10 Best Baby Potty Training Seats In India 

For all babies, potty training is an important lesson and milestone. It is a part of child development. Between 20-30 months, your baby should be ready for potty training. In this training, you and your baby’s best friend is a perfect potty training seat. 

Potty training seats become the specialized potty chair for every toddler to use. It becomes the end of frustrating issues of using the diapers over prolonged periods. The different potty training seats are good enough in terms of the range of functionality. In some models, you will get the flushing units that help in flushing away the fecal matter and help the toddler get habituated to flushing after using the toilet.

When to buy a baby’s potty seat?

As the baby grows, the diapers won’t work fully for them. And babies need to be independent in taking care of their basic needs without mom and dad’s help. So, planning to purchase a baby’s potty seat for child training is important.

Things to consider before buying a baby’s potty seat –

Finding the best potty seat for a baby is a challenge for almost every parent. Many things need to be put into consideration before deciding on buying a potty seat:

  1. Portability:

This factor is significant to look out for. This is because it is necessary to carry it when you are traveling or going out. Different seats come with different versions to make them compactable.

  1. Age:

The baby’s age also determines the type of potty seat you have to buy. Babies grow faster. So choose one that can be used for a long time.

  1. Cost and value:

Don’t go for a very cheap option. It adds value to babies’ life, so put the potty seat’s cost into consideration.

  1. Durability:

Some time potty seats are made of low-quality materials. So always check the durability before buying a potty seat, unless it would break the chair just sitting on it for the first time.

  1. Cleaning:

Cleaning potty seats are easy than any other potty training thing. But you’ll have to make sure about the removal and cleaning part. So always go for an easy to clean option.

  1. Good build:

Make sure that the materials used for the seat is friendly for both your baby & the environment.

  1. Design:

Different potty seats come in different designs. Sometimes designs are made to attract babies. But it is always important to check the conformability of the potty seat.

Some additional things you need to look for in a baby’s potty seat : 

  1. Always look for a stronghold dial. It helps the potty seat sit comfortably on the toilet, making the potty seat easy to adjust.
  2. In case you can’t find a dial, you can go for a rubbery underside. It reduces the chances of slipping.
  3. Go for potty seats that have handles so that your baby can climb on and off.
  4. With a potty seat, you have to buy built-in footrests and a built-in toilet paper holder.
  5. Choose a durable model so that you can use it for a long time.
  6. Doing potty is boring for every baby out there. But nowadays you can find many different varieties of potty seats with many fun features. So lookout for potty seats with some fun features to keep your baby entertained.

Top 10 Baby Potty Training Seats In India 2021

1) Amazon Solimo Baby Potty Training Seat

Amazon Brand - Solimo Baby Potty Training Seat, Orange

The baby potty training seat is useful for the potty training of the little ones. It comes well equipped with a detachable part that also makes it easy to clean and store. You can rest be assured about getting a comfortable seat and the smooth edges and the backrest that becomes comfortable for the baby.

It comes with a detachable bowl with the curves that make it easier for washing away fecal matter. The detachable units let it easily be set up on the adult toilet. Besides, detachable parts make it easier to carry from one area to the other without the problems.

  • The plastic quality is good.
  • The blue rubber flap is easy to install.
  • The seat cushion also fits well without problems.
  • The height is too much for 1-year old babies.

2) GoCart Baby Foldable Potty Trainer Seat

GOCART WITH G LOGO Adjustable Toilet Training Seat with Sturdy Non-Slip Wide Step and Soft Cushion for Baby (Lake Blue)

The potty training seat is the perfect sized one that you need for making the child’s potty training experience a great one. The height is adjustable according to the height of the baby. Overall, the kit is flexible and simple with sides, and non-slip material gives the bottom grip that does not slide off. You can rest assured that the bright and cheerful color will encourage the baby to use the potty seat regularly.

Besides, it comes with a Universal design that is quite appealing. It is available in standard size toilets like the V shape or U shape. The stable footrest comes with the two choices according to the baby’s height and is suitable for the children within 1 and 7 years. It is easy to assemble and store the type of potty seat that is compact and easily foldable. Besides, it comes with a unique hand and a wide independent pedal for helping the baby climbs and get down.

