Top 10 Best Baby Nail Scissors Clippers In India

Cutting the nails of babies can be quite a tough task due to small size and also extremely soft and delicate skin. You should make sure to cut the nails precisely without slicing the baby’s skin. But good quality baby nail scissors clippers can help you to a great extent thus reducing the stress and ensuring the safety of the skin of the babies as well.  But, the main task is finding such a good quality baby nail clippers which can meet your requirements for your baby.

Well, this could be a super hectic task if you have chosen to surf around all online sites conventionally with an extreme level of time consumption. Thus we are here to help you with the most selective range of top 10 best babies Nail clippers ranked based on their performance, precision, handling convenience, etc. All you have to do is to go through the separate reviews and find the most suitable ones for your requirements without much time consumption.

Top 10 Best Baby Nail Scissors Clippers 2021

1) NEPEE Baby Nail Clipper

NEPEE Baby Nail Clipper Safety Cutter Toddler Infant Scissor Manicure Pedicure Care Kit Multicolour (Set 4)

A sharp baby nail clipper with a safety feature infused in it is probably the best choice for your baby. This Nail Clipper from NEPEE ticks off all your requirements with its precision nail cutting option and reliable safety features. The sharp clipper reduces the cutting frequency for your baby and can save a lot of time as well.

The well-engineered design of this clipper can help you cut the baby nails faster before the baby knows about it and moves impatiently. The blunt head design ensures the safety of the baby skin with the reliable plastic handled baby scissors favorable for both finger and toenails. Easy and precise maneuvering followed by the convenient handling makes it the best baby nail scissor and clipper kit.

  • Quick nail cutting with good precision
  • Blunt head design for enhanced safety features
  • Good ergonomics even in motion
  • Easy and accurate maneuvering with sharp clippers
  • Utmost care should be taken while cutting the nails as even the blunt head safety feature can’t stop from slicing off the baby skin

2) FOK Baby Safety Nail Scissor with a circular cutter

LuvLap Baby Grooming Scissors & Nail Clipper Set/Kit, Manicure Set, 4pcs, White, 0m+

Safety is probably the topmost concern while using sharp things on the baby’s nails. This Safety nail scissor from FOK for babies is simply the best baby nail scissor while considering safety as the topmost factor. This scissor shaped nail clipper is specially designed for small nails of the infants and kids and can effortlessly cut the nails without any extra efforts.

This scissor is perfect for a newborn with a short and easy holding base that provides complete control of the scissor. The plastic grip is quite reliable while in motion while the cover that comes with the scissor can protect the blades when not in use. This can be a good choice for your baby nails if you are looking for a safe baby nail scissor which can be under your complete control while handling.

  • Good grip for handling and maneuvering over the baby nails
  • Short and easy to handle while cutting small baby nails
  • Safety based design with full control
  • Stainless steel for safety and comes with a cover
  • Scissor shaped design requires consistency in handling but safety features and gripping is quite impressive

3) SYGA Baby, Infant and Toddler Grooming kit

SYGA Baby Nail Clippers Set with Scissors 2 Piece Safety Suit,Best Grooming Kit Baby Shower Gift for Girls and Boys, Newborn, Infant and Toddler(Blue)

These baby Nail Scissors come with the whole grooming kit required for the baby from manicure to pedicure and grooming as well. The nail clippers included in the box have sharp stainless blades that can work well for both fingernails and toenails of infants and toddlers.

When it comes to ergonomics, you can just take the fear of slicing the baby skin out of your mind. Rounded tips, curved edges, and fine blades altogether make a safety centric clipper which won’t cause any kind of discomfort to your baby from any aspect. The best thing about these grooming sets is that you can get fingernail clippers, scissors, nail files, and tweezer as well.

  • Comes with the whole baby grooming set
  • The whole set is made from good materials and mostly ABS grade plastic
  • Comes with a stand to preserve all the kit
  • Different color options are available and are perfect for a baby of all ages
  • Care should be taken while cutting the baby nails as the safety features are limited in any grooming kit

4) GOCART with G LOGO New Born Baby Safety Nail Scissors

GOCART WITH G LOGO New Born Baby Safety Nail Scissors with Circular Cutter Head (Pink)

All the baby care tools are included in this GOCART package which makes it enlisted in the most preferred best nail scissors for babies. This baby care tool kit comes with Safety scissors, tweezers, Nail files etc. which are best suited for newborn babies.

One of the best things about the Safety Nail scissors and tools from GOCART is the fact that all of them are made from ABS grade plastic and stainless steel. This ensures the safety of the baby’s skin with good ergonomic design and round tips as well. The clippers are safe to use with a good level of convenience. The design and materials used in the build of this clipper depict the workmanship and precise dimension included in manufacturing.

