Top 10 Best Baby Powders in India 2021

Babies need the utmost effective skincare routine as their skins are too soft, delicate, and smooth. Baby powder is one of the most essential products for this purpose. They are astringent powder which is meant to prevent rashes on baby skin i.e. mainly diaper rash. Good quality baby powders are meant to keep the baby’s skin soft and supple for a long time.  But, care should be taken that the powder is good for the baby’s skin and won’t cause any skin irritation is used regularly. This makes finding the best product difficult in India.

Things To Look For In A Baby Powder:

Baby powders do hold the capacity of working like magic to provide relief from excess moisture, diaper rashes, and irritation on the skin. However, you may not have the idea about the baby powder that can keep your baby rash-free as well as dry while removing bad odor. If you’re a new parent, getting an idea about the different baby powder brands becomes tougher. Before buying the Best Baby Powders In India, you’ll have to note certain points.

  • Mark the details

Mark the details on the container before purchasing the baby powder. It is essential to check the container carefully and read the content indicated. The product should not come inclusive of the dyes are the Chemicals like the parabens and phthalates. Sometimes, these entities are responsible for causing huge irritation to the skin of the baby. The product should also be hyperallergic to the reduction of the chances of causing adverse side effects. You should again go through the internet for confirming or eliminating the specific fears revolving around the powder.

  • Fragrance

The powder that comes with the mild fragrance is favorable. For the avoidance of the breathing problems in the baby, don’t look for a strong odor. The product should have the ability to perform its purpose of production of the friction and promote the freshness on the baby’s skin. The strong smell sometimes means more Chemicals that have been used during the production process. Again, the sweet scent from the elements like the essential oils is enough for healing the baby.

  • Buyers reviews

When you are buying the powder from the online store, you must consider certain factors like the product’s quality or the negative impacts. You should always go through the review process to give you better information about the powder’s impact on the babies. It becomes a better way for you to get information about the contrasting views about past customers. The information will also give you that knowledge about whether or not it will be affecting the skin of the baby.

  • Baby skin type

You can find both negative and positive feedback with the availability of the specific product. There may be chances of some of the listed effects due to the difference in the baby’s skin. Always remember that babies have delicate skin when compared to adults. So, always consider or consult regarding the baby’s skin for the avoidance of allergic reactions or irritation. Some products usually contain natural essential oils that help moisturize the dry skin and make it soft.

  • Natural, organic, non-toxic

Do not rely on words. Instead, you should see whether or not they are proving the statement. India faces a problem in the manner that the government does not regulate these terms. Research beyond these terms and look for words like non-toxic that will help you make the right buying decision. You should see that the baby powder does not contain nasty chemicals like parabens, dyes, or other chemicals that would otherwise irritate the skin and cause breathing troubles.

  • Certification 

Always look for the certification that matches the global standards because they are trustworthy. If you are finding the powder that has the Global certification, that option becomes the best one for picking and will meet the requirements list.

  • Sensitivity to skin

The baby skin fruits to be quite sensitive. It is always recommended for doing a little test before applying the powder all over the baby’s body. Apply the powder just on the elbow, and you can see whether or not the surface is taking it positively. We will always recommend you not pouf the powder on the baby’s face because it may go into the nose of the eyes and cause problems.

Well, we can help you to find the best baby powders in India. You do not need to surf through the internet or visit separate sites as we have provided you the most selective brands with highlighted features and pros and cons. You can just go through the separate reviews and get the most suitable product for your baby requirements.

10 Best Baby Powders in India

1) Mamaearth Talc-free Organic dusting powder for babies

Mamaearth Talc Free Organic Dusting Powder for Babies, Arrowroot and Oat Starch,100g x 2pcs

Mamaearth is probably one of the most renowned and reputed brands these days, as all the products provided by this company are infused with natural ingredients that are free from harsh chemicals. This Organic Dusting powder for babies from Mamaearth is also one such harsh chemical free product which makes it the best baby powder in India.

This dusting powder is made from a 100% natural blend of essential oil which is best for stings and insect bites. Besides, it’s enriched with some reliable nutrients from Organic oatmeal, Corn starch, Organic Arrowroot, and Lavender oil, etc which altogether gives a soothing yet refreshing odor. This Talc-free dusting powder from Mamaearth is the best option for dry and irritated skin and is efficient in preventing diaper rash.

  • Free from talc, ammonia, alcohol, and all other harsh chemical preservatives
  • Fully gentle on baby skin and can be perfect for sensitive skin
  • Gives utmost relaxation to baby
  • Prevents excess moisture and gives a soothing effect
  • The texture of the powder is a bit coarse but is perfect for babies from all aspects being completely natural and infused with all essential features

2) Himalaya baby powder

Himalaya Baby Powder (400g)

One of the most renowned names in the industry when it comes to using natural ingredients in their products is Himalaya. This baby powder from Himalaya is also one such incredible reflection of their reputation with the complete natural composition that is meant to prevent rashes and infections from the baby skin.

