Top 6 Best Baby Walkers In India 2021

The newborns are often welcomed in the house with a lot of gifts. Even though the newborn is not able to use them right at the moment, the gifts are for his foreseeable future. From the clothes to toys, everything is gifted to the newborn. The best thing you can give your baby is the baby walker. Walking is the first phase of development, and you don’t want it to be hindered by the lack of the best baby walkers. With the help of baby walkers, your child can easily and comfortably start walking around the place. 

Holding the baby when they have the first steps is good, but not ideal. It has the emotional value, but in the practical sense, you should always use the best baby walkers in India. With the baby walkers, it becomes easier for the child to take the first steps without any efforts. Comfort is the priority for the children, and you should not ignore that. With the baby walkers in India, the baby gets all the comfort and easily takes the first steps in the walker. 

If you are a new parent and looking for the best baby walkers in India, then you have a lot of options to choose from. There are a ton of products in the offline market and online market. So, you have to do the primary research while choosing the best baby walkers in India. Without the research, you might overspend or choose the product that does not suit your requirements. But don’t worry, you don’t have to search the online and offline markets for the best baby walkers. In this post, we are listing the best baby walkers in India that you can buy from the online markets. With the proper research, we’ve listed only the best products that suit different requirements. So, check out the list for the best products that you can order from the online marketplace. 

6 Best Baby Walkers In India 

1) Mee Mee Baby Walker with Height Adjustability

Mee Mee Baby Walker with Adjustable Height and Push Handle Bar (Blue)

If you are looking for the best seller baby walker in India that is loved by thousands of parents, you should check out the Mee Mee Baby Walker with height adjustability. It’s one of the best seller products on the Amazon marketplace in India. You can find a lot of useful features in this baby walker. 

For the safety of the children, it is made by following the international standards of safety and hygiene. So, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your child. Not just that, it’s made with the premium material, which makes it sturdy and durable as it’s made with the high-grade plastic and the steel. So, the same provides it with the necessary strength and durability. The adjustable height of the baby walker is the best feature for all of the parents. With this feature, you can adjust the overall height of the baby walker according to the height of your child. So, if your child grows very fast, you can adjust the height, and he/she can walk in it comfortably. 

The 360-degree rotating wheels make it easier for the children to roam around. The wheels will rotate to any direction, so the child can move around without any issues. Not just the wheels, but the comfortable seat is another useful thing. With a comfortable seat, the baby won’t have any issues while sitting in the baby walker for a long time. For the entertainment of the baby, the Mee Mee Baby Walker comes with the removable electronic toys. The E-toys produce music, which engages the baby and calms the baby for riding the baby walker with ease. 

Along with all these features, the Mee Mee Baby Walker comes with the long push handle. The long push handle is useful for the parents to carry the baby in the walker. If you are not willing to use it as the walker, then you can carry your baby in this cart. Well, it’s one of the best seller products due to the features and affordable pricing. The company has priced Mee Mee Baby walker competitively, and it’s very affordable for almost everyone.

  • Comfortable seat with Cushioning for long time use.
  • 360-Degree Rotational Wheels for smoother rolling
  • Height Adjustments according to the needs. 
  • Long Push Handle for parents to carry the walker in the house. 
  • Quite Heavy to carry. 
  • No Safety Wheel Lock. So, the baby might roll uncontrollably sometimes. 

2) LuvLap Sunshine Baby Walker

Mee Mee Baby Walker with Adjustable Height and Push Handle Bar (Pink)

The LuvLap sunshine baby walker is one of the best seller products on the Amazon marketplace. It comes with a lot of features that you should want to have in a baby walker. It comes with some unique features like the wheel stoppers, which is not available in many other baby walkers in India. With the press down vacuum stoppers, the wheels will lock into the place with ease. There is no issue with the baby sliding around uncontrollably. You can easily lock the wheels and prevent the baby from sliding. 

The three-level adjustable height setting is commendable. The parents can adjust the height of the baby walker according to the height of the baby. The three-level adjustments come with the auto height lock, which is a safety feature. For those who are worried about safety, there is nothing to worry about the same. The manufacturer has taken all the care from the safety perspective. 

The 360-Degree rotating wheels help the baby to move around in the walker with ease. There are eight wheels in total, which ensure the smooth movement around the house. Not just that, the detachable toy trays are what the baby will love the most. There are some inbuilt toys, and you can also attach some more toys according to your needs. The rattle toys and electronic musical toys are inbuilt and removable. The best thing I found about this product is that it comes with the detachable cushioned seat. 

The detachable seat is fully washable, so you can take care of the hygiene of the bay with ease. It is available in blue, pink and purple colours. According to the manufacturer, the product is suitable for the babies of 6 months to 18 months older. Also, the rated maximum weight handling capacity is 12 KG, which is impressive. It is one of the most affordable baby walkers in India. 

