Top 10 Best Baby Finger Toothbrushes in India 2021

One of the most essentials for baby care routine is the Toothbrush for regular usage. A proper baby finger Toothbrush can ensure your baby’s teeth to be clean and healthy while preventing cavities and other teeth related problems. The doctor recommends brushing the teeth of babies twice a day is essential after feeding and in the morning session.

But, you should also take care that the brush is gentle on your baby’s teeth besides ensuring it provides relief to the tender gums of your baby.  Finding such a brush that is gentle on the baby’s teeth and gums besides being effective in cleaning is quite a tough task as most of the brushes that are found in the market are the normal ones.

Things To Look For In A Baby Finger Toothbrush:

Premium quality builds along with non-toxic material composition becomes the essential requirements for finding the right finger toothbrush for babies. You have to also note every safety requirement at ease with the premium quality. Besides, you have to note the BPA free materials and quite effective design. If you want to get the oral stimulation, it’s worth having a guide. Before going ahead with the purchase decision, you have to consider other factors that become mandatory.


Whether you’re new to the parenting or the experienced patent, you have to always look for the finger toothbrush’s safety standards that you are purchasing. You have to ask yourself whether or not the removable parts address safety for the baby. Also, make sure that it is safe and fit for moving into the mouth of the baby without chances of choking position.


Children get their first teeth at around six months of age. So, it becomes mandatory for you to look for a toothbrush that will come with soft bristles. It can provide the baby with a comfortable, brushing idea. Find the type of bristles that are also indicated on the packaging of the toothbrush. You will get a variant in the soft and medium that is suitable for babies and young children.

Ease of use

You should see that the toothbrush becomes easy to use. It happens that the choosing process proves to be quite complicated and not ideal for the child. So, it would be best if you also looked for the simplest brand in the market. See that the baby is in the stage that he or she can hold it by himself or herself.


The type of material becomes very significant when you are purchasing the toothbrush. You should see that besides matching the design requirements, it should be made from the child-friendly plastic materials. It should be free from chemicals. Ensure that the brush is designed with sturdy materials so that it is not vulnerable to breakage.


The toothbrush cost becomes a deciding factor when you are purchasing it. Always see to it that it is affordable and of the high quality at the same time. In the market, you will be finding various brands with different quality levels. Pick the one that you find suitable for your child.


You have to always look out for the removal parts that the toothbrush comes with. Make sure that the functionality and the appeal are consistent with each other. Usually, accidents happen because the child may swallow some of the parts. So ensure that there are no chances of such occurrences.

Tips from our side:

  • You always have to make sure to clean the toothbrush after use. Hygiene becomes an important deciding factor for caring for the child. Remember that health risk chances are greater these days. After the brushing session, immediately ensure that you rinse off the toothpaste and food remains on the toothbrush before the child starts retaking it in the mouth. When the child begins learning the art of brushing, let them make a habit of always cleaning the toothbrush immediately after use.
  • Always go ahead with the replacement of the toothbrush after every three months. This becomes necessary because usually, certain parts become old and used. Durability turns out to be the deciding factor as well. With time, toothbrushes turn out to be expired.
  • Always give focus on gently brushing the teeth of the baby.
  • Always take into consideration the maximum supervision for ensuring that the child is not at any risk. It is still essential to keep supervising the child to see whether they can brush all by themselves.

Thus, we are here to help you with the best baby finger toothbrushes in India with the most selective ranges of toothbrushes from renowned manufacturers. All those products are chosen to suit all kinds of baby requirements as well. All you have to do is go through the separate product reviews and you can surely find the best toothbrush for your baby at ease.

10 Best Baby Finger Toothbrushes in India

1) Fisher-Price Silicone Baby Finger-Brush

Fisher Price Silicone Tooth Brush with Polypropylene Case (White)

Fisher-price finger brush for babies is equipped with all kinds of features for simplifying the brushing process which makes it enlisted in the best baby finger brush. The dual-sided design accompanied by the easy to handle finger case makes it quite comfortable and simple to brush the baby without hurting the delicate gums.

The fisher-price finger brush is recommended by leading pediatricians as the safest and efficient option for newborn babies. It is made from 100% non-toxic and BPA free soft silicone materials which makes it gentle on the oral gums while cleaning the ridges effectively. You can also easily carry this finger brush in the baby care kit due to the presence of a dedicated case.

  • Cleans the teeth gently
  • Protects the oral gums and gives a good gum massage
  • Non-toxic and BPA free materials are used in this brush which makes it safe to use
  • Recommended by pediatricians for the newborn babies
  • The outer cover around the neck of the brush is too thin but fits perfectly and easy to move in the baby oral cavity

2) LITTLOO Silicone Baby Finger Toothbrush

LITTLOO Silicone Baby Finger Toothbrush, Great for Massaging and Cleaning Gums (Clear) - Pack of 2

A premium quality Baby finger toothbrush made from all non-toxic materials and effective in cleaning baby teeth is surely the best choice among all available options. This Silicone Baby finger toothbrush from LITTLOO is one such incredible option with super-soft and dual-sided brushes. These brushes can gently clean the baby’s teeth and massage the sensitive gums of the baby.