Enriched with the highly effective and superior quality natural herbs that deliver the best comfort to the baby’s skin, Himalaya baby powder is the safest means to keep your baby skin soft and supple all the time. It contains rich ingredients such as Khas, Olive Oil, and Almond Oil, etc. it is completely gentle on the baby’s soft skin while delivering a gentle, cool, and calming feel to the baby.

  • Enriched with high-quality natural herbs which protect the skin from rashes and infections
  • Keeps skin cool and fresh for a long time
  • Effective in reducing excess sweat and body odor
  • Free from all kinds of chemicals and filled with superior natural herbs
  • No major drawbacks, but applying more powder from time to time could dry up the moisture although it is completely safe with herbs and good for baby skin as well

3) Johnson's Baby Powder

Johnson's Baby Powder 400g with Free Soap 100g

Johnson’s is one of the oldest names and is pretty renowned as the baby powder company. Well, this powder is the best in providing good protection from excess moisture to the babies. It absorbs excess moisture from the skin and makes it comfortable, dry, and refreshing. One of the best things about Johnson’s Baby Powder is the fact it passes a strict 5 level process ensuring the total composition is safe to use on babies.

This powder contains no harmful chemicals and is probably the best powders for babies with utmost gentle skincare. On applying the powder, friction will be eliminated from the skin while ensuring cool and comfortable skin. This baby powder from Johnson is known to be incredibly soft with classic scents which make the baby feel fresh and dry with a soothing comfort for a long time.

  • Incredibly soft baby powder with the classic scent
  • Free from all kinds of harsh chemicals
  • Keeps the skin cool and comfortable for a long time
  • Best for babies of all ages being chemically proven to be safe and effective
  • No mere drawbacks but shouldn’t be inhaled continuously throughout the day, this follows for any powder used on babies

4) Dabur Baby Powder

Dabur Baby Powder: No added Talc and Asbestos | Contains Oat Starch , Arrowroot Powder & Amba Haldi |Hypoallergenic & Dermatologically Tested with No Paraben & Phthalates - 300 g

A baby powder enriched with natural or ayurvedic herbs is by all means the safest option for babies. This baby powder from Dabur is one such powder that is packed with all superior ayurvedic herbs that are crafted with effective composition for pure and gentle baby skin. Zero harmful chemicals accompanied by the best composition of the superior quality ayurvedic herbs make it enlisted in the top best baby powders in India.

The powder feels soft, cool, and fresh when inhaled which is probably due to the presence of khus extract and Oat Corn powder. It also has anti-irritant properties which let your baby have a restful night without any kind of skin irritation due to dryness or any other factors.

  • Enriched with high quality completely natural ayurvedic herbs
  • Soft, cool, and refreshing
  • Possesses good anti-irritant properties
  • Good in keeping the baby skin soft and moisturized while preventing rashes as well
  • Quite thick but this helps in keeping the skin of the baby soft and moisturized for a long time

5) Mee Mee Baby Powder

Mee Mee Baby Talcum Powder, Dermatologically tested, Paraben free, 0m+ (Fresh Feel - 500 g (Single Pack)

This Baby Powder from Mee Mee is microbiologically tested to be completely safe for kids from birth which makes it one of the safest options for the baby. The extremely light powder tends to keep the baby’s skin soft and refreshed for a long time while ensuring dry skin in excess humid conditions.

This baby powder is made from high-quality safe materials that are completely safe to use. You can use this powder after the bath or after changing the nappy to give a refreshing feel to the baby even in adverse climate conditions. It is extremely light and is fully gentle for sensitive baby skin. You have to just sprinkle the powder on your palm and apply it on the skin of the baby.

  • Light, soft, and smooth baby powder that is completely gentle for the baby skin
  • Keeps the skin soft and dry in excess humid conditions
  • Safe to use from birth as tested microbiologically
  • It is best to use after the nappy change to provide a refreshing feel to the baby skin
  • The smell is good but often gets strong when applied on baby skin but the refreshing feel stays for a long time

6) Sebamed Baby Powder

Sebamed Baby Powder, 200g

A baby powder which can keep the skin refreshed and also maintains the proper moisture balance can surely be a good choice for babies. This Baby powder from Sebamed is also one such product that keeps everything balanced for a healthy baby skin.

