10 Best Baby Straw Sippy Cups In India

Babies wouldn’t learn drinking from a bottle to a cup very easily.  They don’t even coordinate enough in this case. But here we are to help you in this matter. If your baby is ready to start drinking out of something other than a bottle, straw sippy cups are the best option. When you want to purchase an age-specific item for your baby, you always want the best, non-toxic, not catch dirt very easily, and obviously, there should be no risks involved.

No matter what brand’s cup you choose, the cup’s material is always taken equal, as the cup itself.


Drinking from glass is very difficult for your baby, and it requires some special training as well. Trust me, it can turn out quite messy. Nowadays most of the parents are working. They might not have enough time to take care of all those messy spilling and cleaning the child in their hectic schedule. For those scenarios, a straw sippy cup is beneficial. It will provide you and your baby a spill-free drinking every time you travel or outside.


There are many things you should remember when buying a straw sippy cup.

  1. Variety of spout

Sippy cups come in many different varieties.

  • Soft spout
  • Hard spout
  • Straw
  • Spoutless

You should always choose according to your baby’s age. But a straw sippy cup is always a good option.

  1. Materials should be good

No matter what brand’s cup you choose, the cup’s material is as important as the cup itself.

A straw sippy cup can be made of plastic, steel, or glass. For a less than 9 months old baby, you should choose a lightweight plastic or steel one.

  1. Easy to use
  • Grip: The cup should be designed for tiny hands to hold them. For under 9 months of age, you can use a trainer handle, which helps babies hold the cup. Make sure your baby can hold it in both hands properly.
  • Cover: Cover is a must. It is not only important to cover drink, but it also maintains a spill less drinking every time. We highly recommend you opt for a straw cover with the cover straw sippy cup.
  • Spill and leak-free: Always go for a spill-free and leak proof straw sippy cup. The valves in the cup should hold the drink properly. It is an important feature when your baby is still learning how to drink.
  1. Less cleaning hustle

You should clean straw sippy cups daily.  But the cleaning process has to be easy. The design of the straw sippy cup shouldn’t have any part that is difficult to clean. Also, check the inner straw, spout, cover, and valves, etc., because they are more prone to get dirty quickly.

  1. Sturdy design

The most important thing to remember is a sturdy material that should sustain fall. Otherwise, babies won’t take long to break or crack it very easily. And make sure the cover, the lid, and the other part are also sturdy.

  1. Age suitability

Choose an age-appropriate straw sippy cup. Remember, your baby is growing faster than you think. So find one that matches your baby’s needs.

A very soft or very hard spout is not good for your baby for a long time because it can hamper your baby’s speech development.

Lastly, you need to buy a straw sippy cup that is age-appropriate, easy to clean, easy to handle. And also, check the safety measurements before you buy it. You don’t need to invest in more than one cup if your choice is right. Give your baby some extra training and extra time to get used to that.

Sippy cups prove to be a lot flexible, when it comes to train the baby for transitioning from feeding bottle to the regular cups. If you have been looking for a detailed review of the best sippy cups in India for your baby, it’s worth going through our article. The sippy cup that we will mention here will help bridge the gap and work as a great deal in allowing the baby to adjust with sipping. They are better when compared to the regular cups and require less time for cleaning.

Besides, you don’t have any more frustration about cleaning up the spills or changing the outfits of your baby. You can rest assured of the minimized spills. The sippy cups are well designed for withstanding tossing from the high regions as well. So, let’s get started with the list of the top 10 best Sippy cups for babies.

Top 10 Best Straw Sipper Cups In India 2020

1) Philips Avent Straw Sippy Cup 200ml

Philips Avent My Bendy Straw Cup 300ml/10oz (12M+) (Assorted)

The straw sipper cup holds ergonomic handles that become ideal for the overall development of the babies. The availability of anti-leak designs leads to the prevention of spills. Moreover, the sipper cup holds the easy assemblage pattern that makes it dishwasher safe as well. You can get enough convenience when you have the integrated V top design to prevent the spills.

Overall, the lower design also helps in making drinking easy. The BPA free composition, along with the easy to hold handles develop compatibility with sipping habits. Everything makes it perfect. You can get attractive colors that make it the ideal cup for a toddler’s development needs.

  • The durability is amazing
  • It is easy to hold a cup
  • The leak-proof featured make it outstanding
  • You can get well-regulated movement
  • It is easy to clean
  • Sometimes you can get the plastic smell while washing it.

