Top 10 Best Baby Grooming Kits In India 2021

Have you ever wondered – What is grooming? Why do we need it?

Grooming is the practice of keeping oneself clean and hygienic. It is the maintaining of ourselves and taking care of our bodies. Keeping this in mind, have you ever asked yourself – do babies need grooming? The answer to this is “YES”; even babies need to be adequately groomed. It needs to be done more carefully and more frequently than adults. This is mainly because they have very delicate skin and not grooming them may turn out to be harmful to them.

A baby grooming kit generally consists of –cotton balls, baby oil, baby wipes, baby shampoo which are made with delicate materials and made specifically for babies. Baby nail clippers and baby scissors are among other essentials. Wide-tooth baby-sized combs and baby brushes with soft bristles are also part of such kits. Useful additions to the set are a thermometer and nasal aspirator.

In this article, we will be mentioning the top 10 best baby grooming kits that are making the babies a little safer and promote a hygienic environment.

10 Best Baby Grooming Kits In India


Mummamia brings a convenient, compact and lightweight product for babies. It is easy to carry it anywhere. The kit includes ten essential grooming and healthcare items for the baby. This will perfectly cater to their grooming requirement. The items are made using high quality and safe materials. They are also very soft and properly designed, keeping in mind the safety and requirement of the baby.

The pack contains round tip stainless steel scissor, non-scratch comb, anti-slip clippers, baby tweezers, nasal aspirators, dropper feeder, and infant hairbrush.

  • All the products are very safe for the baby’s use.
  • The nail clipper has a secure design for the baby’s fingernail.
  • The round tip scissors make it secure and delicate for the baby.
  • The nasal aspirator is useful too as it helps clean the baby’s nasal passageway.
  • Dropper feeder prevents the intake of excessive medicine, keeping it accurate.
  • The thermometer is digital, improving accuracy, and has a rubber made, making it safe for the baby’s use.
  • The soft fur of the hairbrush will be gentle and delicate for the baby’s use.
  • Price seems to be bit higher compared to other brands.

2) Mee Mee Baby Care Set

Mee Mee Baby care set

The MEE MEE baby set consists of a tooth and gum cleaning finger brush. It also comprises a soft grip comb and hairbrush, nail clipper with better grip. This is made in such a way that the baby and the parents can have excellent grooming experience.

The design of the items is in such a way that it will be safe to use on a baby. The nail cutter is safe with a stainless steel blade. It also has a medical-grade soft silicone tip of the nose cleaner which makes it flexible. It, in turn, creates a better fit in the baby’s nostrils without causing any discomfort.

  • Very easy to use for small kids.
  • Very easy grip on the items which makes it safer.
  • BPA free – The items have no content of any kind of industrial chemicals
  • The product may not be portable.

3) Syga Baby Healthcare Kit

SYGA Baby, Infant and Toddler Pink Grooming Kit with Scissors - The Best Unique Baby Shower Gift for Girls and Boys

The Syga grooming kit for babies is a very good product to go for. It is very compact and handy and can be easily carried if one generally travels a lot and have to carry their children. This consists of mainly manicure, pedicure and grooming set. The ergonomic baby nail clippers and plastic-handled scissors make it much safer to use on babies without worry.

The pack contains fingernail clippers, baby scissors, nail file, and tweezers. The products are well designed and are much softer, which will be comfortable for the baby. The items are of the right size to be applied on or used on the baby.

  • The packaging or casing of the product is very compact, making it easy to carry.
  • It is perfectly sized and can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • The plastic parts are made of a material like ABS. ABS is a superior plastic material. Both in toughness and strength compared to other PP and other plastic.
  • The tips of the scissors are round, which increases safety.
  • It has a comfortable grip and can be used with either hand.
  • Glass nail file to make it more precise and will not shed nails.
  • Some people are having a problem with the nail cutter not being sharp

4) Arrnew Baby Grooming Kit

ARRNEW Baby Manicure Set by arrnew | 4-in-1 Baby Grooming kit with Bear case, Baby Nail s, Scissor, File & tweezer | Baby Nail Care kit for Newborn, Infant & Toddler (Light Blue)

The Arrnew baby grooming set is a perfect gift for babies. It is ultra-lightweight and very compact, which makes it portable. This makes it easy to maintain the baby’s grooming and hygiene anywhere. The recommended age for the product is from infancy onwards.