  • Comes with all grooming kit for babies
  • Specially designed for newborn babies
  • Built with incredible safety measures in design for handling and cutting as well
  • The baby tweezer which comes with the package is also specially designed to keep your baby toes and fingers safe
  • The scissors or design won’t hurt your baby skin but you should keep safety in mind while maneuvering the sharp blades over the nails.

5) U-GROW Nail Clipper

U-GROW Protective Baby Nail Clipper Cutter with Skin Guard (Blue)

Nail Clippers from U-GROW is probably one of the best preferences from the available options in the market. Both safety and comfort of the users are taken into consideration in this compelling design which makes it a good choice. Starting from a grip ring that enables the easy operation to the easy to clean body which can be demounted, every feature in this clipper is quite appreciable.

Additionally, the sizes of the clippers are perfect for handling and using it on the baby nails. It is safe with all BPA free and non-toxic materials used in it. You can use those clippers easily with a little bit of concentration towards the baby nails while cutting and maneuvering.

  • Ease of cleaning with detachable parts
  • Good grip ring for perfect handling while cutting the baby nails
  • Perfect size to suit any fingers and easy to control
  • Feasible operation with all BPA and non-toxic materials used in it
  • Care should be taken while performing the clipping operation on baby nails as more force on the handle can take it closer to the baby skin

6) Mee Mee Gentle Nail Clipper

Mee Mee Gentle Nail Clipper with Magnifier (White/Orange)

This Gentle Nail clipper from Mee Mee takes the safety of the baby skin to a whole new level. This clipper comes with a Magnifier so that you can see baby nails easily while cutting. You can get the best close up vision possible while cutting the nails so that the blades can’t even touch the skin of your baby.

The Grip handle of this Mee Mee Nail clipper is also the best with round edges so that you can control your hand moments while cutting little nails. Besides, premium quality stainless steel blades are used to cut the nails with precision and save a lot of time as well.

  • Premium quality stainless steel blades are used for precise cutting
  • The magnifying glass is probably the best feature for better visual of tiny nails
  • The handle has good grips with rounded edges for better control
  • The whole clipper is perfectly sized for the tiny nails of newborn babies
  • Although the magnifying glasses make it

7) Kassy Pop Baby Manicure Set

KASSY POP Baby Manicure Set, 4-in-1 Baby Grooming Kit with Baby Nail, Scissor, File and Tweezer (Purple)

This baby manicure set from Kassy Pop is one of the safest solutions for the sharp baby nails. You can get everything required for the baby manicure in this package. It includes an efficient nail clipper, scissors, files, and tweezers as well. A cute case is also packed in this which can store the whole kit safe and sound.

The clippers included in this manicure set from Kassy Pop have rounded tips and curved edges which ensure a good level of safety while cutting. Blades are also quite fine so that baby won’t feel any pain. Besides, the metal parts are made of stainless steel which can cut the sharp nails precisely while being completely under your control.

  • Good safety features in clippers for both handling and cutting
  • Handles are made of ABS grade plastic which is safe and tough as well
  • All kinds of manicure items are included in this pack
  • Comes with a good case
  • Should be completely under your control with rounded edges and good grip but you should take care while cutting small baby nails

8) REHTRAD Nail Kit

REHTRAD Nail Kit, 4-in-1 Baby Nail Grooming Care Set, with Case, Baby Nail Clippers, Scissor, Nail File & Tweezer, Baby Manicure Kit and Pedicure kit for Newborn, Infant & Toddler (Green)

A whole baby nail kit with an efficient clipper that provides good control of your hands and provides a precision cutting is surely the most preferable choice. This Nail Kit from REHTRAD is one such kit that contains all kinds of manicure items such as nail file, tweezer, nail clippers, and scissors as well.

The matte design of clippers is user friendly and can be used effortlessly while cutting the tiny nails of a newborn baby. High-quality materials are used in all tools available in the kit and the stainless steel included in the materials is completely rustproof. Furthermore, all the products are non-toxic and durable which makes it one of the best baby clippers and scissors.

  • Many color options are available
  • Comes with a whole baby manicure kit
  • Made of stainless steel and rustproof materials
  • One button design of the baby care kit which easily rotates and trims baby nails without scratches
  • Proper attention should be paid while cutting baby nails as they are tiny although the clippers are designed especially for small babies

9) Chicco Baby Nail Scissor

Chicco Baby Scissors (Light Blue)

Baby Nail Scissor can be the best only when it is accompanied by a good ergonomics and perfect design to cut tiny nails of babies. Stainless steel is used in these baby nail scissors which makes the cutting precise being completely under the control of the user.

A curved blade with rounded ends ensures good safety for the baby as well as the handler. The scissors are available with cover to protect the blades when not in use. Rounded ends of the scissors also ensure complete safety to the baby’s skin while cutting.

