Top 10 Best Baby Food Nibblers in India 2021

Feeding a baby in the right way is crucial. After a few months of birth there comes the time when they need to have solid food apart from milk and baby food. It is necessary for the baby to get used to the taste of solid food as they cannot always rely on baby food. The perfect way to start with is to pick a best baby food nibbler, which is the best tool introduced to get the baby accustomed to solid food at an early stage.

A baby food nibbler has a feeder, cap and a nibble to prevent the baby from choking. It is beneficial to introduce the baby to tasty and healthy fruits. You just have to put a whole fruit or other solid foods in the feeder and seal the cap. The baby will suck tiny parts of the food by breaking the food while sucking them. Food nibbles provide great help in extending teeth in babies for which you need to use chilled food.

The right way to introduce solid food to the little munchkin is through food nibbler.  Baby food might not always give the baby the right amount of nutrients required in their growing stages so using a food nibbler is appropriate. The food nibbler comes in various qualities and types, you can choose the right one from the Best Food Nibblers in India.

10 Best Food Nibblers In India For Baby 2020

1) Fisher-Price Ultra care Food nibbler

Fisher-Price Ultra care Food Nibbler with Extra Mesh, Blue

Fisher-Price is one of the best companies working amazingly well in manufacturing things of child needs. They are renowned for manufacturing the right quality products keeping in mind the tender nature of little ones. The ultra care food nibbler is the right feeding method to engage the child in feeding fresh and frozen fruits. Baby can chew the food at their own pace with minimal supervision required.

The material of the ultra care food nibbler is Silicon and the recommended age is of 6 months. Babies can also be given medicines in this food nibbler whom they easily eat without realizing it. The Fisher-Price Ultra care food nibbler with extra mesh comes with a unique anti-choking design, the unique sieve design allows the tiniest food particle to go through. The safety lock design of the Ultra care food nibbler prevents food from spilling.

  • Silicone material enables the child to eat every part of the food.
  • Easy to chew and helps in teeth extensions.
  • Prevents the child from choking as it comes in a unique anti-choking design.
  • Easy to hold the nibbler with proper grip and comes in the bright blue color a child loves.
  • The food might spill if not locked properly.

2) LuvLap Silicone Fruit Nibbler

LuvLap Silicone Food/Fruit Nibbler with Extra Mesh, Soft Pacifier/Feeder, Teether for Infant Baby, Infant, Heartfills Yellow & Pink, BPA Free

LuvLap has been in the list of manufacturing baby goodies for years and has marked its place right by manufacturing quality products. The LuvLap food nibbler is safe and is made of 100% soft silicone and is made of BPA free food-grade plastic. The soft silicone sack enables easy and quick filling with food or fruits. The little one finds it easy to chew and suck the tiny particles of food and fruit from the mesh.

The use of a nibbler provider good oral stimulation and gives relief to the teething gums. The LuvLap food nibbler comes with an attractive easy-grip handle for better hold of the child and is easy to sterilize it. The baby gets engaged in sucking and chewing the food that enables them to get all the health benefits of the food.

  • Comes with a leak-proof seal, so you don’t have to worry about the child spilling their food.
  • The product serves a dual purpose; the baby can also use the nibbler as a teether.
  • It comes in unique handle design; the baby can easily hold the grip of.
  • The product is made up of soft silicone and is BPA free.
  • Sometimes the baby can open it and take the fruit of it so be careful while locking it.

3) BeeBaby Silicone Food and Fruit Nibbler

BeeBaby Silicone Food and Fruit Nibbler/Feeder with Extra Silicone Mesh. (Blue)

BeeBaby is the most talked-about brand about children’s care, manufacturing certified products since forever. The Food and fruit nibbler is safe to use for infants and s made of nontoxic polypropylene plastic and silicone. It is 100% free from BPA and is safe for babies to chew every tiny part of the food.

The baby food nibbler severs dual purpose and comes in different size mesh for 4 months and 6-month babies. It is appropriate for the stimulation of teething gums. The best advantage of the product is its size; it is super easy to carry and made for the ultimate grip of the child.

  • The product comes in ergonomic shapes and helps easy carry and grip.
  • It is easily crafted and can be cleaned and sterilized without much inconvenience.
  • The protection covering nibbler prevents the mesh from germs and dust.
  • It serves the dual purpose of nibbler and teether.
  • When the liquid is poured in the mesh, I can be messy at times.

4) Mee Mee Fruit and Food Nibbler

Mee Mee Fruit & Food Nutritional Feeder (Dark Blue & Light Blue) [Mee Mee is an endeavor to easy journey with their plethora of baby care products with 100 plus me and Moms stores and 10000 specialized stores. The Mee Mee nibbler conforms to FDA and the international safety standards for harmless consumption. They are safe for use and are made from BPA-free grade polypropylene plastic.

It has a soft silicone sack that gets easily filled with whole food or fruit. Its unique design enables the child to chew tiny food and provides oral stimulation and gives the sensation of relief and tenderness to the baby.

  • The unique design of the products prevents the child from hurting or choking themselves.
  • The mesh cover is made of good plastic components keeping the mesh safe.
  • It comes in attractive color.
  • The holder is made smooth so the child doesn’t hurt their hand.
  • Due to some manufacturing glitch, you might sometime fail to lock the product.

5) NEPEE Silicone Food feeder

NEPEE Silicone Baby Fresh Fruit Food Feeder/Pacifier Feeder Nibbler/Fruit Dummy (Blue) Pack of 1

NEPEE is one of the reputed companies known for the child’s health care and comes with an easy-grip for those little hands and a smooth surface to provide any sorts of injury. The nibbler is super light weighted and is convenient for the baby to grasp and develop motor skills.

