10 Best Baby Play Mats In India

As a parent, the safety and the comfort of your baby is your primary responsibility. You must place your toddler at a place that is safe enough so that they cannot fall from it. You cannot make your babysit on the floor, as they will be affected by the germs and bacteria, causing rashes and skin problems.

The best solution, therefore, is to buy your baby a best play mat. These products are totally in vogue now, and they are very much comfortable to sit on. The best part is, you can place it at any corner of your house and your baby will be protected from the risks of falling down or getting affected by germs. Some of the play mats are designed, that your baby can play with it and learn something from the texts written.

So, have a look at the top 10 best play mats in India based on product reviews, performance, durability, and other key factors. You can compare one with another in this list and get the best one for your baby.

Top 10 Best Play Mats In India 2021

1) RYLAN Double Sided Waterproof Baby Mat

RYLAN Double Sided Water Proof Baby Mat Carpet Baby Crawl Play Mat Kids Infant Crawling Play Mat Carpet Baby Gym Water Resistant Baby Play & Crawl Mat(Large Size - 6 Feet X 4 Feet)

Looking to give a soft cushioned mat to your baby that is also waterproof? Then this one is the best for your choice. RYLAN double-sided waterproof baby mat is made up of soft fabrics so that your baby feels comfortable sitting and crawling on, and it is foldable, which means you can carry this to different places as well.

You can place them in your garden and let your baby enjoy a warm winter day without the fear of getting drenched from the water, as it is totally waterproof. It is completely spill-proof as well, you can wipe once if anything spills on the mat. It is a good mat to carry in family outings and picnics.

  • Lightweight and flexible, can be easily taken to different locations.
  • Completely spill-proof and waterproof, so your baby can be protected from getting drenched
  • Interactive mat with English alphabets printed on one side and colorful pictures on the other
  • Soft color so that it does not affect your baby’s eyes
  • Pricing may be an issue with some customers.

2) KWT Double Sided Waterproof Baby Mat

KWT Double Sided Water Proof Baby Mat Carpet Baby Crawl Play Mat Kids Infant Crawling Play Mat Carpet Baby Gym Water Resistant Baby Play & Crawl Mat(Large Size - 4 Feet X 6 Feet)

If you are looking for a wider variant of your baby’s play mat, then you should select this product. IT is made up of good quality cotton and plastic film, which is not at all hazardous to your child’s health. The mat measures at 180 cm by 120 cm with a thickness of 0.5 cm.

It is completely flexible and can be folded easily. The foil at one side of the mat makes it easy to wipe off water and other liquids, in case your baby spills something on the mat. The mat is waterproof, which means you can place it at any corner of your house, even outdoors.

  • Made from good quality materials that are non-hazardous.
  • The interactive nature of the mat includes the English alphabets on one side.
  • It comes with a carrying bag where you can insert the folded mat and take it anywhere.
  • It is a cheaper option for many parents when compared with other mats.
  • The colors of the mat get faded after some days and lack of cushion.

3) Figment Double Side Waterproof Anti-skid Baby Crawling Play Floor Mat

FIGMENT Double Side Waterproof Anti Skid Baby Crawling Play Floor Mat for Kids (Large, 120 x 180 cm, Multicolor)

This is one of the bestselling and good quality waterproof play mats that you can gift to your baby. It measures 180 cm by 120 cm and is made up of embossed OPP membrane and EPE foam, which means it, is devoid of harmful chemicals.

It is really good for children as it has colorful pictures and alphabets on each side. For a fun-filled interactive playtime for your kids, this is a great option for you to choose. It is totally waterproof and spill-proof and does not capture any moisture, which means you can clean this easily. It is portable and can be folded easily as well.

  • Interactive play mat with colorful pictures of different animals and alphabets.
  • Made up with quality materials that are harmless for your child’s health.
  • Easily foldable and portable, you can fold it and take it to different places.
  • Users say that it is a bit difficult to clean.

4) Skylofts Waterproof Double Side Baby Play Mat

Skylofts Waterproof Double Side Baby Play Crawl Floor Mat for Kids Picnic School Home (Large Size -6 X 4 ft, Multicolour) with Zip Bag to Carry

It is a top-rated product and is a viable option for many parents. It is made up of soft materials that prevent your baby from getting hurt. The designs are bright and colorful, which will be absolutely loved by your little ones. It also comes in three different sizes, (6 ft by 4 ft, 6 ft by 5 ft and 6 ft by 4 ft with 8 mm depth), which means you can buy a mat according to your child’s room size.