  • The durability is amazing.
  • It is easy to use the type of unit for potty training.
  • It is comfortable.
  • The durability is amazing.
  • It is easy to use the type of unit.
  • It is value for money unit.
  • The sturdiness is not that great.

3) Sunbaby Potty Toilet Trainer Seat

Sunbaby Potty Toilet Trainer Seat/Chair with Lid and High Back Support for Toddler Boys Girls Age 7 Months to 3 Years (GREEN-WHITE)

The potty training seat is perfect for children between 9 months and three years. An easy to wash type of unit comes with the higher side structure that makes it comfortable and safe for the babies. It is suitable for both boys and girls and comes equipped with a comfortable seat. Overall, it is convenient enough for the baby to use. It does not create damage to the delicate skin of the baby.

Besides, the lightweight, smooth edges make it recommended for the children below three years. The higher side structure makes it comfortable for the baby to go up and down without the occurrence of accidents. The smooth design, along with back support, gives maximum comfort while the baby is sitting. Besides, after use, babies can easily clean and get up from there without trouble. If you are traveling somewhere, it is worth considering this unit because it will not lead to unhygienic conditions.

  • The durability is amazing.
  • It is easy to clean seat.
  • The comfort is great.
  • It is quite supportive for the baby.
  • The edges are sometimes quite sharp.

4) Vadmans Toilet Trainer Seat

Vadmans Toilet Trainer Baby Potty Seat Cartoon Face with Removable Tray & Closing Lid (Green)

The baby trainer seat is particularly designed for meeting the needs of the baby. The perfect potty trainer comes with the smooth corners that make it safe and compact for handling. It is suitable for babies who are within 5 months and 2 years. Besides, it comes with the assembled parts that require only the handle to be fitted. All you have to do is tighten the nut until it is tight enough to handle the unit not to move.

Besides, there is tightening in the overall area for ensuring that it is non-slippery for the little ones. The baby can hold it and train itself in the early days. There are additional parts for keeping it free from germs when not in use. 100% virgin plastic composition, along with the standard hygienic maintenance, makes it stand out.

  • It is a comfortable unit.
  • The durability is amazing.
  • The thickness of the potty seat is good enough.
  • It is a value for money model.
  • The size is not that perfect.

5) House of Quirk Potty Toilet Seat

House of Quirk Potty Toilet Seat with Step Stool Ladder, (3 in 1) Trainer for Kids Toddlers W/Handles - Multi

The kid’s potty training seat is great enough for toilets that are designed for the little ones. The kids-friendly type of seats come with the built-in non-slip step that makes it a fun time for them to climb it up and safely use it. The contoured seat comes with a splash guard that can offer comfortable seating.

Besides, there is also an anti-slip pad that will help the baby to slide. The specifications are great enough that makes it a standard sized unit for potty training. It is a great one that can transform the adult-sized toilet into a child friendly once and make one feel like using it at all times. The contoured seat is also great in offering a comfortable and safe sitting experience with the anti-slip pad. Besides, it is also easy to assemble and good for storage.

  • It is value for money unit.
  • The durability is amazing.
  • It is quite comfortable to climb.
  • It is easy to assemble the unit.
  • The plastic starts degrading with time.

6) Infantso Baby Potty Training Seat

INFANTSO Baby Training Potty Seat (BLUE)

The important milestone in the life of the child becomes a great way of training. Babies can get easily acquainted with the potty training unit that does not make it challenging at any cost. The portable potty seat or chair is great and becomes the must have unit for the homeowners. The potty training seat comes with no sharp edges and corners that make it quite comfortable.

Besides, the good quality plastic build-up with the lightweight and durable parts makes it stand out. The potty seat is available for effortless washing and does not absorb water that makes it quite hygienic. Besides, it is suitable for children within 1 and 4 years of age. The easy cleaning and anti-skid base with the portable parts make it a great support for the child. You will also get the high backrest along with the splash-proof designed to make it stand out.

  • It is easy to clean seat.
  • The sturdiness is amazing.
  • Climbing it is comfortable for the baby.
  • The finishing touch is not that proper.