The contents of the product are –baby scissors, nail clippers, tweezers to keep the baby’s nose and ears clean and nail file. The items are made of BPA free plastic and stainless steel materials. Keeping in mind the safety of the babies, the products are made extra soft to give proper comfort.

  • It is ultra-lightweight, weighing about 140gms.
  • Made of high-quality ABS plastic and stainless steel materials for maximum safety
  • It also has a non-slip handle which increases safety.
  • Ergonomic design to handle slipping and giving full control while using
  • Some people are having issues with scissors sharpness.


The PeachBerry baby care set comes with a full set of baby grooming and healthcare items, which will completely help the baby maintain their grooming and hygiene. It is also 100% safe for babies as all the small tolls are made of BPA- free plastic and high-quality stainless steel and also designed in a way, especially for babies.

For parents who have to travel frequently and take their babies with them PeachBerry grooming kit is highly recommended because it is easily portable. Therefore the babies grooming and hygiene are as simple as that. The babies ageing can use this grooming kit between 0-3 years.

  • Highly safe for the babies because of the material used to make each item.
  • Highly portable so the baby can stay healthy anywhere anytime.
  • The items and particularly the nasal aspirator are very easy to clean and reuse.
  • No cons found

6) GoCart Baby Grooming Kit

GOCART WITH G LOGO New Born Baby Safety Nail Scissors(White)

The GoCart baby grooming set mainly consist of baby nail clipper, safety scissors, tweezers, nail file everything a baby needs frequently. The material used for the items is ABS plastic with stainless steel. The nail clippers have a round tip for extra protection. The ergonomic design makes it much safer to use on babies.

The products have an ergonomic design and specially sized and made for babies. With its weight of 80 gram, it is very convenient to carry while travelling. It is very practical and is sure to be perfect for the babies.

  • Has better ergonomic design which makes it safer during use.
  • Made of ABS plastic and stainless steel, making them more durable.
  • It is good for the age range of 0-10 years and thus better for the long term.
  • The rounded tip might be safe, but it can also feel blunt and can make the work more difficult.

7) Kassy Pop 4-In-1 Baby Grooming Kit

KASSY POP CURATED JUST FOR YOU 4 pcs Baby Grooming Nail Care Set with Nail Clipper & Scissors for Newborn (White)

As babies move a lot, they can easily hurt themselves with their nails by scratching. Therefore the grooming of babies frequently is very important. The Kassy pop grooming set for babies comprises everything needed for a gentle and effective manicure and better grooming for the baby daily.

The set comprises 4 pieces, made of high-grade plastic and premium quality steel parts- a pair of baby scissors, a nail clipper, a nail file and tweezers- meant for a complete grooming experience for babies with no discomfort.

  • Allows the safe and gentle grooming of babies’ finger and toenails.
  • The kit is well constructed with good quality plastic and steel to ensure babies’ safety.
  • The build of the products also allows parents to handle them easily and makes the sensitive task easier and faster.
  • It comes with a specially shaped container for the individual pieces which allows easy storage and carrying.
  • It is perfect as a gift to new parents.
  • The product does not have a refund policy.


The summer infant grooming kit is an all in one kit that contains-medicine syringe, pacifier medicine dispenser, nasal aspirator, forehead thermometer, digital thermometer, emergency information card, nail clippers, emery boards, teether, gum massager, finger brush.

The inclusion of forehead thermometer is the best as it is more gentle and non-intrusive as well as quite accurate. Teether is also a useful addition. All the items to the kit can be used for a long time. The recommended age for the product is 0-4 years. The kit is very lightweight, easily portable and very easy to handle.

  • It is an all in one kit which will be useful for a long time.
  • Medicine syringe and medicine dispenser can help to measure and administer a proper dosage.
  • Emergency contacts are useful for urgent situations and quick reference.
  • The gum massager will help the baby to alleviate pain during teething.
  • Price is on higher side.