  • The Three-level height adjustment with the safety lock is the best thing. 
  • Detachable toy tray is another useful feature to add or remove the favourite toys of the baby.
  • Eight wheels that rotate 360-degree to ensure effortless movements of the baby in the walker. 
  • Press-Down Vacuum stoppers for wheels provide the ultimate safety to the babies. It prevents uncontrollable sliding of the walker with babies. 
  • The product is made with low-grade plastic. So, durability is quite compromised. 
  • There is no Push-Handle provided to the parents for carrying babies in this walker. 

3) Fisher-Price Musical Baby Walker Lion

Fisher-Price Musical Walker Lion

Fisher-Price is one of the well-known brands in the industry. The toys from the Fisher-Price are loved by millions of babies all around the world. The Fisher-Price Musical Walker Lion is the best product from the company for the infants. This is the interactive musical walker lion, which is not simply a lion. It comes with a lot of features that you will not find in any other baby walkers in India. The product comes with interactive games, which keeps the babies engaged for a long time. 

It is a very lightweight product, which makes it easier for the babies to grab the handle and walk around the house. It is made with high-grade plastic, so it retains the strength and also loses some weight. If your baby is going to take the first steps, then this product will definitely help the baby to take the first steps. With the proper handle, the baby can have proper motor coordination and start walking with support. It is not a typical sit-in baby walker. But, it’s a Stand and walks style baby walker. 

It has four wheels, which makes balancing better. Also, the wheels roll smoothly, making it one of the easy to use baby walkers for the babies themselves. On the front side, the classic lion design is made. On the same, babies will have access to nearly eight different games. The babies would definitely love the games and engage in the activities if they are tired of walking for a long time. According to the Fisher-Price, the game activities will help the baby to strengthen muscles, increase balance and coordination. It’s a bit expensive considering the popularity of the brand. But, you should not stop yourself from spending on this baby walker, as it’s one of the best products in the market. 

  • The Handle grip is quite good. It becomes easy for babies to grab them comfortably. 
  • Lightweight product, easier to move around the house. 
  • Comes with Eight fun games and activities for muscles, balance and coordination improvements. 
  • It is made with High-grade plastic—a highly Durable product. 
  • Stand and Walk style construction. The Babies can’t sit in this product. 
  • No Speed brakes on this product. Quite risky for the babies as they can uncontrollably slide.
  • Expensive Price Tag.

4) SunBaby Butterfly Walker

Sunbaby Baby Walker Kids Activity Rattle Toys for Babies Cycle, Adjustable Height, Thick, Safe & Comfortable Seat, Rotatable Wheel, Music Button, for Infant of 6 to 20 Months (Blue)

The babies love having some unique toys in their arsenal. If you are looking for a Baby walker in India, then you should check out the SunBaby Butterfly walker. The SunBaby Butterfly walker is one of the best baby walkers in India. It comes with the interesting butterfly design, which will be loved by the babies. The butterfly design and the sturdy construction is the best thing I loved about this baby walker. The sturdy construction with high-quality plastic and the metals is very durable. There are no issues if you use it rigorously to train your baby to walk properly. 

The thick cushioned seats make it one of the most comfortable walkers for the babies. The babies will get proper support with the thick seats. So, while walking, they won’t get tired easily. Not just that, the thick seats are fully washable. You can remove the seat and wash it regularly with hands or in the washing machine. So, taking care of hygiene is pretty easy. 

The height adjustability with the safety lock is a great feature for those who are concerned about safety. The manual safety lock ensures the safety of the babies after adjusting the height according to the needs. To move around the house with ease, the 360-degree wheels are equipped. The wheels are pretty smooth and are omnidirectional, so it’s easy to roll the baby walker on the flat floor. 

For the entertainment of the babies, it comes with the electronic toys tray. The toy tray contains a few electronic toys, which have preset music. The toys need batteries to operate, which are not included in the product. But the tray is removable, and you can add any other toy as your requirements. With the butterfly design and thick seats, it is very comfortable for the kids as they start to take the first steps using this walker. Even the pricing of this product is very affordable, so you don’t have to worry about the same. 

  • Beautiful Butterfly Design 
  • Three-Position Height Adjustability option. Manual Height Lock option available.
  • 360-Degree wheels with smooth-rolling. 
  • Available in Multiple colours like Blue, White, Pink, and Red. 
  • The product is pretty heavy. It’s pretty hard to carry around the house for the parents. 
  • The Edges of the frame are pretty sharp. This is a safety concern for the babies. 
  • No wheel roll lock feature provided.

