Top 6 Best Baby Head Protectors In India 2021

Babies are the most vulnerable in the house. Anything that may seem safe can hurt the babies. The babies always keep crawling, walking, and playing with full enthusiasm. No one should arrest their activities, but should encourage them. Instead of stopping them from crawling or walking, we should take care of their safety. For protecting the most important body part, i.e., the head, we should use the baby head protectors. The baby head protectors are the best products that help you to keep your baby safe from any injuries that can affect the health of the babies. 

The babies always roam around the house, and many stumble on some dangerous stuff. Also, they can fall down on the head, injuring themselves. To prevent such issues and headaches, you should buy the best baby head protector helmet. With the best baby helmet, you can ensure that the baby stays safe. Using the head protector means that the baby can fall without any issues. The head protector gear for babies is made to minimize the damage or prevent the same. So, even after buying the best baby head protector, it’s your duty to keep an eye on the activities of the baby. 

As a parent, you should not compromise with the safety of your infant baby. To keep your baby safe, choosing the best baby head protector in India is the best thing you can do. You can find a lot of baby helmets, but you should not choose the one that entices you. Before buying the head protector for babies, you should do proper research. In this post, we are sharing the list of best baby head protectors in India that you can buy directly from the Amazon Marketplace. You don’t have to do manual research and surf the web spending hours for the best products. You’ll find all of the best products in the market on this list. 

6 Best Baby Head Protectors in India

1) KeepCare Baby Safety Helmet

Keepcare Baby Safety Helmet Blue,Pack of 1

If you prefer to believe in the masses, then the KeepCare Baby safety helmet is the best choice for your preferences. The KeepCare Baby Safety Helmet is one of the best seller baby head protectors on the Amazon India marketplace. It’s been trusted by thousands of parents and has a lot of positive reviews. It’s the ultimate head guard for the babies. The babies who crawl, walk, and play a lot, should always have the KeepCare baby safety helmet on the head. 

KeepCare helmets for babies are made with high-quality material. The material makes the product durable, safe, and good for the skin. It’s made with the specialized IXPE foam material. The foam is insulated with cotton material. So, the IXPE foam provides the softness, and the cotton covers the foam and acts as the exterior. With the soft and breathable material, it becomes easier for the babies to wear it comfortably on the head. 

The use of cotton and the special 3D mesh design provides the proper ventilation to this product. The KeepCare, baby safety helmet, is very child friendly, as it allows maximum air to flow in and out. This reduces the congestion and sweat formation after wearing the helmet for a long time. Due to the same, babies can easily wear this helmet, and it doesn’t cause any irritation on the skin. 

If your baby is eight months to five years old, you can use this product without any issues. The adjustable straps make it easier to adjust to the babies of different ages. Even though the straps are not that strong, they can be used to adjust the tightness of the helmet. The product is available in three color options. The Red, Blue, and the one with Apple prints are available on the Amazon marketplace. Nothing to worry about the pricing, as it’s very affordable. 

  • Manufacturer Guarantees Ultimate safety for the babies. Prevents Fall Injury to the head. 
  • This product is made with High-quality IXPE foam and cotton insulation. 
  • The special mesh design makes this product breathable and comfortable to wear. 
  • It is a lightweight head protector for babies. Babies won’t find it irritated wearing it for a long time. 
  • The Nylon strips for adjustments are not that strong. Also, Nylon material is not comfortable at all. 
  • The foam material doesn’t absorb sweat.

2) DearJoy Baby Safety Helmet

DearJoy Baby Safety Helmet with Corner Guard used as Baby Head Protector + Kneepads (Uri Green)

As the babies may crawl or walk anywhere in the house, there is the chance of fall injury to the head. To prevent the same, it is useful to wear the DearJoy Baby safety helmet. The DearJoy baby safety helmet is very suitable for the kids of eight months to five years of age. The adjustable straps make it easy to adjust and fit on the head. With the stretchable material, it adjusts perfectly on any head size. So, if your baby grows fast, you can still use this safety helmet without any issues. 

DearJoy baby safety helmet is a very lightweight helmet. It’s made with the specialized IXPE foam. The foam is very lightweight, and it absorbs any external shocks very easily. If the baby falls on the head, the IXPE foam absorbs all the shock and protects the baby from the injuries. For covering the foam, the manufacturer has used the 100% cotton. The cotton ensures the breathability and also provides comfort. Unlike other fabrics, the cotton is very comfortable to wear, and it is soft. So, the babies won’t find it irritating to wear this helmet while playing, walking, or even crawling. 