2) Pigeon Magmag Straw Cup

Pigeon Magmag Training Straw Cup, White/Orange

The drinking style of the toddler changes as they grow and develop oral skills. In this regard, it becomes essential to providing the toddler with a comfortable and smooth transition from breastfeeding to drinking with the straw independently. The training cup system is perfect for facilitating and enhancing the baby’s development by giving the right drinking skills pattern. It will also be allowing the smooth transition from nipples to straw with the availability of the interchangeable tops.

The all in one set of the training cup makes it fit for the toddler’s oral development. So, once the sucking power of the baby gets stronger, he or she can use this stroke up. It has the hole at the tip that will be facilitating the quick shipping capability. Besides, it is spill-proof, that makes it a perfect one for drinking. The handling capability of the cup ensures that it will be lasting long enough. The cup has wide and straight handles. The BPA free seal, leak-proof, and spill-proof cup is safe to use and is better than many other drinking mugs.

  • It is easy to hold a cup
  • The cup is value for money product
  • Sipping the liquid through it is comfortable
  • The leak-proof design makes it worth the price
  • Durability is not that good, and no leaking properties start degrading.

3) Luvlap Banana Time Cup

LuvLap Banana Time 210ml Anti Spill, Interchangeable Sipper / Sippy Cup with Soft Silicone Spout and Straw BPA Free, 6m+ (Green)

The sipper assists the baby to go through the transition stages for drinking independently. The cup comes with the spout and the straw for supporting the stages of transition. Overall, the handles are also well designed for fitting the hands of the toddler. Besides, it is having the detachable parts to make it customized for the toddlers’ needs and preferences.

The built-in straw allows the baby to keep drinking without the occurrence of further spills or mess. Overall, the sterilized and BPA-free cup allows the upper parts to open instantly with just the application of the small pressure. So, it is easy to use, especially when you are releasing the pressure. The sterilizable and dishwasher safe cup is trending in the market due to its long-lasting durability.

  • It is easy to clean straw cup
  • Holding it is effortless
  • The leak-proof parts make it perfect
  • Washing every nook and corner takes time.

4) R for Rabbit Premium Bubble Sipper

R for Rabbit Premium Bubble Sipper 300 ml|10 fl oz|Anti Spill Sippy Cup with Soft Silicone Straw BPA Free & Non Toxic for Baby or Kids of 9 Months Plus (Blue)

The 12 months+ sipper cup is perfect for supporting the liquids within it. Your baby can drink from the cup without the chances of spelling even a drop. The spill-free sipper is ideal in terms of the BPA free composition that makes it safe for the child. Overall, the leak-proof and spill-proof design makes it an excellent product for the toddlers. It is well designed for giving the ease of holding it while drinking the liquid. Besides, the weighted straw keeps the dispensing the liquid whenever it is kept at any angle.

Besides, a flip-lock allows the sipper to make the liquid travel to the toddler’s mouth easily. The smooth handle also helps the baby hold the cup comfortably while making him or her independent during drinking. The uniquely designed straw cup is toxin-free that will help the baby tilt it in any direction.

  • The spill-proof feature is excellent
  • It is the travel-friendly equipment
  • There are movable twin handles that make it easy to adjust
  • Assembling and disassembling the parts takes time.

5) Luvlap Birdie Sipper

LuvLap Moby Little Spout Sipper for Infant/Toddler, 240ml, Anti-Spill Sippy Cup with Soft Silicone Spout BPA Free, 6m+ (Blue)

This is the magical cup in the world of toddlers that will give an amazing time growing up. The cup’s heartwarming design is perfect for giving the toddler the ability to start learning sipping without spillage anymore. So, if you care about your toddler and want him or her to understand the utmost comfort and safety while drinking, then it’s worth choosing the cup. The detachable anti-slip handles and the flip side design make it ideal for the 12 months+ baby.

Besides, the leak-proof and non-spill parts make it easy for the prevention of unwanted spelling and mess. Similarly, you can rest assured that the straw will be hygienic and convenient to use at all times. The parts are sterilized and available for easy cleaning. The BPA-free composition makes it good for the training cup that is ideal for the toddlers.

  • It is easy to hold the cup
  • Its value for money cup
  • Using it and cleaning it is an effortless task
  • The durability is long-lasting
  • The leak-proof features start degrading with time.

6) Chicco Training Cup

Chicco Training Cup, Neutral, Multicolor

The semi-soft spout type of cup is gentle on the gums and has the perfect design for the teeth. Overall, the gripping units and handles help in proper positioning of the lower lip and sipping easily. The spill-proof unit helps in the quick transitioning of the baby from the breastfeeding stages to the sipping stages.

Besides, the availability of the protective cap helps in the maintenance of hygiene. The interchangeable lids, as well as base consisting of BPA composition latex and PPC free components, ensure non-toxic nature. Overall, it is the self-feeding skill development cup that is great for the use of toddlers. It is easy to hold a cup that comes with removable and non-slip handles. It is the perfect cup for the children who are above 2 years of age.