7) La Corsa Car Designed Baby Potty Seat

La Corsa Ferrari Car Designed Baby Potty Seat with Removable Bowl (Red)

The potty seat’s special car design comes with a removable base to make it a great unit. Made from 100% virgin plastic, this is the 100% high-end potty training seat. The two lids makes it comfortable for use as the potty training seats. When not in use, it is perfect for the kids within 5 months and 18 months.

Besides, it also comes with a removable tray for the easy cleaning that makes it fit for both boys and girls. The 2 lids structure is something that makes it stand out over the competitors. The stylish and easy to clean design makes it stand out because it is the sanitary equipment that will not lead to for the accident in the long run. Besides, the high-quality thickening and environmental protection that makes it great enough for keeping the baby safe.

  • It is easy to clean unit.
  • Using it is quite easy and comfortable.
  • It is a value for money model.
  • It is great enough for potty training.
  • The size is not that compatible.


The potty training seat is a great way to end the challenging situations for the parents and nannies. This is the training set that is well designed for easy maintenance. Besides, the foldable design, along with the friendly spaces, makes it featured the anti-skid and ergonomic design.

Besides, it is suitable for children within 1 and 7 years of age. Installing it is also an effortless task. But, you have to use only the child’s toilet seat and the toilet area to prevent slipping. You have to place the toilet seat on the adult toilet and start adjusting the nuts for blocking the edge of the toilet seat. The package comes with the potty toilet clean brush as well as a hook to make it compatible for use.

  • It is easy to use the unit. 
  • It is good enough for potty training.
  • The durability is amazing. 
  • Cleaning is not that easy.

9) Luvlap Elegant Baby Potty Training Seat

LuvLap Elegant Baby Potty Training Seat with Lid, Potty pot, for 1 + Year child, potty chair for baby Suitable for potty training of Boys & Girls (Purple)

The best potty training seat is good enough for the little ones because it can also deliver parenthood’s joys. The hygienic unit is a great one because it can keep the gentle skin well maintained. There is guaranteed help in terms of comfort and security. This is the right seat that can give the warmth of the moment. Besides, it also undergoes multiple quality checks to make it different. It is certified as per the unique European standards. 

The unit is made of high-quality plastics. Besides, the composition is durable and non-toxic. It is possible that it can also be removed according to your convenience. The higher backrest is available for the development of the proper posture of the baby. It also allows the prevention of the baby from toppling over the compact design tune. It is quite convenient for storage as well as travel. Overall, it is the smooth edge ergonomics seat that is comfortable for the baby.

  • When using it, the child will find no problems.
  • You can adjust the seat according to your child’s convenience. 
  • The color makes it stand out and match the bathroom decor. 
  • It is pocket-friendly, sturdy, and strong.
  • It does not last for a longer period.

10) Baybee Potty Training Seat

Baybee Baby Potty Training Seat for Kids- Potty Toilet Seat for kids with Removable Tray | Kids Baby Potty Seat Chair- Baby Toilet Seat for Kids | Baby Potty Seat for 1-5 Year Child Boys Girls (Beige)

The potty training seat is a certified product that is made with the stringent certification. It complies with the European standards as a great one for the babies and toddlers. There is every minor point included in it that matches. The safety cum cute design, easy cleaning parts, and a compact design make it stand out. You can rest assured that there is a high backrest that will also take care of the vertebral column. 

Besides, there will be no more travels for handling the baby during the potty session when you have this unit. Overall, the lightweight and luxurious unit is available with a non-slip armrest design. So, your baby won’t be afraid anymore of slipping down. The convenient design makes it stand out. Made from the virgin PVC plastic, it becomes a non-toxic and BPA free potty training seat to last for a longer span.

  • It is comfortable for the child to climb it up and down. 
  • The sturdiness amazing. 
  • It is value for money kit.
  • The cushion seat is quite hard.

Final word

We have summarized all the products that fit the title of the best potty training seats in India. You can look for the one that is perfect for you. However, we recommend Sunbaby Potty Toilet Trainer Seat as the best one that you can pick for your baby. 

You can also adjust all by yourself. Using it becomes fun time for the child. He or she will learn doing potty all alone. So, buy the one that you think will be fit for your requirement.


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