The special design makes this product stand out from the crowd. With the special mesh style design, the proper air ventilation is maintained. Due to the same, the babies won’t feel suffocated or get sweaty after using the helmet. In short, it’s a full-proof baby head protector that you should not ignore. If we look at the pricing point, the DearJoy Baby safety helmet comes with an affordable price tag, so you don’t have to worry about overspending on the baby head protector. 

  • The entire product weighs only 65 grams. Very lightweight. 
  • They are made with specialized IXPE Foam, which absorbs the fall shock very well.
  • The breathable design makes it easier for the babies to wear the helmet for a long time. 
  • Suitable for the babies of 8 months to kids of 5 years of age. 
  • This is only the helmet. You won’t get safety for the neck. 
  • Even with the breathable design, it may cause heavy sweat formation.  

3) DaKos Baby Toddlers Head Protector

DaKos Baby Toddlers Head Protector for Baby Walkers (Age 4-15 Months)�Beetle (Red & White)

If you are looking for a comfortable baby head protector, then this is the first thing you should check out. The DaKos Baby toddlers’ head protector is very useful for the infants. It’s an all-in-one head protector for babies, which provides safety and comfort at the same time. It’s suitable for the toddlers, so they will not have any problems while walking or even crawling on the floor. The holding straps of the DaKos Baby toddlers head protector is very similar to that of the school bag. So, it’s easier to equip the protector. It’s very comfortable for the kids, so there won’t be any issues with irritation and comfort. 

The DaKos baby head protector is made with Cotton and Flannel material. The same material combination provides the softness and absorbs all the shocks from fall or hitting anything with ease. The combination provides the necessary softness, which the babies love the most. This is not just a baby head protector but works as the back protector. With the unique design, it is suitable for protecting the head, as well as the back of the babies. 

So, after wearing this head protector product, the babies can lie down comfortably. Also, the product protects babies from any backside head fall injuries. Not just that, but it will protect the babies from fall damage to the back. As the Cotton and Flannel material is filled inside, it absorbs the shock optimally. If your baby is an infant or toddler, i.e., of the age of four months to fifteen months, then this is the best product for baby safety. The DaKos baby head protector is available in Yellow White, Red White, and Blue Bee designs. Also, the pricing of the product is very affordable, so as a parent, you would find it a great deal. 

  • The product is made with Cotton and Flannel for comfort and safety. 
  • Soft Holding straps provide ultimate comfort with no irritation feeling to the babies. 
  • It’s available three design options, i.e., Yellow White, Red White, and Blue bee. 
  • The fabric and the stuffing are not breathable. Wearing it for a long time may cause babies to sweat a lot. 
  • The head protector is not fixed in one place. It may dislocate if the baby crawls or walks a lot in the house. 
  • Overall weight is 200 grams, which is very heavy for the infants. 

4) Kiddale Baby Head Protector for Crawling

Kiddale Baby Head, Neck and Back Protector for Safety- Soft Baby Helmet Guard for Child, Infant Toddler, Safety Protection During Crawling - Blue

If the safety of the baby is your first priority, then the Kiddale Baby head protector is the best thing. With the full proof protection to the baby, you can ensure the ultimate safety. It comes with the breathable and soft stuffing, for the comfort of the babies. The same stuffing makes it the fluffiest baby head protector, which effectively protects the baby from any shocks or fall injuries. Unlike the other products, the Kiddale Baby head protector comes with a lot of features. 

The best thing about the Kiddale Baby head protector for crawling is that it doesn’t only protect the head, but also protects the Back, Neck and the ears, with the soft pads on both sides, it covers the ears and prevents any injury to the same. On the head, it comes with a soft protection pillow. The head protection pillow saves babies from fall injuries. Also, due to the same, kids can sleep on the floor as the fall pillow works like the normal fluffy pillow. 

The stuffing is of the soft and thick cotton. The 100% pure cotton makes it the safest product for babies. As the babies might have allergies to other materials, the use of the cotton material eliminates the risk of the same. The safety straps are very comfortable, as they are retractable and adjustable. The straps are filled with soft cotton, so it works like a cushion for the babies. As the entire baby head protector is made with the cotton, you can easily wash it. Although the manufacturer recommends the dry cleaning, you can easily clean this baby head protector with the water and dry cleaning. It still comes at affordable pricing even after having a ton of features. 