9) Syga 10 Pcs Baby Grooming Kit

SYGA Premium Quality 10 Pcs Health Care Kit for Newborn Baby Kids Nail Hair Thermometer Grooming Brush(Pink)

Comprising 10 of grooming products and health care products for babies, Syga Baby Grooming Kit is meant for the soft nails and cuticles of babies. The kit comprises a pair of baby safety nail clippers, a baby safety nail file, baby safety scissors and a baby safety forceps. All of these come with anti-slip handles, rounded tips and curved edges for precise and safe grooming of babies’ nails.

The kit also consists of nose cleaner, a finger toothbrush, hair comb, measuring dropping device and a thermometer. The kit is lightweight hence making it portable. The making of the products is of deluxe quality, keeping in mind the comfort of the baby. It is a handy and compact baby grooming kit perfect for babies from about 12 months onwards.

  • The materials used are very safe for babies.
  • The materials are silicon, BPA free plastic and stainless steel.
  • The forceps in the kit allows for the painless removal of mucous from babies’ noses.
  • The product is very lightweight and compact, which makes it easy to carry when travelling.
  • Some find that some of the products given are not necessary.


Considered a deluxe grooming kit the assortment contains a newborn cradle cap comb, gentle care brush and comb, toddler toothbrush, a nasal aspirator, bottle medicine dispenser, and 3-in-1 thermometer.

The kit comes with wrapping clutch case with compartments and is compact and small enough to be carried in a diaper bag. The kit comes with a limited warranty. The products are very durable. This comes with every essential a new parent will need for their baby.

  • Wrapping clutch case is provided to keep the things organized
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Products are small and compact, which creates a better portability option.
  • The products are very durable.
  • Users have had issues with the nail cutter.

Best Baby Grooming Kit – Buying Guide

When you become new parents, you will have any questions regarding the baby grooming. If you are wondering about how to get the right grooming kit for your baby, you have to consider many points. That said, we are presenting the point that requires consideration before processing the baby grooming product.


Before purchasing the growing product, always think about the safety of the baby. When purchasing the nail clipper for the scissors, you should not persist the ones that are too short. Sometimes, we tend to get distracted when sharpening the nails of the baby. It is advisable never to use scissors or nail clipper when grooming their kids.


When buying the grooming products for the baby, always look for the ones that are easy to carry when travelling. Get the one that can satisfy the need for portability. They become easy to carry, and you don’t have to lose them on the way.


Always look for the material that can make the product stand out. Some products are available at a low price but can only create disappointment. If you want to the right grooming kit, then avoid the ones that hold sharp portions and many tools and are available at the low prices. They won’t be working long enough.


Take into consideration the age of the baby before purchasing the growing product. The hairbrush of the three-year-old doesn’t fit for the three months newborn. Similar is the case in terms of buying the toothbrushes and combs. If you don’t want to waste money on the products, then research properly before buying.

Ease of cleaning

You shouldn’t ever look for something that isn’t easy to clean. Kids usually have delicate skin, and using the sharp object means troubles in the long run. Always process the grooming products that can quickly and easily groom. If you don’t look for the nasal aspirator that is available for an opening to clean and disinfect, then it is a waste of money.


Always look for the products that can come with the correct size for the baby. Always check the right side of the baby. Avoid making use of the large sizes that can work for the adult and aren’t vulnerable to hurting the baby.


You don’t have ever to spend a lot of money on the product. But, you can get the same item from some other source that can be working better for you. Always research and compare the prices without compromising with the quality.


Before purchasing the grooming product for the baby, always ask about how reliable the item is. You should also question whether or not it will be helpful for the baby. Make sure that the clipper can help in cutting the nails of the baby without any complications.


The most important thing to remember before buying any product for a baby is their safety. it requires carefully checking every product before using it on the baby. An important thing to keep in mind while purchasing grooming kit is the age of the baby. It is important because the material of the product differs for different age groups. Making sure that the products are easily cleanable is another significant factor as it is directly connected to the baby’s safety and hygiene.

Every product on the list may have some benefits. However, we find that the Summer Infant Grooming Kit is the best product to go for. The contents are very useful, not just for the newborn baby but also as the baby grow. It is a great kit for new parents as it will make their work easier and will be very safe for the baby.

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