This toothbrush is Made with all food-grade premium quality transparent silicone a material complies with FDA standard. It can be used to brush even newborn babies and is approved and recommended by new pediatricians. You can just place it on your index finger and apply toothpaste to brush the baby’s teeth.

With all the safety features, good trust factor, and premium quality built, it is possibly one of the best baby finger toothbrushes in India.

  • BPA free toothbrush made from non-toxic silicone material
  • Can be used for babies on or above 6 months
  • The soft dual-sided design of the brush can provide good massage to gums besides effective teeth cleaning
  • Offers oral stimulation and reduces soreness from the tender gums
  • Quite tight on the adult finger but can give good grip while maneuvering around teeth inside the baby’s mouth

3) Mee Mee Unique Finger Brush

Mee Mee Unique Finger Brush (Pack of 2, Orange)

Oral care can be the best if the finger brush fits easily on the index finger of adults and provides relief from soreness to the babies effectively. This Unique finger brush from Mee Mee is one such effective finger toothbrush that is made from 100% non-toxic materials and is super soft for the baby gums and teeth with silicone materials.

This finger brush comes with the colorful soft bristles which make the milk and food particles easily visible and makes it enlisted in the top best baby finger toothbrush. You can clean the visible particles from the oral cavity easily with the soft and fine pressure points which can stimulate and massage the baby gums easily.

  • Good soft bristles with the colored surface to make the particles visible
  • Fine pressure points can massage the baby gums and remove particles from the oral cavity easily
  • Easy to use with perfect fit on the index finger and can be stored in the case
  • BPA free soft silicone materials make it safe for babies
  • Can be quite sticky on the adult’s finger but it makes the cleaning effective with soft bristles

4) LuvLap Baby finger toothbrush with case

LuvLap Baby Silicone Finger Toothbrush with case for Easy Cleaning, Massaging, and Soothing Gums, Oral Hygiene

LuvLap is probably one of the most renowned brands for baby care products and this baby finger toothbrush from this company also reflects their reputation. It is made up of liquid silicone which is free from toxic materials and thus safe for the tender oral gums of babies.

The soft silicone bristles can provide relief to the gums while the rounded dots allow cleaning the tongue and other parts of the mouth easily without much effort. It is designed to fit the index finger of adults and the case which comes with the brush can store and carry the brush easily in the kit.

  • Can clean the baby’s teeth and gums effectively
  • Rounded dots help in cleaning the tongue and other parts of the mouth easily
  • Non-toxic liquid silicone materials are safe for newborn
  • Soft silicone bristles can provide good massage and relief to the tender gums
  • As the finger case fits perfectly to the finger, care should be taken while cleaning other parts of the mouth except for teeth.

5) Chic Buddy Silicone Finger Baby Toothbrush

Chic Buddy Silicone Finger Baby Toothbrush,Toddler Training Tooth Brushes with Hygiene case (Transparent)

A safe and effective option for finger baby toothbrushes is probably the most preferred ones. This is why; the finger baby toothbrush from Chic Buddy is enlisted in the top best baby finger toothbrush in India. It is safe with 100% FDA approved food-grade material and 100% food-grade material which is non-toxic and BPA –free.

The soft silica gel of the brush is not deformed which means a smooth and comfortable feel to the baby. You can take better care of the baby’s mouth due to the gentle brush which also helps in the reduction of plaque and tartar build. Renowned dentists also recommend this product for the safety level and effective cleaning.

  • Can effectively reduce plaque and tartar when accompanied with a good toothpaste
  • Easy to clean
  • Approve food-grade materials and premium quality design for whole mouth care
  • The case is also packed to store the brush when not in use
  • Care should be taken while cleaning the tongue due to the hard shell with spots but is quite handy and easy to clean.

6) LifeKrafts baby finger toothbrush

LifeKrafts Baby Silicone Finger Tooth Brush(from 3 Months Onwards)|Transparent, Pack of 1|Easy Oral Hygiene, Soft Massaging Bristles, Ergonomic Design for Kids, Babies and Pets.

Simple yet premium quality design with efficient cleaning features for both teeth and tongue makes the LifeKrafts baby finger toothbrush a most preferable choice. Dual-sided design for cleaning the tongue and also for massaging the gums with bumps is quite reliable. It is quite easy to clean with a perfect handy size.

This multifunctional baby finger toothbrush from LifeKrafts is portable and can be used anywhere easily without any kind of inconvenience. The plastic storage box which comes with the toothbrush is pretty sturdy and stores the brush perfectly. The use of food-grade materials and is-toxic and BPA free can also be used for babies from 3 to 16 months.

