Top 6 Best Baby Pillows in India 2020

Taking care of a newborn baby is very essential. As babies are very sensitive to any pressure, they always face a lot of problems. As a parent, you have to take care of a lot of things for your baby. From buying clothes, cribs, toys, bedding, and many other things, you can take care of baby comfort. Well, the baby pillows are also important for taking care of the neck and the head. As the head of the babies is little soft, any impact or the constant pressure on one side may cause the baby head deformities like the flathead. 

It’s essential to prevent such issues and take care of the babies. What’s better than buying the best baby pillows in India, that you can easily find on the Amazon marketplace. If you are assuming that the babies can sleep on the regular pillow that you sleep regularly, then you are wrong. The baby pillows are made for the baby requirements. Most of them are extremely soft, which prevents any baby head deformities with ease. That’s why it is essential to buy the baby head protection pillows that you can find in the market. 

As a parent, it’s your duty to buy the best baby care products from the market. In this case, you have to do the proper research and buy the best baby pillow for your baby. Well, there is no need to spend your valuable time researching on the internet. In this post, we’ve listed a few best baby pillows in India, that you can buy from the Amazon India marketplace. All you have to do is to check the list of the best baby pillows in India and choose the best one that suits your needs. 

6 Best Baby Pillows In India 2020

#1 – Kradyl Kroft 5-in-1 Baby Pillow 

Kradyl Kroft 5-in-1 Baby Pillow 

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Kradyl Kroft 5-in-1 baby feeding pillow is one of the best-seller products on the Amazon marketplace. It’s a comfortable pillow specially made for the baby support while the parents are feeding the babies. The product comes with a comfortable bed, which holds the baby while any of the parents are feeding the,. The product is made with hypoallergenic, TerraFirma near down Microfibre fabric. 

Kradyl Kroft baby pillow is one of the best products, as it’s made with the soft and silky material fabric. Also, it comes with the soft Polyfill filling, which makes the pillow supple and soft. The exterior fabric and filling are hypoallergenic, which prevents any kind of allergies in the baby while they are sleeping on it. It’s commonly used when the parents are feeding the babies. But, you can use it as the normal sleeping pillow to support the head of the babies. 

This product is comfortable for baby feeding, baby propping, tummy rolls, and even as the backrest. Due to these many uses, we consider it as the best multipurpose baby pillow from Kradyl Kroft. If your baby is of 0-12 months of age, then this is the best pillow for your needs. Although the filling material is quite low, you may have to buy another pillow after six months of age as it wears out pretty quickly. You don’t have to worry about the pricing as it’s affordable for most of the Indian parents. 


  • This baby pillow is easy and comfortable for the baby and the mom while she is feeding the baby.
  • It’s made with Hypoallergic material, which prevents any kind of allergies to the baby.
  • Having multiple uses makes it one of the best seller products in the market. 


  • The Waist belt which holds the baby while parents are feeding them is quite loose. The manufacturer has used the low-quality elastic material. 

#2 – PIKIPOO Newborn Soft Head Support Pillow 

PIKIPOO Newborn Soft Head Support Pillow 

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If you want the ultimate head support pillow for your newborn, the PIKIPOO Newborn soft head support pillow is the best. As most of the babies may get flat head syndrome, it’s essential to choose a comfortable pillow for them. With the specialized head support for babies, it becomes easier for them to sleep without any issues. This C-shaped pillow is filled with the mustard seeds in the middle part. The mustard seeds protect the baby from flat surfaces and provide the necessary support. Most people in the old days used to fill the fabric with mustard seeds and use it as the baby head support. The PIKIPOO pillow has used the same technique.

There are two parts to this pillow. The middle part is filled with mustard seeds, and the outer part is filled with 100% pure cotton. So, the pillow is soft and safe for the babies. It’s suitable for the newborns and infants between 0-9 months. You might use it for the older babies, but that might not be comfortable for the baby itself. On the exterior, the PIKIPOO Newborn soft pillow has high-quality fabric. The fabric is of high-quality and feels soft to touch.

