Top 10 Baby Safety Helmets in India 2021

Babies, as we all know, tend to be restless. They have lesser control over their movements and have underdeveloped bones and muscles, especially their developing brains and skull, making them very vulnerable to sudden shocks and impacts. It can cause them to have higher chances of getting severe injuries from collisions or falls. A recent study shows that 3/10 babies get injured and wounded, and most of them get head-related injuries.

A baby safety helmet is of utmost importance for the baby’s safety and will allow them to move freely with no danger. They are especially useful when traveling with their babies or when babies run around the house. The safety helmets add a layer of protection for the head, which minimizes the chances of a head injury. As babies’ skulls are developing, putting on the helmets can also shape the infant’s skull.

Here, we will be mentioning the best baby safety helmets brands in India that are helping to create a safe environment for the babies and creating no obstacles in their growing stage.

Best Infant Safety Helmets In India 

After thinking about this central point, you can undoubtedly get the best protection equipment and remember that you don’t go for a high-cost item, leading you to different financial issues in the future. As you will purchase head protectors for children, you need to experience less bunch, yet you remain centered to abstain from getting into any problems.

Buying Guide for the Best Baby Safety Helmet

Security: Consider purchasing an item that has a wellbeing endorsement. The principle objective behind the protective helmet is to give security. So check the item before purchasing with regards to if it has a security endorsement or not. Search for items that spread your child’s head protector from all sides. Infant helmets with face protection can secure both head and face.

Size: Purchasing a protective helmet that doesn’t accommodate your child’s head has no utilization. Protective helmets that are not appropriately fitted can cause more damage than anything. So utilize a delicate tape rule to gauge the size of your child’s head before purchasing.

Customizable: Sometimes, it’s not thoroughly checked. This is a significant factor to keep in mind. When the size is right, suiting it appropriately to your infant’s head guarantees total assurance. Additionally, as your child gets bigger each year, you can reuse it until he needs it.

Ventilation: When the child keeps running, creeping, or playing, they discharge heat. This makes the head removed. Helmets that are closed can lead to the warmth being caught and causes overheating. Always ensure that the protective helmet has legitimate ventilation that guarantees the common progression of air.

Solace: Proper ventilation in the helmet ensures that the child is at peace. Likewise, watch that the helmet ought not to be tight. It should not come over his/her eyes. The material of the head protector ought to be delicate enough that guarantees the solace of the child. This makes his strolling or creeping experience upbeat and productive.

Flatback: A basic component that is needed in any great head protector is a flat back. This guarantees that the protective helmet fits the child’s head well. It will shield the infant from getting hurt and keep him safe.

10 Best Baby Safety Helmets in India

1) KeepCare Baby Safety Helmet

Keepcare Baby Safety Helmet (Apple) - Baby Head Protector

With intense research for two years, KeepCare launched its first baby head protector designed to keep the infants safe when they are at the most curious or when they are learning to walk or crawl without realizing the dangerous moments like getting hurt or causing any head injuries by fall or by the corner of furniture or falling from the stairs.

The KeepCare, baby safety helmet offers extra safety for the toddlers’ heads. It is easily movable, lightweight, and comfortable to wear for a long time. These are made with breathable material. It is also highly recommended by child specialists.

This lightweight helmet makes sure that the head movements of the baby are free and easy. It can be worn by babies from the age of 8 months to 3 years with an expandable and adjustable fit suitable for different head sizes.

  • It is soft and flexible
  • It is lightweight and weighs about 60 gms
  • Calculative padding and eye for detail to prevent any head injury
  • Undisturbed visibility
  • Expandable and adjustable for proper fit and comfort
  • Adequately sized to guarantee the proper and free movement of the baby’s head.
  • The price is a bit high.

2) Liltoes Baby Safety Helmet

LILTOES Baby Safety Helmet with Kneepad Baby Pink

The baby helmets by LILTOES are impact-resistant headgears, especially useful when babies are learning to walk or crawl since then they have higher chances of colliding with corners or different objects. These ventilated, breathable and adjustable baby helmets are a go for any growing baby. LILTOES baby helmets are very durable, safe, and worn by toddlers aged between 8 months to 6 years.

The most crucial factor to consider helmets for babies is that they remain safe after wearing them. It is also essential to make sure that the helmets should be lightweight and do not become heavy and burdensome on the baby’s head. Liltoes safety helmets for babies allow free movement, weighing only around 65gms. These are also easy to wear and remove as it consists of a velcro strap on the back area. This ensures that it is adequately fastened and does not fall off easily.

