Top 10 Baby Rockers/Bouncers In India 2020

There is nothing parallel to the happiness of becoming parents. But with this happiness comes the responsibility to take care of your baby. But your busy schedule may not allow you to stick to your baby all day long. So you need something that can hold and entertain your baby at the same time. Yes, you are right, it’s time to get a rocker or a bouncer for your baby.

Rocker or a bouncer is like a chair for your baby that keep-on entertaining them when you are busy doing your stuff. But this doesn’t end your job. First, you need to find the best rocker bouncer for your champ. These chairs are available in different heights depending upon the age of your baby.
So if you are looking for a bouncer for your toddler, then choose one of low height. The bouncer should have a safety strap or high sides that can keep your baby safe. Newbies struggle to keep their neck straight. Get an adjustable reclining bouncer that can help them sleep without hurting their spines.

10 Best Baby Rockers/Bouncers In India

1. Fisher-Price Original Infant to Toddler Baby Rocker

Fisher-Price Original Infant to Toddler Baby Rocker Geo Diamonds Theme - Foldable, Portable

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If you ever want to visit a store that can fulfill all your demands, Fisher-Price is ready to serve with the best quality products. This rocker is designed for long term use. This can be used by an infant or a newbie and by a toddler too. This is made up of hard plastic, which can sustain up to a weight of 18.1 kg.

The resting pad is well-cushioned to provide maximum comfort to babies. Also, the pad is removable and can be machine-washed to keep it clean. The rocker has enough space to eat, play, and sleep for the baby.

It has a calming vibration feature that provides more comfort to the baby. It also has an adjustable seat recliner and a toy bar that can be removed as the baby grows enough. It has a non-rechargeable battery that powers the calming vibration feature. It has a battery backup of 90 hours.


  • It is foldable as well as portable.
  • The rocker’s pad is removable to wash.
  • The calming vibration raises the comfort bar.


  • The battery backup is low.

2. Baby Bucket Newborn to Toddler Rocker Cum Reclining Chair

Baby Bucket Newborn to Toddler Rocker Cum Reclining Chair with Removable Tray & Soothing Vibrations and Music

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Aren’t you a Baby Bucket fan? You will be one after using their world-class products for babies. This is a portable and multi-functional chair for babies. Whether a newbie or a toddler, anyone can fit in. It is plastic made with a cushioned rocker’s pad, easily removable and machine-washed. The deep cradle seat allows enough space for the baby to grow.

It has two adjustable recliners for better comfort. It has an overhead toy bar with two toys hanging for babies but can be removed for toddlers. The foldable kickstand allows better stability while feeding. It also has a smooth vibration and 22 rhymes button that helps babies to sleep well. It requires 3 batteries of 1.5 V each. It can support babies up to 20 kgs of weight maximum. It is available in two different designs.


  • It is dryer safe.
  • It has a foldable kickstand for support while feeding.
  • It includes smooth vibration and rhymes.


  • It does support batteries but has to buy them separately.

3. Fiddlys Baby’s Bouncer Cum Rocker

Fiddlys Baby's Bouncer Cum Rocker

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Fiddlys has a hard-earned reputation for producing premium quality products for newborns. This bouncer cum rocker by Fiddlys has advanced features and is more comfortable for babies. This plastic made bouncer cum rocker has enough strength to carry a 3-year baby. This has used superior quality fabric that is non-toxic to make the rocker’s bed.

Brightly colored patterns are used to stimulate the visual senses of the baby. For auditory stimulation, it has been provided with rattles. It has a removable toy bar with two beautiful toys hanging on it. Also, it has an adjustable recliner with a recliner strap for better support to the baby. It features battery-powered calming vibrations for helping the baby to sleep faster. It is European standard EN71 & BIS certified.


  • It has multiple features for long term use.
  • It can be compactly folded for better storage.
  • Non-toxic and quality fabric is used for the rocker’s bed.


  • Few complained about getting damaged product delivery.

4. INFANTSO Baby Rocker & Bouncer

INFANTSO Baby Rocker & Bouncer Foldable, Portable with Calming Vibrations & Musical Toy

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INFANTSO store products help parents to complete their baby’s daily routine tasks with much ease and comfort. This rocker claims to sustain a higher weight of the baby up to 3years of age. It is made up of metal and plastic frames. The cushion is heavily tucked with cotton to provide optimum support to the baby while sleeping. The deep cradle has sufficient space to fit in a baby or a toddler.

The overhead toy bar is also cushioned for easy grip while carrying and also has 3 hanging musical toys. It has a foldable kickstand that gives extra support while eating or napping. It is a great option for growing babies as it has an adjustable height feature.

The whole rocker can be easily disassembled with easy storage. It includes the feature to provide calming vibrations to the baby, which is battery powered. This rocker & bouncer is pink in color with a beautiful print on that looks very much pleasing to the eyes.


  • The body has a metal frame.
  • It can be assembled and disassembled very quickly.
  • It has an adjustable height feature.


  • It doesn’t include batteries in the box.

5. Flyers Bay Fiddle Diddle Baby Bouncer Cum Rocker

The Flyers bay Fiddle Diddle Baby Bouncer Cum Rocker

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Flyers bay is one of the most famous kids’ product manufacturers. They are involved in providing kids and babies with beautiful and useful gadgets. Flyers bay rocker cum bouncers are very famous due to its multipurpose features. This rocker is so well designed that it can be used by both newborn babies and by an infant.

The frame is completely made of plastic with a removable cushioned pad for better comfort to the kid. It has a removable toy bar overhead for a better playtime for babies. It has a foldable kickstand at the bottom for providing the rocker cum bouncer extra support.