The best thing about this product is that the fabric used as the pillow cover is breathable. So, there is very little chance that the babies will get sweaty while they are sleeping. But in rare cases, if that happens, the pillow fabric immediately soaks all the sweat without any issues. The PIKIPOO Baby head support pillow is fully made in India, so you don’t have to worry about the quality. Also, it’s not overpriced like the other imported products, so everyone can afford the same. 


  • The mustard filling provides ultimate support to the baby head. Prevents flat head syndrome.
  • The breathable high-quality exterior fabric absorbs the sweat immediately.


  • The Stitching of the middle part is not good. The Mustard seeds may leak due to bad stitch work. 

# 3- CircleDay Baby Head Shaping Protection Pillow 

CircleDay Baby Head Shaping Protection Pillow 

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The CircleDay Baby Head shaping protection pillow is pretty beautiful, as it comes in the bear shape. The pillow is suitable for infants, and they will definitely love sleeping on it. This is a super soft and supple pillow, which comes with the bamboo memory foam. As it has the memory foam, it’s pretty soft and breathable. The main aim of this product is to provide ample support to the baby’s head to protect it from the flathead system. Due to the super-soft memory foam, it’s quite easy for the baby to get a comfortable sleep. 

The CircleDay baby head protection pillow can be used anywhere. You can use this pillow in a baby crib, bed, car seat, stroller, or any other place where you want to use it to protect the baby. The best thing is that this baby pillow is very useful in protecting the baby from the flat head syndrome. The memory foam absorbs the baby head weight and adjusts according to the face shape. So, the baby will not have a flat head even after sleeping on the sides. 

The bamboo memory foam used in this product is highly breathable. The CircleDay Baby pillow provides a cool feeling to the baby as the foam is breathable. The only issue we’ve encountered with this product is that it does not come with the pillow cover, so it may get dirty. Fortunately, this pillow is fully washable, so you don’t have to worry about the hygiene issues. Another thing that bothered us is pricing. It’s quite an expensive product when compared to the other baby pillows available in the market. So, you should make the decision according to your budget. 


  • The pillow is super soft and has the Bamboo Memory foam that’s breathable. 
  • This product is usable in Crib, Bed, Car Seat, Stroller, and many other places. 
  • Using this baby pillow will help you prevent Flatheads in the babies. 


  • This baby pillow is very expensive compared to other similar products. 
  • It’s hollow in the middle. So, the ear of the baby may touch the bed or ground while sleeping sideways.

#4 – A Baby Cherry Baby Pillow

A Baby Cherry Baby PillowBuy From Amazon

A Baby Cherry Baby pillow is one of the softest pillows that we can find in the market. It’s made with the proper blend of the organic combed cotton and also the polyester fibers. The exterior fabric is pure cotton, which is hypoallergenic and also provides ultimate softness. The 3D air mesh design provides the cooling effect, which makes this pillow more comfortable for the babies. Due to the cooling effect, the babies sweat very less even in the humid and hot conditions. The cotton is breathable, so it automatically absorbs the sweat and protects the babies from any kind of skin issues. 

A Baby cherry pillow is perfect for the newborns and the infants. The newborn babies require the proper support for the neck and the head, so the soft cushioning effect makes it very effective for the parents to provide proper support to the neck and head of the baby. According to the manufacturer, this pillow has an ergonomic structure. The ergonomic structure provides the head, neck, and even the spine support. Also, the babies can sleep sideways without any issues with spine alignment or flat head syndrome. Due to this, most of the doctors recommend using this pillow in India. 

The only issue about this product is that the pillow cover is made with the 100& pure combed cotton, which provides the softness. But the filling is of the polyester, which consists of the majority of this pillow. Due to the same, the parents might find this pillow unsuitable for the babies, as polyester is nothing but the form of plastic, which is dangerous for the babies to wear and sleep on. Nonetheless, it’s super soft, comfortable, and also affordable for almost all of the Indian parents. 


  • The pillow cover is made with Allergen-Free Organic Cotton material.
  • 3D Air mesh Structure provides breathability to the product and the cooling effect.
  • This pillow has an ergonomic structure, which provides the ultimate head, neck, and spine support to the babies. 


  • The cotton material is used outside for the pillow cover. The majority is filled with polyester fibers. 