  • The Kiddale Baby Head protector ensures full-proof safety.
  • It’s made with 100% pure soft and thick cotton. 
  • It provides the safety to Head, Back, Neck, and Cheeks of the baby with ease. 
  • The retractable and adjustable straps make it easier to adjust the fitting according to the comfort. 
  • The product weighs a lot, so it might be a bit heavy for a baby. 
  • The straps can become uncomfortable after using the head protector for a long time. 

5) DearJoy Baby Head Protector

DearJoy Baby Head Protector (Green)

For all-around head and neck protection, the DearJJoy Baby head protector is the best option. We’ve already covered the DearJoy baby helmet, and now is the time to check out the head protector. This baby protector ring is soft and fluffy. It won’t irritate your baby after wearing it for a long time. Not just that, the adjustable strap is so ergonomic and filled with pure cotton, which makes it comfortable for long time use. 

The head protector ring is filled with the cotton, so it is very soft. The head protector is placed on a distance from the head, so it’s not always attached to the head. Even if it’s used as the pillow when babies are lying on the floor, the breathable cotton construction allows it to prevent the sweat formation. Even if the babies do sweat, the cotton absorbs the same. Along with the same, you can be sure that the fluffy cotton head protector ring absorbs all the fall shock and prevents any injury to the head. 

The head ring is attached to the soft pillow, which is there to protect the back. As the back and the neck is vulnerable too, the pillow protects them from the unforeseen injuries. As it’s made with the cotton, you should not worry about the weight of this product. It’s a lightweight product and weighs like feathers. So, the babies won’t complain about the heaviness or discomfort after wearing it.

If you have the baby of four months to fifteen months old, then you would find this product suitable. The adjustable and comfortable strap makes it easier for the parents to adjust the fitting. For the babies, the product is available in Green and Pink colors. If you are worried about the pricing, then don’t worry at all. It’s very affordable and available in the Amazon marketplace.

  • Ergonomic Straps of this head protector are comfortable to wear it for a long time.
  • Washable fabric makes it easier to take care of hygiene. The manufacturer advises the dry cleaning of this product. 
  • The high-Quality material used in the construction makes it safe to use for kids. 
  • According to the reviews, the product is not so durable. It wears off within a few months of usage.
  • There is no side protection to protect the ears and cheeks. 

6) Orpio Cotton Baby Head Protector

Orpio (Lable) Cotton Baby Head Protector Baby Toddlers Head Safety Pad Cushion Baby Back Protection Prevent Toddlers Injured (Multicolour)

If the quality of the product is what you want, then the Orpio Cotton baby head protector is the best product for your needs. This product is fully made with pure cotton material, so it’s of high quality. The circle shape head protector is quite great, as it provides the proper ventilation. Also, it doesn’t always touch the head of the baby. So, it will not be the reason behind the discomfort.

The Orpio Cotton baby head protector is quite good for long time use. If you are living your baby for playing, walking, or crawling alone, then you should opt for this product. It provides soft and cushiony protection while performing the activities. To attach this product to the baby, it comes with the nylon straps. The nylon straps are adjustable, but they are not comfortable at all. With only the nylon material, this will be irritating to the babies. Also, the straps are not filled with the cotton or foam material to provide comfort. So, it will not be a comforting product for the babies, at least for the first few days. 

The product is multipurpose, so you can use it as the head and back protector and also as the pillows. The babies, after playing a lot, can sleep comfortably wearing the same protector. For those who love to check the color options, you will find it in the Yellow and White, Blue and White and Pink and white color combination. Considering the feature set, the pricing is very affordable for every class of people. 

  • This product is made with high-quality pure cotton. 
  • As it’s made with cotton, you can wash it easily without any issues.
  • If your babies are four to fifteen months old, then you will find this product suitable. 
  • The Nylon straps are adjustable, but not comfortable at all.
  • The product weighs over 160 grams. So, it will be much heavier for the infants. 

Final Words 

Back in the days, the parents were always keeping an eye on the babies. Nowadays, due to work pressure, it’s not possible for the parents to take care of the babies. As the babies have no idea of the good and bad things, they may injure themselves accidentally. To prevent such accidents and the issues, you should always prefer choosing the best baby protectors in India. With the best baby head protectors, you don’t have to worry about the safety of the baby. The head protector will prevent any injury to the head of the baby. 

Don’t always rely on the baby head protector products available in the market. It’s better to surf the web and find the best products that are suitable according to your needs. To help the concerned parents, we’ve collected the list of the best baby head protectors in India. With these products, you don’t have to worry about the safety of the babies. All you have to do is to check out the best baby head protectors from this list and choose the best one that suits your needs and the budget. 

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