5) BAYBEE Smart Witty Baby Walker

BAYBEE Smart Witty Plastic Round Baby Walker with Adjustable Height and Musical Toy Bar Rattles and Ultra Soft Seat for Kids (Blue, 6 Months to 2 Years)

Are you looking for the safest baby walker in India? Then the BAYBEE Smart, the witty walker is the best one in the industry. The BAYBEE Smart Witty Baby walker comes with the EN71 certification, which is the European Standards for safety certification. Getting this certification for this product is a great thing, as the procedure is stringent and safety standards are strict. If you want ultimate safety for your baby, then buying the BAYBEE baby walker in India is the best thing you can do. 

The product has different useful features for those who are looking for a perfect baby walker. With the three-position height adjustment, it becomes easier for the parents to adjust the height. The parents can use this product for the babies of 6-1 months of age. So, the parents will definitely need to use the height adjustment settings. For the comfort of the babies, this baby walker comes with the thick cushioned seats. The seats are cushioned, as well as the backrest. Yes! There is a backrest for the babies, so they can rest when not walking with the help of the walker. 

Thre 360-Degree rotating wheels make it easier for the babies to move around the house. The babies won’t have to exert any pressure while walking with the smooth-rolling wheels. Unfortunately, the wheels don’t have the brakes, so it is essential to keep an eye on the babies while they are walking with this walker. 

Just like any other baby walker in India, the BAYBEE Smart Witty Baby walker comes disassembled in the package. Fortunately, the assembly process is pretty simple, and you can assemble the product within a few minutes. Even though it has the European Safety standards certification, the product is very affordable for everyone. With this price point, you won’t find any other baby walker in India that has the EN71 certification. 

  • Thick Padded Backrest for Ultimate Comfort while sitting in the walker.
  • EN71 Certification for Following the European Safety Standards. 
  • 360-Degree Rotating Wheels for smooth walking. 
  • No Lighting Toys included or supported with this product. It’s a Basic Baby walker. 
  • Seat Fabric is of Low Quality. Tears easily after longtime use.

6) VTech First Steps Baby Walker

VTech First Steps Baby Walker

VTech First Steps Baby walker is one of the most expensive baby walkers in India. It is not only expensive but also comes with a lot of features for the babies. If you want to provide the ideal support for your baby’s first steps, then the VTech First Steps Baby walker is the best product. It’s a 2-in-1 baby walker, which is a walker and also the activity centre for your kids. On the front side, you will find a bunch of small activities or the games, which are great for the babies. 

Plastic is the only material used in the construction of this baby walker. But, the plastic used is of high-quality, so you don’t have to worry about the durability and the quality of the product. The wheels are textured, so they will have a proper grip on the ground. Even if you are using this baby walker on the smooth surface, the textured wheel will prevent unnecessary rolling of the walker. For the parents, this walker comes with the easy-grip handle, with which the parents can easily grab the handle and carry the walker anywhere they want. 

The comfortable seat with the small backrest ensures that the baby will not face any issues. The fabric used is breathable, so using it for a long time won’t be a big problem. To move around, there are eight textured wheels. The omnidirectional wheels make it easier for the babies to move around without any effort. According to the manufacturer, the product is suitable for the babies of 6 months to three years of age. With the games and activities on the front side, it will be helpful for the babies to spend some time and improve their cognitive skills. The only issue with this product is the pricing. It is one of the most expensive yet the best baby walkers in India. 

  • Two-in-One Baby walker with Fun Interactive games and activities for cognitive function improvement. 
  • Lightweight baby walker. Easy to carry around in hands. 
  • Textured and omnidirectional wheels for excellent grip on the ground and movement. 
  • Doesn’t come with the Wheel Lock. So, the babies can slide uncontrollably in some cases.
  • Requires Manual Assembly. The product comes disassembled, so it requires manual assembly.
  • Very Expensive. The pricing is very expensive and unaffordable to most of the middle-class parents. 

Final Words 

It is essential to support your baby while taking the first steps. There is nothing better than the best baby walkers to support the babies for their first steps. Almost everyone amongst us has used the baby walkers in our childhood to learn walking with ease. It’s an excellent baby product, which ensures the proper posture and encourages the babies to start walking. Nowadays, baby walkers have become multipurpose, so they can be used as the baby walker and also the baby stroller. Well, it’s essential to do the proper research before buying the best baby walkers in India. 

You can find a lot of products on the market. But it’s crucial to choose the best one that suits the babies requirements. Well, you don’t have to spend too much time doing the research online, as we’ve already done the same. In this post, we’ve listed all of the products that have the most positive reviews. With a lot of features, reviews and the affordable pricing, all of the products listed here are the best ones. As a parent, all you have to do is to check out the best baby walkers in this post and choose the one that suits the best for your needs. 

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