  • Rounded edges for additional safety
  • Stainless steel blades for precision
  • Comes with a case for keeping the scissors when not in use
  • These scissors should be used only when the nails of the babies are visible

10) VIBON Green Rabbit Shape Baby Manicure kit

VIBON Green Rabbit Shape Baby Manicure Kit,Safe Baby Nail Clipper,Scissors,Tweezers and Nail File(5Pcs),Baby Nail Care Set for Newborn,Infant,Toddler,Kids

A cute looking baby manicure kit can be a good addition to your baby care kit. This rabbit shape baby manicure kit from Vibon is one such product that can merge perfectly with your baby care kit from all aspects.

Besides, you can get two types of scissors, one with long blades and one with short blades for babies over 3 months and newborn respectively. All of them come with anti-slip handles so that they can be completed under the control of the users. Tweezers are also included in the pack with anti-slip bumps for enhanced safety.

  • Scissors for babies of different ages
  • Comes with anti-slip handles
  • Comfortable grips for better handling
  • Rounded tip for safety while usage
  • Although these scissors are made especially for the babies of specific ages, you should attempt for cutting nails only if they are visible

Buying Guide for Nail Clippers

Cutting babies’ nails can be an intense job because of their small size and incredibly delicate and sensitive skin. It will help if you try to cut the nails cautiously without cutting the child’s skin. The primary thing is finding a decent quality infant nail trimmers, which can meet your requirements for your infant.

New-born nails are very soft during the initial few weeks. So doctors recommend using a nail file. Biting or tearing your baby’s nails is undoubtedly not an option. Once your baby’s nails are a bit healthier, you can switch to clippers or scissors. Since your little one’s fingernails grow very fast, it is essential to trim them twice a week to avoid scratches all over their face. You would prefer not to get a sharp pair of infant nail scissors that can end up cutting your child’s delicate skin or obtuse trimmers that will make your work even more troublesome.

Let us see the comprehensive buyer’s guide, which will help you choose the best product for your baby.

LED Light

If you are contemplating buying nail clippers for the little one, you might want to go for the one with led light. Light will give you clear vision and check whether you are cutting your child’s delicate skin or nail. You will have the option of cutting your child’s nail at night while she is sleeping. 

Battery Power

Some parents would not prefer using anything sharp to trim their baby’s nails. The best option is to go for battery operated nail trimmer. It might be referred to as a nail trimmer, but it is an electronic nail filer. These trimmers are compact and suitable for travel use.

Magnifying Lenses

Another option is you can go for nail clippers with a magnifying glass. It will enable you to have a closer view of your baby’s nails while cutting them. These types of clippers come with round edges and also have a comfortable grip handle. These types of nail clippers will ensure that you do not nick your baby’s soft skin accidentally.

Fun Designs

You should prefer buying clippers that are colorful or have cartoon characters or other fun designs on it. So when your child grows up a bit, it will not be a tense affair to get the nails trimmed. The fun design will motivate your child to do the task themselves. 

Emery Boards

There are some trimmers or clippers in the market which come with the emery board. It is quite useful to smoothen the rough edges after cutting the nails. The rough nail edges can scratch your baby’s face. While buying emery boards, you should check that it is gentle on your baby’s skin. You should also select a file with a thin width, as this will help to file your baby’s nails with ease. 

Large Handles

Babies, while they are awake, they are always moving their hands and feet. So select a clipper with a large handle and also that provides a firm grip. This is sure to reduce your struggle to an extent. 

Round Tip

Round tipped scissors are also perfect for your new-born if you do not want to buy clippers. Scissors provide you more control and help you trim your baby’s nails with much ease and faster. 

Spy Holes

Another option is the clippers with spy holes. The safety spy holes help you to see precisely what you are snipping. The curved edges cut smoothly like scissors; however, it has a handle of clippers. 

Durability and Affordability

While selecting a nail grooming kit or clippers for your child, always look for the product’s durability. We all have a set budget to buy things. You would not want to buy the same product again and again because it did not last long. So select the product that suits your pocket and, at the same time, do not compromise on the quality. 

Cutting nails can be a tense affair for both parents and babies. Markets are flooded with different types of baby grooming products. The above buyer’s guide is sure to help you choose a sharp nail clipper for your baby. So buy the best nail clipper and enjoy parenthood. 


Cutting baby nails should be given utmost focus by parents as a small mistake can slice off the soft skin of babies. The baby clippers mentioned above are built keeping safety and comfort in mind which is why they are safe to be chosen from every perspective.

Mee Mee Gentle Nail Clipper can be a safe choice due to the presence of a magnifying glass which makes the nail visible. But, you can choose the best nail clippers that suit your baby requirements from the above-mentioned product easily.

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