  • The helmets are very soft and are ultra-lightweight at 65 gms.
  • It is appropriately padded to absorb shocks during collisions or falls.
  • With air ventilation capacity to avoid heating of the baby’s head and prevent from sweating
  • Adjustable so it can be used till the age of 5.
  • The product may or may not be washable.

3) Jadebin Safety Baby Helmets

Jadebin Baby Infant Adjustable Safety Helmet Colorful Protective Head Guard Harnesses Title

It is always good to have extra protection for your baby, and Jadebin does the work here. With its perfect cushioning and shock absorbent feature, it is a perfect head saver for the infants. It is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. The filling material is a special mesh IXPE, which makes it impact resistant. The materials also make it well protected for all the times when they are moving and take a tumble. Jadebin baby helmets again can be used from the age of 2 months – 60 months of age.

The material is 100% cotton, making it sweat absorbent and avoids the overheating of the baby’s head. It is also suitable for electrostatic prevention. It also has a demountable and movable visor that helps protect the baby’s front face if it falls forwards.

The main challenge of the helmet is that children need to wear them. For this, the most important thing is comfort and design. The design of Jadebin safety helmets is cute. It is a multicolor and has a small apple design all over it. It is very comfortable and does not itch the head.

  • Good air permeability helps in a better ventilation
  • Soft and non-toxic material
  • Environment protected
  • Odorless
  • Antisepsis
  • It is suitable both for indoors and outdoors
  • The material is full cotton, which is sweat absorbent and can make the product heavy.

4) Mimisku Baby Safety Helmets

MIMISKU Baby Safety Helmet with Corner Guard & Proper Ventilation (Blue)

It is essential to allow toddlers free movement to aid in their rapid development and satisfy their curiosity. But this must be done keeping their safety in mind as they are liable to be injured with even slight collisions with furniture or walls. This is where the Mimisku baby helmet comes into play as they protect toddlers’ heads from such impact as they move around and play.

These cotton helmets come with adjustable Velcro straps for toddlers of different ages. The material provides a comfortable wearing experience for babies with their sensitive skin. The foam helmets are lightweight and provide sufficient protection to the heads, minimizing damage and injuries from accidental bumps and collisions, making these helmets a perfect choice for toddlers.

  • Adjustable Velcro strapped helmets are meant for toddlers of differing ages.
  • Cotton allows breathing and comfort to the toddlers’ heads.
  • Helmets are lightweight and made of foam to provide maximum protection with minimum discomfort.
  • Helmets need to be secured and appropriately adjusted to be able to provide protection.

5) DearJoy Baby Safety Helmets

DearJoy Baby Safety Helmet with Corner Guard & Proper Ventilation + Kneepads (Blue)

DearJoy Baby Safety Helmets are meant to provide inquisitive toddlers with enough protection to their delicate heads from any collision trauma while not hindering them in any way. They are incredibly lightweight not to burden or inhibit the toddlers’ movements but do not compromise the protection afforded. The helmets are made of cotton, making them comfortable to wear.

They are designed to provide superior protection from accidental collisions to the babies’ heads and provide enough ventilation to prevent any discomfort. The helmets come with a pair of knee pads to protect the knees of crawling toddlers from cuts and scratches. These features allow the DearJoy safety helmets to be used every day, allowing babies to move freely without any risk of head injuries.

  • Lightweight helmets do not burden babies.
  • Cotton as a material is comfortable for yearlong wear foam in the helmet acts as a shock absorber.
  • The helmet comes with a pair of knee pads as additional protection for crawling babies.
  • Designed to allow ventilation and prevent babies from feeling uncomfortable due to lack of airflow.
  • Adjustable straps make the helmets suitable for toddlers of varying ages.
  • Gaps can be reduced to ensure more safety.

6) Biaba Baby Safety Helmets

Biaba Adjustable Baby Safety Helmet Anti-Collision Infant Head Protector Breathable Headguard - Yellow (Set of 1)

A special feature of the Biaba safety helmets for babies is the adjustable circumference for the head. This product reduces the impact of the hit on the head when the baby falls. It has omnidirectional ventilation that assures that the baby’s head does not get overheated.