#5 – DearJoy Baby Elephant Pillow 

DearJoy Baby Elephant Pillow 

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DearJoy Baby Elephant pillow is one of the best types of baby pillows that you can buy from the market. As the name suggests, this pillow is shaped like an elephant, so it’s multipurpose. The babies will definitely love this uniquely shaped pillow. The DearJoy baby pillow has multiple uses. It’s suitable as the baby pillow, baby backrest, toy, and even as the home decor item. So, you can use it anytime and anywhere you want. 

The DearJoy baby elephant pillow is made with non-toxic and soft Nylex material. The exterior is in grey color and feels like the velvet on touch. The inside is filled with the Nylex fiber materials, so it becomes easier for the babies to feel comfortable while playing with this pillow or sleeping on it. If you are buying it with the sole purpose of letting the babies sleep, then it’s only good for the infants. The grown-ups will find this pillow a bit flat, due to the special design that is only suitable for the newborns and infants for the safe head support. As a parent, you should take additional care as this is not an ergonomic product, so you should keep an eye on the posture of the baby while sleeping to prevent head and neck support. 

The big issue with this DearJoy baby pillow is that it’s not washable at all. You cannot wash this product by hand or even in the washing machine. To clean any dirt on this product, you have to use the wet pipes, which are not efficient in cleaning on the velvet-feel material. The pricing of this product is perfect as per the features it offers. So, you should not worry about overspending on this elephant-shaped baby pillow from DearJoy. 


  • The exterior fabric is super soft and provides a velvet-feel to the touch. 
  • The elephant baby pillow is filled with Non-toxic and soft Nylex fiber materials.
  • It’s a multipurpose product that works as the Head Pillow, Backrest, Baby toy, and even as the home decor item.


  • The DearJoy baby pillow is not washable at all. You should use the wet wipes for cleaning any kind of dust and dirt.
  • It’s not made for the toddlers, as they may find it a bit flat. 

#6 – The White Willow Baby Pillow 

The White Willow Baby Pillow 

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The White Willow Baby pillow looks fancy from the outside, enticing the parents to buy this for their baby. The White Willow pillow is made with a non-toxic special soft memory foam, which is the best product for providing head and neck support. As it’s high-quality memory foam, the baby will not face any issues while sleeping on the same. It’s very comfortable to sleep on this baby pillow for the baby. There is a 12-degrees inclination on this pillow, which provides support for the neck and head by elevating the same at a proper angle. This is the best feature of this pillow, as it’s ergonomic structure prevents any kind of neck strains and flat head syndrome in babies. 

The White Willow Baby Pillow comes with the hypoallergenic, washable cover. The pillow cover is washable, spill-proof, and even with anti-skid marks. The pillow cover provides the memory foam all the protection from dirt, dust, and grime that may cause the hygiene issues. This product is useful as the crib pillow for babies of 0-12 months of age. You can use it for the toddlers and grown-ups, but that might not be comfortable for them in certain cases. 

The best thing about this product is that it has orthopedic benefits. It provides optimal support for the head, neck, and spine. So, it will help maintain the baby’s stay in a comfortable posture while sleeping on the sides. The only thing that is not good about this product is the price tag. It’s a very expensive product, which you should think twice before purchasing it only due to the price tag.


  • This pillow is made with SPecial Non-toxic memory foam for comfort.
  • This product has a 12-degree angle for proper head and neck elevation. 
  • The washable, spill-proof, and Anti-skid cover provides protection to the memory foam pillow.


  • The pillow cover is made with synthetic material. So, it may be allergic to babies. 
  • It’s an expensive product compared to other similar products in the market. 

Final Words 

The babies are very delicate and vulnerable to any external impact. It’s not ideal for letting them sleep on the homemade pillows, as that might cause the head deformities and the spinal issues. So, it’s essential to choose the best baby pillows in India for your baby. The ultimate head support when they are infants, will prevent any future health issues. So, if you are willing to have the best health for your baby, then you should not ignore the baby pillows.

For the busy and concerned parents, researching for the best product is not possible. That’s why we’ve done the in-depth research and found the best baby pillows for feeding, sleeping, backrest, and many other activities. These best baby pillows in India are suitable for the different age groups and with different features. All you have to do is to check out the list and choose the best product that suits all your needs. 

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