  • Good premium looking design with easy to use a feature
  • Quite handy and effective in cleaning teeth, tongue and massaging the gums
  • The dual side design is quite reliable with perfect sized bumps
  • Easy to clean and can be stored in the case easily
  • The brushes should be handled while maneuvering on the gums as a sudden slip from your finger can hurt the gums although it is quite gentle

7) Safe-O-Kid Extra Safe Finger Brush and Tongue Cleaner

Safe-O-Kid- Extra Safe, Oral hygiene, Transparent Silicone Finger Brush Tongue Cleaner for Baby Teething/ Gums with Attractive Case

Oral care with Safe-O-Kid finger toothbrush extends to a whole new level due to the extremely gentle and safe build. This finger brush can probably be one of the safest options for the gentle and delicate oral gums. It has soft bristles with fine pressure points for oral stimulation and gum massage which provides relief from soreness.

You can ensure the oral hygiene of your baby easily with the soft bristles, soft bumps, and build to fit the index finger of this toothbrush. The size and build of this brush can be perfect for newborn babies to 24 months. It is also completely safe as it is made from BPA –free FDA approved non-toxic silicone materials.

  • Made with completely hygienic FDA approved materials
  • Can clean both teeth and gums as well
  • Gentle on the tender gums of the babies and provide relief from soreness as well
  • Cleaning of the brush is quite easy
  • The finger case may not fit some fingers but once fitted the hold is quite good and can easily be used for teeth, gums, and tongue as well

8) Delidge Soft Bristle Baby Finger Brush

Delidge Soft Bristle Baby Teething Gum Massager Transparent Silicone Finger Brush Tongue Cleaner with Toothbrush Case - Upto 2 Years

This soft bristle baby finger brush from Delidge takes the efficiency of brushing to a whole new level with some intriguing features. It has extremely soft bristles that can help scrub and mass the baby’s gums without causing any injury or harm to either gums or teeth.

Besides, it has a rounded tongue cleaner which is safe in cleaning the tongue of a baby’s delicate skin with soft cleaner dots. The finger case design is quite simple and can be worn easily by adults with compact size, flexible, and easy to carry design with a case.

  • High-quality food-grade silicone materials are used in this finger toothbrush
  • Highly soft bristles for scrubbing. Massaging the baby gums
  • The brush can clean the particles from ridges of teeth easily
  • Over the finger, the design is quite comfortable and can be handled easily
  • The over finger design can be quite tight for some people but performs well in every ticked off requirement

9) Dr. Brown’s Finger Toothbrush Set

Dr. Brown's Finger Toothbrush Set (Pack of 1, White)

Dr. Brown’s finger toothbrush has gained a lot of popularity with the extreme design intending for the safety of the baby’s tender gums. The dual-sided brush of it can both clean and massage the soft baby gums and the over finger case can fit perfectly on the adult finger which gives a good control.

The BPA free finger toothbrush is 100% silicone and can easily slip into the finger which is also useful to clean the brush after usage. It can be used anywhere, even while traveling easily due to good grips in the finger case which sticks to the finger even while massaging the gums or tongue.

  • BPA free finger toothbrush for babies
  • Good finger case to fit in any adult finger easily
  • Easy to clean and easy to store in the case after sterilization
  • Good for the sensitive gums for massage
  • The bristles of the finger toothbrush remain soft for being gentle on baby’s gum, but gentle brushing can remove the particles easily

10) BeeBaby Silicone Finger Toothbrush for babies

BeeBaby Silicone Finger Brush with Carry Case, (Blue) (Pack of 2)

Premium quality builds with non-toxic materials is one of the most essential requirements for a finger toothbrush for babies. This Silicone finger toothbrush ticks off every safety requirement at ease with the premium quality, BPA free materials, and quite effective design.

The back of this brush has fine pressure points to gently massage the oral gums of the babies and for a soothing feel as well. The case provided with this brush stores the brush after used and sterilization. It also offers oral stimulation and is recommended by the pediatrician as well and thus gets included in the top 10 best finger toothbrushes available now.

  • Perfect for newborn babies due to the soft brush which can be extremely gentle on tender oral gums
  • 100% BPA free and can be used for massage as well
  • Easy to use, sterilize and store
  • Soothes the gum of baby
  • The brush is made smooth to be gentle on the gums and thus shouldn’t be used roughly.


A baby finger brush is one of the best alternatives to the normal brush due to the extreme convenience while brushing the baby’s teeth. You have to just find a good quality toothbrush which is free from harsh chemicals and your baby’s teeth can be ensured of being healthy and strong in the future.

Mee Mee Unique Finger Brush can probably be one of the most preferred finger brushes due to the extreme safety feature and soft yet effective bristles. You can find the best brush suitable for your baby by going through the reviews, highlighted features, and pros and cons to crack the best deal from the market without any efforts or time consumption.

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