The playmat can be easily placed anywhere in your building complex and can be cleaned easily, as it is totally waterproof and spill-proof. It is also slip-resistant in order to protect your little one from unforeseen incidents.

  • Made with soft, hygienic, and safe materials.
  • The mat is supported with a foam sheet so that your child can sit on a soft surface.
  • The design of the mat includes numeric digits, alphabets, and pictures of animals.
  • The mat can start tearing up after using it for some days.

5) eHomekart EVA Kid’s Interlocking Playmat

LILTOES EVA Kid's Interlocking Play Mat -12 mm Thickness -Set of 8 Tiles -56 x 56 cm Each Tile -32 Square Feet Total Area (Multicolour)

This is a unique and multi-faceted mat that can be used by all the members of your house. The mat can be interlocked from all sides to expand in size and be used as a square-shaped play mat. When your kids are not using it, you can take the mat to your yoga session as a yoga mat.

Each of the mat’s square tiles is measured 4 square feet with 12 mm thickness, so you can be sure that your child will have a great time playing on the soft mat. It is easily washable and is moisture resistant, so it would not be soaked in water for long.

  • Multi-usage play mat which can be used by kids and adults alike.
  • You can easily adjust the length of the mat by joining the tiles.
  • Made of non-toxic EVA foam.
  • The mat is made up of solid colors and is not interactive like other play mats.

6) Piesome Double Sided Waterproof Baby Mat

Piesome Double Sided Water Proof Baby Mat Carpet Baby Crawl Play Mat Kids Infant Crawling Play Mat Carpet Baby Gym Water Resistant Baby Play & Crawl Mat(Large Size-6 FeetX4 Feet) Playmat for Babies

The baby play mat from Piesome is a bestseller right now and is opted by a huge number of parents. The mat measures 180 cm by 120 cm, which is very spacious for your child to play on, is made up of Embossing OPP Membrane and EPE Foam and can be used either side.

It is created out of very hygienic materials and cushioned so that if your little one feels sleepy after playing for a long time, he/she can sleep over the mat without getting hurt. It is also protected by a plastic film on top so that it remains non-slippery.

  • Made up of hygienic and quality materials.
  • Totally Waterproof and Spill Proof.
  • Interactive play mat with different pictures, colors, and alphabets on both sides.
  • The weight of the material is on the higher side.

7) Paramount Waterproof Anti Skid Baby Play Mat

Paramount Waterproof, Anti Skid, Double Sided Baby Play and Crawl Mat (6 x 5 Feet)

This is one of the largest one-piece baby play mat that you will ever find for your loved one. It is measured 172 cm by 152 cm and is 6 mm thick. Despite the measures, it is very comfortable to roll back and carry to different places, especially to family getaways like a picnic.

The play mat comes in different forms and designs from which you can choose the perfect one for you. The designs come in forms like alphabets, numeric digits, pictures of fruits, and animals’ pictures. You can also opt for mats with cartoon characters printed on them.

  • Made with non-toxic and soft materials so that your baby does not get hurt.
  • Completely waterproof and spill-proof, spills can be removed by single wipe.
  • Easily foldable and portable.
  • The protective film on top can be damaged in a few days, as experienced by some buyers.

8) Wazdorf Double Sided Waterproof Baby Play Mat

Wazdorf Double Sided Water Proof Baby Mat Carpet Baby Crawl Play Mat Kids Infant Crawling Play Mat Carpet Baby Gym Water Resistant Baby Play & Crawl Mat(Large Size - 6 FeetX4 Feet) Playmat for Babies

This is one of the best play mats that you can gift to your baby. Wazdorf is a trusted name to many parents, and this playmat is one of the best from them. It measures 6 ft by 4 ft and is easily foldable. It is made up of hygienic and soft materials so that you can protect your little one from different hazardous chemicals.

The mat is cushioned with foam, which is why even if your baby tumbles upon it, he/she will not get hurt. One side of the mat is equipped with a protective foil, which makes it anti-slippery and easy to clean. It is also totally waterproof and spill-proof.

  • The mat is colorfully designed with good dimensions.
  • It can be easily folded and taken to different corners of the house, including outdoors.
  • The design includes the English alphabets and different pictures of animals.
  • Some users say that the mat’s upper layer can get torn after a few days’ use.

9) Ozoy Waterproof Baby Mats

Ozoy Baby Mats Waterproof Play Mat for Kids Extra Large Size Crawl Thick Double Sided Non-Slip Reversible Portable Mat Use for Outdoor/Picnic/Beach/Travel 6.5 x 6 Feet (200 x 180 cm) (Multi.)