The best thing is it absorbs extra moisture from the baby’s skin and makes the baby feel comfortable for a prolonged time. The extra soft formula infused in this baby powder from Sebamed excels in protecting the baby’s sensitive skin against skin irritation from dryness due to the presence of olive oil.

This baby powder is known to reduce the effect of rubbing and chafing with 0% allergic reaction, no matter when it is applied to the baby’s skin.

  • Contains extracts of olive oil for proper moisture balance on baby skin
  • Soothes and protects the baby skin from dryness
  • Ideal for babies of one month and onwards
  • 0% allergic reaction and makes the skin soft and smooth
  • The fragrance is a bit on the lower side although the refreshing feel remains

7) Mother Sparsh Talc-free Natural Dusting Powder

Mother Sparsh Talc-Free Natural Dusting Powder for Babies, 100 g (Pack of 2)

A dusting powder that is formulated with effective natural extracts that are good for baby skin is probably the most preferred choice. This Talc-free Natural dusting powder from Mother Sparsh is one such effective powder that is safe for your baby from all aspects. Being talc-free and having anti-microbial and hypoallergenic features makes it one of the safest options in the list of best baby powders in India.

Applying this baby powder on baby skin soothes the skin and makes it feel soft, comfortable, and smooth as well due to the presence of corn-starch. The baby would feel extremely comfortable due to the effect of naturally derived effective composition in it. Besides, the skin can remain dry for a while with a soothing and softening effect.

  • The talc-free naturally derived composition is safe for babies of all ages
  • Absorbs excess moisture due to the presence of corn starch
  • Provides good soothing and softening effect for a long time
  • Antimicrobial and hypoallergenic
  • Applying excess amount of powder frequently may lead to skin dryness although the natural formula is quite safe for baby skin

8) Pigeon Baby Powder with Fragrance

Pigeon Baby Powder (500g)


Refreshing baby powder makes the baby feel comfortable and refreshed in humid conditions and this baby powder comes with the best fragrance of lilac and vanilla. Such natural herbs are known for delivering the most soothing and refreshing odor besides maintaining soft skin for a long period.

This baby powder from Pigeon is also enriched with all-natural plant extracts that are safe to be used on baby skin, even on adverse conditions. This premium blend of natural essences can keep the baby’s skin soft and fresh with a proper pH balance and anti-irritant features. Hypoallergenic quality besides the natural soothing fragrance makes it one of the most preferable options among baby powders out there.

  • The refreshing Fragrance of Lilac and Vanilla is quite appreciable
  • All-natural plant extracts without any harsh chemicals used
  • Anti irritant features for sensitive baby skin
  • pH balanced and hypoallergenic
  • Excess inhalation is not good for babies although all other features are quite compelling


The natural composition accompanied by the absence of Talc makes a baby powder trustworthy for babies. No talc powder from lotus herbals is also one such trustworthy product that you can completely rely on. It has all-natural ingredients besides being non-irritant and thus safe for the baby as well. It makes the baby feel cozy with no harmful chemicals and 100% goodness.

This clinically tested no talc sprinkle powder from Lotus is one of the best natural baby powder with handpicked ingredients that makes it completely safe for the babies. It has zero preservatives and is recommended by a pediatrician to be used on the babies.

  • pH balanced and free from all chemical preservatives
  • Completely safe to use on babies due to talc-free natural composition
  • Clinically tested and 100% goodness
  • Makes the baby feel super cozy
  • A bit on the pricy side but such an incredible natural composition makes it feel worthy

10) Forest Essentials Dasapushpadi baby body powder

Forest Essentials Baby Body Powder Dasapushpadi 100g (Talcum Powder)

Baby body powder enriched with the safest form of composition i.e. mainly the natural composition is probably a safe choice. This baby body powder from Forest Essential is one such product that is specially made for the delicate skin of the baby from all aspects. Natural corn starch formulation can be absorbed in the skin of the babies thus making it dry and soft as well.

The absence of all kinds of harsh chemicals and the presence of superior ayurvedic formulation containing kokum butter and Arrowroot powder makes the skin feel soft and smooth for a long time.  Organic base oils are accompanied by natural perfume, color, and harsh chemicals.

  • No chemical preservatives for fragrance or textures
  • Keeps the baby fresh and protected for a long time
  • Completely safe being natural and clinically tested
  • Can dry up the baby skin in frequent usages but being natural it is quite safe for the baby skin


Baby powder is quite essential to be safe and effective for baby skin as it should be applied to the sensitive and delicate baby skin. Well, you can find the best baby powder from the reputed company easily through the above-mentioned product reviews.

Mamaearth baby powder is probably one of the safest natural baby powder which is easily recommended and preferable. But you can find your best deal as per your baby skin, frequency of usage, and many other individual preferences.

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