The music and calming vibrations of this rocker help the baby to get a comfortable sleep. Moreover, this rocker helps in developing visual and auditory stimulations. It is recommended for babies between 0-5 months of age.


  • Multipurpose rocker cum bouncer.
  • Easily foldable for compact storage.


  • It can only hold babies between 0-5 months of age.

6. Webby Fiddle Diddle Newborn to Toddler

Webby Fiddle Diddle Newborn to Toddler Portable Musical Baby Rocker

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Webby is great in manufacturing products like beautiful toys for babies and babies useful accessories. This time they have produced a fiddle diddle rocker cum bouncer for both newbies and toddlers. It has been made strong enough to hold a 6-36 months baby easily. The material used to build its frame is plastic. An attractive light color printed, the cushioned bed is fitted for maximum support to the baby while resting.

The toy bar present overhead has hanging toys that help to develop visual stimulation and hand-eye coordination. It is a great option for growing babies as it has adjustable, aerodynamically designed reclining positions. For extra support, it has a safety strap at the back. The rocker provides comforting vibrations and soothing music that help the baby to sleep faster. It is battery powered and requires 2 LR20 1.5V batteries.


  • It is BIS standard certified. The safest option for babies.
  • It has the best toys hanging.


  • While rocking it may get displaced a bit.

7. Ehomekart Carry Cot Cum Bouncer

Ehomekart Carry Cot Cum Bouncer - 10 in 1 - Feeding Chair, Baby Chair, Rocker, Bath TUB, Carrying, Bouncer, Bottle Holder & Baby Swing

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Ehomekart innovative toys will encourage your kids to spend more happy times. They show enough effort to create the most loving products for babies. This Ehomekart product brings a full store to your home with almost 10 ways to use this. This can be used as a feeding chair, bath chair, rocker, bouncer, baby swing, and many more.

This product is beautifully crafted with strong material and the finest fabric to offer the topmost comfort to the baby. The convertible base allows one to convert the base into a bouncer or fold into a swinger or rocker. This also has a mosquito net intact with the bed that helps the baby to sleep without being disturbed. Due to the compact size, it can be carried to anywhere of our choice. The carrying capacity of the bouncer is 12 kg or a baby of age 0-2 years.


  • It can be used in multiple ways.
  • It has a mosquito net that prevents mosquito bites and falling as well.
  • Maintenance is very easy.


  • The carrying capacity is low.

8. Goyal’s 10 in 1 Baby Carry Cot/Bouncer

Goyal's 10 in 1 Baby Carry Cot, Bouncer with Mosquito Net and Swinging - Beautiful Flower Design

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Goyal’s took charge to produce the best in class baby products. They craft products with highly advanced techniques and features. This product by Goyals is a blessing to parents as they don’t need to order multiple items for different purposes. This is all in one bouncer cum carrycot. The frame is completely made with plastic but the bouncer stand is made up of metal.

The bed is heavily cushioned to provide maximum comfort to the baby. The deep cradle bed allows the baby to have free movement. It has a foldable handle that can be used to convert the carrycot into a bouncer, a rocker, a bathtub, or as a car seat. It is also provided with a mosquito net that helps the baby to sleep comfortably. It can withstand a baby of age 0-1 year.


  • It is lightweight and is easily portable.
  • It can be manually converted into a bouncer, rocker, etc.
  • The mosquito net adds more safety to the baby.


  • It is only limited to babies within one year of age.

9. Mee Mee 5 in 1 Baby Cozy Carry Cot Cum Rocker

Mee Mee 5 in 1 Baby Cozy Carry Cot Cum Rocker

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What can be more satisfying than buying a Mee Mee baby care product? For the last 25 years, they took care of every baby who used their product. This 5 in 1 rocker by Mee Mee provides enough options to a parent to take care of their baby. The frame is fully plastic made with a multi-cushioned removable bed for cleaning.

It can be converted to the desired form depending upon use like rocker, carrycot, feeding seat, reclining, and baby chair. A large canopy cover overhead protects the baby in every type of weather. For easy movement, it has a sturdy, easy to grip handle attached to it. Also, it is equipped with a special storage section where the baby’s essential accessories can be kept. This rocker is ideal for any baby between 0-3 years.


  • It is a multipurpose rocker.
  • A large canopy cover adds extra protection.
  • Extra storage space allows us to keep essential accessories.
  • Y shaped safety belt keeps the baby safe.


  • It cannot be converted into a bouncer.

10. R for Rabbit Hip Hop Bouncer Chair

R for Rabbit Hip Hop Bouncer Chair for Kids, Babies with Vibration

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R for Rabbit takes care of babies’ movements since birth with their awesome gadgets that support their movement. This is hip hop jolly bouncer type design. It is strengthened using hard plastics with quality cushioned fabric for extra comfort and support to the baby’s posture. The overhead toy bar is removable with two toys hanging, which has the feature of pull to play music.

It also provides a smooth vibration that gives enough comfort to babies while sleeping. This feature can be operated using a single ON/OFF switch at the bottom. The design is very pleasing and is loved by most of the babies. This is a highly safe bouncer as it is EN-71 safety certified. It is ideal for newborn babies.


  • The toys have a pull to play music feature.
  • It is lightweight and is easily movable.


  • It cannot sustain heavy weight babies of above 15 kg.


Buying a rocker or a bouncer isn’t an easy task as you have to check all the aspects to get the right one for your baby. So for your comfort, we have picked the best options for your baby. But we would like to recommend Fisher-Price Original Baby Rocker as an ideal choice for your newborn baby.

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