This play mat is one of the larger variants and is made up of good quality materials. Ozoy baby plays mat measures at a length of 200 cm and a breadth of 180 cm with 2 cm thickness. The materials through which the mat is made are really soft, and the manufacturers have made it sure to test the quality multiple times before selling.

It has interactive designs comprising of colorful pictures of animals and fruits, identification by alphabets so that your little one learns things faster. It can be used both sides and can be folded easily as well.

  • The materials of the mat are anti-toxic and soft.
  • The manufacturers test the quality multiple times after creating one mat.
  • It is cushioned and soft so that your baby never gets hurt.
  • Some parents find the price of the mat expensive.

10) DKdas Baby Kids Mats

DKdas Baby Kids Mats with Bag and Double Sided Play and Crawl Mats Water Proof, Playmate for Babies and Multi Designer Green Color (Size - 6 Feet X 4 Feet)

This is an affordable but quality option that you can choose for your baby. The playmat by DKdas is made up of polyester, and the cushion is made up of EVA foam. The playmat’s size is huge, with the length at 180 cm and breadth at 120 cm.

It is one of the affordable waterproof play mats that you can get in the Indian market. The design is made with bright colors with different pictures and the English alphabets. You can place this on a hard surface and let your baby play on it.

  • The large size and good depth for foam cushion
  • The mat is soft and slip-resistant
  • Completely waterproof and spill-proof
  • The layers of the mat can get torn easily after a few days of use, as observed by some customers.

Best Baby Play Mats In India – Buying Guide

The beautiful and vibrant mats prove to be the perfect companion during your baby’s playtime. Some of them are also available with the attached toys or figures. For the overall improvement of the hand-eye coordination of your toddler, consider certain factors. Our well-researched buying guide can assist the best. They are as follows.


This is an important entity that you should consider. It should be added with enough soft parts for the baby to feel comfortable even on the hard floors. Please make sure they are happy while they are playing, sleeping or crawling. Always make sure that it should be kept in a comfortable position for the baby to doze off easily.


This is another essential factor you must consider. Baby Mats are usually made with cushions but before buying one make sure that it is thick enough for restricting the baby’s fall even when they are stumbling. The large size play Mat usually enables the child to play along for enhancing the bond between the child and you. You can also accompany playing on the mat.


The thickness of the baby play mat proves to be an essential part of the determination of the safety of the baby. The thick and cushioned baby mat is protective for the baby for crawling on standing up.


Always choose the one that you can fold easily while carrying out at different places like the park or playground. In case you are in love with having a lot of intent of taking the baby with you, then it’s worth considering the travel playmat.


Always ensure that the playmat makes use of the non-skid material so that there are no chances of tripping over while hurting the child. The materials are goods with absorbers and can also restrict the slipping of the baby all over.


Always consider purchasing a baby mat that has a variety of accessories and segmented portions. They also help the development and boosting of the tactile motion of the child. The mat helps in making that defined auditory and visual sense through playing. It can also keep the baby entertained for long hours.


The Mats usually come with unique toys and accessories for helping the child keep himself or herself engaged while developing the visual cognitive as well as physical skills. All you have to do is to keep checking whether the toys can be disassembled, repositioned, and washed accordingly. Always ensure that they do not hold the potential health hazards with them.


The playmat becomes safe to use for the baby only when it is made of non-toxic materials. Always check whether the material that you are using in it is prepared for the mat to be organic. Also, check whether the method has the capability of standing the rolling and jumping off the baby without wearing out too soon.


Usually, parents become tempted to purchase the extra-large playmat. But, it becomes unnecessary because the baby doesn’t have the capability of moving around too much. Always carefully looked for the size that can make the baby stay safe and also play happily. Type, size, and ability to transfer should be checked before purchasing one. 


Always choose the baby play mat that comes with the bright Colours for drawing the attention of the baby or enhancing the visualization skills. It also helps in the promotion of the emotional and creative development of the baby.


This becomes an important factor worth consideration while purchasing the mat. The playmat that is hands-free with the hanging toys for the baby to play with is ideal. Besides, always make it ideal for carrying the play mat in the right way.


From a number of choices for your baby’s play mat, you must choose one that stands out of all. It is important to see that the playmat you choose the best is good in cost, quality, and safety. The playmats discussed in this list are selected by keeping in mind all these requirements.

Figment Double Side Waterproof Play Floor Mat is one of the best you can purchase for your little one. It has got good reviews on online marketing portals and has some good features to look out for. It is also really safe for your babies. You may see the product in detail to finally consider buying it.

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