It also makes sure that the baby’s head does not sweat too much. The make is of cloth and spandex, which gives flexibility and stretch-ability to the product. It weighs around 300gms.

  • Omni-directional ventilation is an additional feature
  • Completely comfortable and breathable
  • Comes with an adjustable circumference
  • Slightly heavier and can be burdensome on the baby

7) Skyga Baby Safety Helmets

SYGA 1 Piece Infant, Toddler & Baby Child Helmet Head Protector Cushion Bonnet_Pink Crown

SKYGA baby safety helmets have been designed to protect the baby from everyday collisions. They are designed and adequately padded to avoid any bumps and bruises for the bay while learning to walk, sit, or crawl. It is light wear and breathable.

It is also washable if worn outdoors. This, in turn, ensures the safety of the children from any outdoor germs or dust. The helmets have a perfect fit, and very thick cushioning is done and has a 43-53/45-58cm in circumference.

  • Good quality
  • The product is breathable, encouraging proper ventilation
  • Easily washable, making it equally safe after every use.
  • The product cushioning maybe a little thick, resulting in sweating

8) Motherly Padded Safety Baby Helmets

Motherly Padded Safety Baby Helmet for Bump-Free Protection (Grey Forest)

Motherly safety helmets for babies provide comprehensive protection. They are so safe that babies can easily play around. They can also walk and ride carefree without any injuries. It is a cotton helmet that is breathable. The inside cushions are spongy, making the super-fit right for any baby’s head. The velcros have been crafted nicely, having the capacity to absorb.

As the name says, the helmet works excellently as a protective layer saving the babies from bumps and bruises. Being a very stylish product with a wide range of colors, it provides your baby with the ultimate protection. It is super soft and comfortable, making it easy to use.

  • The soft cushioning sits perfectly on the head, diminishing the risk of injuries.
  • The Cotton-outer layer makes it leading to the extreme comfort of the baby.
  • Lessen the cause of irritation, unlike synthetic.
  • Highly durable and does not shrink at all.
  • It’s handcrafted to fit any head size.
  • Made up of a stretchable material.
  • The helmet should be adjusted properly before letting the baby run around freely.

9) Liltoes Safety Helmet With KneePads

LILTOES Baby Safety Helmet with Kneepad Royal Blue

The Liltoes baby safety helmet and a combination with the knee pad allows a growing toddler to learn and move about freely. Both the materials are made of high-grade cotton materials, which makes them very durable and as well as comfortable for the child.

The helmet is light and comfortable and is designed to prevent discomfort to the baby while wearing it. It is made up of sturdy materials lined with a thick and special filling to make it shock absorbent. It has opening vents for the passage of air, providing more comfort for the baby.

The knee pad has a foam base in the middle, which easily takes the knee’s shape. With the addition of the protective pads, the product becomes complete all-round protection for the baby.

  • The addition of a knee pad makes the product even safer for learning toddlers.
  • The helmets and pads are made of high-grade fibers of cotton, making them gentle and smooth.
  • The helmet has a Velcro locking and adjustable buckle, making it both sturdy and secure.
  • Both the helmet and the knee pad is cushioned and is shock absorbent.

10) Salmas Tinytots Safety Baby Helmets

Salma's Tinytots Kids Safety Protection Cushion Bumper Head Guard (Red)

The Salmas Tinytots baby helmets have a soft foam inner that ensures the child’s safety and comfort. It mainly helps when the child is trying to walk and tumbles. The protective cap provides proper cushioning. The product is 0.2 kgs.

Helmets are always protective, and this one too protects the baby’s head to get bumped from the forehead, side of the head, and back head. Moreover, it is a unisex product suitable for the age group’s babies 12 months and up.

  • The safety cushion is the highlight here as it has a very soft cushion and foam inner.
  • It is made of cotton, which makes it very breathable and sweat-absorbent
  • The product is non-returnable


In these times, where the living spaces are reducing, for a baby to grow, play, and learn, the best safety helmet must be selected for babies to protect them from serious injuries. The main factors to consider while purchasing a baby’s safety helmet are safety, price, and comfort.

Keeping these features in mind, the recommended product from our top 10 best baby safety helmets is Liltoes Safety Helmets with KneePads. The soft cushioning will keep the baby safe from bumps and bruises. It is the most comfortable and allows easy adjustability, allowing the product to be used for a long. It is lightweight as well, ensuring free movement for the infant in the growing stage.

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