  • It is value for money equipment
  • Using it is easy
  • The leak-proof units start leaking in a short time.

7) Beebaby Floppy Soft Silicone Cup

BeeBaby My Flippy Soft Silicone Straw Sippy Cup / Sipper. 100% BPA Free | Spill-Proof. (250 ML / 8 oz.) (Violet) 12M+

The Silicon straw cup is a leak-proof and no-spill cup that helps in the prevention of unwanted spelling and mess. Overall, the integration with a leak-proof and flip-top design makes it a perfect fit unit for the toddlers. The cup is easy to use to assemble and clean. Babies get the encouragement of drinking on their own by flexing their mouth muscles. The convenient, durable, lightweight, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use type of cup is 100% BPA-free and is designed for effortless cleaning and carrying.

Moreover, it comes with the easy opening parts that make it worth the price. The ultra-lightweight with the ergonomic shape and easy to hold parts makes it the inspiring design for the toddlers. While using it, the baby can rest assured that the soft silicone strap holds into the lid and will be remaining clean even during carrying. The lowest zone has a print design that makes it easy for drinking until the baby sips it to the endpoint.

  • It is value for money
  • It is easy to use and clean
  • The leak-proof design makes it perfect
  • You will get the availability of multiple colors
  • The durability reduces with time.

8) AVNS India Stainless Steel Sippy Cup

AVNS INDIA Stainless Steel Elegant Baby Sipper/Sippy Cup for Kids with Gum Protection and Straw Cleaning Brush (250 ml, 1-4 Years)

Stainless steel composition becomes a healthy option for the kid because it is easily available for sterilization by putting the stainless steel sipper into the boiling hot water. Moreover, the design makes even cleaning easy. So, you don’t have to worry about the spills when you have it anymore. You can give it a try for frequent usage as well and it is very durable too.

Get a detachable food grade silicone straw cup that helps in safeguarding the child from hurting. The simple cup is lightweight and is perfect with the antibacterial material composition. Overall, the sipper cup that comes with the cleaning brush makes it easy to use and clean effectively.

  • It is easy to clean cup
  • It is value for money cup
  • The leak-proof design makes it great
  • It is not that fit for traveling.

9) MeeMee Easy Grip 360° Trainer Sipper Cup

Mee Mee Easy Grip 360° Trainer Sipper Cup, Orange, 240ml

The growing baby requires the right transition from the bottle to the cup that will make it easier for him or her to learn sipping. The 360-degree trainer sipper cup is perfect for becoming a part of the joy for the baby. It is well equipped with the soft silicone that allows liquids to pass easily through the straw.

Whenever you choose this cup for the baby, you can rest assured that it has undergone International standards compliance with the safety and hygiene regulations. The feature makes it stand out. The ergonomically designed baby cup is perfect for holding the normalized function. The cup makes it easy to carry and feed whenever you are traveling. So, now the task of teaching your baby to sip with the cup becomes easy when you have it.

  • The leak-proof feature makes it great
  • It is easy to use cup cleaning
  • It is also easy to sip with the flow of the liquid
  • It is not at all scratch proof.

10) Munchkin Click Lock Straw Cup

Munchkin Click Lock Weighted Flexi Straw Trainer Cup-7 Oz (Orange)

The little ones start moving quickly in every direction, and so they want something that will give them the ability to drink from every angle. The straw cup is well designed with the flip-top lid and the cup that offers the leak-proof functionality. Overall, the cup is perfect for use with the secured parts. So, you can rest assured that it will be the perfect cup for your dreams.

The weighted straw allows the toddlers to hold the cup effortlessly while sipping the liquid from the straw. The technology with the guaranteed leak-proof seal makes it perfect for holding milk, juice, as well as water. Besides, the soft and flexible straw becomes ideal for the gums, including the brush for cleaning up. The BPA free straw cup is good and dishwasher safe.

  • The cup is very durable
  • Drinking from it is quite easy
  • The straw is movable that makes it easy to sip
  • It starts leaking with time.


To conclude, we can say that the super cups are great enough to help your kid develop proper oral habits while boosting the mouth’s vascular development. Additionally, each of these cups that we have mentioned above is free from toxic materials that make them great enough for sipping liquids. You can feed your baby milk, juice, and other drinks.

From the list, we find that the MeeMee Easy Grip 360° Trainer Sipper Cup is the best one for developing the baby’s oral habits. Hopefully, we have placed the names of the top straw sipper cups in India that are trending in the market. Pick the one that you find is the most comfortable for your baby.

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