is made with cellulose and other synthetic material. So, there is the chance of causing the rashes on the sensitive skin of the babies. But that’s not universal, and the synthetic material is mostly safe. The exterior of this product is breathable. It’s made with cotton material, so it feels soft to touch and comfortable to wear. Due to the breathable cotton material, the babies won’t feel suffocation on the skin after wearing it for a long time. Also, it’s suitable to use for long hours. The Mamy Poko Pants extra absorbent diapers provide all-around protection for nearly 12-hours. 

To prevent leakage, the stretchable thigh support prevents leakage. As the baby crawls and walks, the thigh support prevents the leakage through the thighs’ gaps. It’s a useful thing, as the babies won’t only pee but can poop inside the diaper, which is not absorbed by the diaper and might leak, which is gross. This diaper comes in different sizes, so you don’t have to worry about the fittings. As it’s available in the pack of 28 diapers, you will find it affordable as you are buying it in bulk. 


  • The Criss-Cross absorbent sheet evenly distributes the liquid all around the diaper.
  • The stretchable thigh-support with the padding prevents any kind of leakage from the thighs. 
  • This product provides 12-hours protection, so you can use it at night for peaceful sleep and no need to frequently change the diapers. 


  • The Use of synthetic material may cause rashes on the sensitive skin of the babies.
  • The layer of Absorbent material is quite thin. So, you might have to change the diaper frequently if the baby pees a lot. 

#5 – Little Angel Baby Diaper Pants 

Little Angel Baby Diaper Pants 

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You might not see The Little Angel Baby diaper pants in the offline market, as they are not much popular. But, in the online marketplace like Amazon, they are loved by thousands of parents. The Little Angel Baby diaper pants come with the 360-degree soft elastic, which gives the perfect body fit. Unlike the other diaper pants, the 360-degree soft elastic waistband fits perfectly and will not get loose. These baby diaper pants come with fluid distribution channels. These channels distribute the water inside the diaper evenly. So, the water may not retain at a certain spot for a long time. 

The Little Angel Baby diaper pants are made with ultra-soft fabric, which provides the ultimate comfort and soft feel to touch. Also, the ultra-soft fabric used is highly breathable, supporting proper air ventilation across the diaper. Due to the same, it becomes extremely comfortable for the baby to wear this diaper without having any discomfort due to suffocation to the skin. With the soft, absorbent, and breathable material, the baby stays dry all the time, even when it’s the time to change the diaper. 

The best thing we found about the Little Angels Baby diaper pants is that it comes with the wetness indicator. There is the wetness indicator strip, which turns Blue from Yellow to indicate that the diaper is wet, and it’s the time to change it. This diaper is suitable for the kids weighing 8-11 kilograms and is a unisex product. The only thing that we did not find impressive is the low absorption rate. Due to the same, you have to change it frequently in the night. 


  • The soft elastic waistband fits perfectly and prevents any pressure marks. 
  • With advanced double-leak protection, it prevents any kind of leakage of urine and poop.
  • It comes with the Wetness Indicator strip to indicate that the diaper is wet, and it’s the time to change. 


  • This diaper has a very low absorption rate. It does not provide all-night protection to babies. 
  • The use of the synthetic materials in this product may cause rashes on the babies’ delicate skin.

#6 – Papimo Baby Diaper Pants 

Papimo Baby Diaper Pants 

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The Papimo baby diaper pants are pretty useful for the parents whose babies always get skin rashes due to the diaper’s synthetic material. But with the Papimo diaper pants, all the babies will get is comfort. This product provides a comfortable experience for babies made with the non-woven material and cottony soft layer. This product provides a soft and comfortable feel to touch, so the baby’s skin won’t get any discomfort while using the same. 

Papimo baby diaper pants come with the diamond core technology, the criss-cross top layer of the diaper. Due to the criss-cross top layer, the surface area is more, and it properly distributes the liquid all around the diaper. So, the baby won’t feel heaviness as water does not accumulate at the same spot. The product consists of the super lock gel that is combined with the Aloe vera. The Super lock gel has a high-absorption rate and can absorb nearly seven glasses of liquid with ease. The use of Aloe vera in the gel makes it easier on the skin. The baby won’t get any kind of rashes on the skin due to the aloe vera. 

There is the wetness indicator stripe on the backside of the diaper. The strip turns from Yellow to Blue to indicate the wetness of the diaper. So, the parents can easily change the diaper when the current one is wet without checking it manually. The only thing we don’t like about this product is that it doesn’t provide protection all night. It only provides 2 hours of protection and does not come with the leakage-proof padding. Fortunately, it’s available in different sizes and bulk packs, making it one of the most affordable baby diapers in the market. 


  • It comes with the Aloe vera Super Lock gel to prevent Skin rashes and Rapid liquid absorption.
  • The criss-cross top layer supports even uniform liquid distribution.


  • The Papimo baby diaper pants do not last longer than two hours. Only suitable for short term use.
  • The Leak protection is missing, so the liquid might leak after the absorption limit. 

Final Words 

The baby diaper pants are very useful for babies and their parents. As the babies can’t take care of their hygiene, you should do the same as a parent. The diapers provide all-around protection from the wetness and prevent any discomfort to babies. If you are tired of changing the babies’ cloth diapers every time, you should opt for these synthetic diapers. Such diapers are easy to wear and have more absorption capacity than cloth diapers.

The best thing I found about India’s best baby diaper pants is that it comes with a comfortable design. There is no complicated process for using these diapers. All parents have to do is make the baby wear it as a pant, and that’s it. As the parents are getting aware of such diaper pants’ benefits, these products are getting in demand. In this post, we tried to list the best baby diapers in India that you can find online. As a parent, all you have to do is check out the list and order the best baby diaper pants in India that you think are perfect for your baby. 

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