The product is made up of the right quality food-grade silicone rubber and is non-toxic, tasteless, and easy to wash and sterilize. The food particles come out easily when desired to wash the nibbler. The nibbler enables the bay to go through the teething phase more adequately.

  • The product is made of soft silicone and is appropriate for babies.
  • Available at an affordable price.
  • The product is easy to clean.
  • It comes with easy-grip handles for those little hands.
  • The child might sometimes tear the mesh as it is made up of very soft silicon.

6) R for Rabbit Premium silicon Nibbler

R for Rabbit Premium First Feed Soft Silicon Nibbler for Babies | Hygenic & BPA Free| Baby Fruit & Food Veggie Teether| Pacifier for Babies 0 to 6 Months (Green)

The nibbler R for a rabbit is made up of BPA free silicone material that’s safe for the child and is safe to use. The child would enjoy the rabbit-like holder with giving a good grip and a toy-like feeling so the child can enjoy while feeding.

The design of the feeder is very cute and small and can be handled easily by the child. The cover is BPA free to cover the eatables from getting spoiled. The handle of the nibbler is made smooth and is very portable.  You can feed the child chilled fruits and a vegetable so that eases the gums and stimulates mouth muscles.

  • Smooth handles for better grip and prevention of injury.
  • Cute rabbit design for playing and eating.
  • The soft silicon made design helps in soothing the gums and muscles with chilled food.
  • Easy to carry and light-weighted.
  • Some parents feel the price is high according to the product.

7) Baby Shopiieee Fruit Feeder

Baby Shopiieee Fresh Food Nibbler Silicone Baby Infant Fruit Feeder Dummy Pacifier Newborn Nipple (Multicolour)

The Baby Shopiieee products are made from one of the widely know manufacturers reaching milestones in the manufacturing of baby products with each product. The nibbler has easy to fill fruit and food ability and s made of soft non-toxic silicone. It becomes easy for the child to suck and chew the tiny food particles.

The mesh protects the food from any kind of germs or dust. The product can easily be cleaned by washing off the food particles which comes out very easily and then sterilizing it in water for 5 minutes.  There are various colors of the product available keeping the infant happy as they love colors.

  • Comes in beautiful colors.
  • The soft silicone soothes the gums and enhances oral stimulation.
  • The grip is thick and easy to hold.
  • The fruit nibble silicone teat is just the right size to ensure food transfer.
  • The food might spill sometimes as the child pushes the lock.

8) Safe-O-Kid- Pack of 1-BPA Free, Silicone Food/Fruit Nibbler, Soft Pacifier/Feeder for Baby- Pink

Safe-O-Kid- Pack of 1-BPA Free, Silicone Food/Fruit Nibbler, Soft Pacifier/Feeder for Baby- Pink

The child needs all the nutrition of the food, the fruit they eat and it is necessary to ensure that the nibbler they use has the right teed so that the food easily passes through. The Safe-o-kid nibbler is made of high-quality soft silicone and is free from toxic materials so the child can explore new tastes without any fear.

There is no risk of choking or hurting their mouth as the entire nibbler is made of smooth material and the food they suck comes out in tiny particles so they get the right nutrition without choking.

  • Comes with cover to prohibit germs from infecting the nibbler.
  • The colors are all bright and loved.
  • The high-quality silicone is manufactured while manufacturing.
  • Easy to use and sterilize.
  • The size might sometimes be a problem so adult supervision is advised.

9) Wishkey BPA-Free Silicone Food Nibbler

WISHKEY Silicone Fruit Teether and Food Nibbler for Baby (Multicolour) -Combo Pack of 2

This product is manufacturing using safe non-toxic material which is widely recommended to be used in baby products. It does not react to baby food or drinks when chewing. It is highly durable and has a lined grip handle made as per the child’s hand so they don’t face any difficulty while holding it.

It is designed particularly for 6-12 months babies and comes with a no-choking and swallows design. The product consists of detachable FDA food-grade silicon and behaves as a teething toy as well. You can safely give you child vegetables, meat, fish, and fruits in it. It is helpful in oral stimulation.

  • It has a baby rattle that keeps the baby engaged.
  • Can easily be stored in refrigerator.
  • The colors of the products are alluring and attractive.
  • It has a safe buckle to seal tight.
  • Some people might not find the price efficient.

10) Chic Buddy Baby Fruit Feeder Pacifier

Chic Buddy Baby Food Feeder, Reusable Fresh Fruit Feeder Pacifier BPA-Free Infant Teething Toy (Blue)

The Chic Buddy Baby Fruit Feeder Pacifiers designed specially to soothe the child’s gums and teeth. Its unique design enhances comfy chewing and is the right way to introduce solid foods to kids. It provides great help in boosting the development of sight touch and taste sense. It relives the baby’s teeth and helps in better hand coordination.

The easy grip of the nibbler helps in a better grip and is light-weighted. The silicone mesh maintains the balance with the toddler and does not mix in fruit or drinks. The use of a nibbler helps in a better sense of coordination in the child and can be stored easily.

  • Easy to clean and sterilize.
  • They are stain and spot resistance.
  • Comes in bright attractive colors.
  • The mesh is made right for tiny food particles to pass through.
  • Sometimes the juice of the fruit might come out and make it messy.

Babies have a natural habit to suck. Hence, to meet their needs they are provided with food nibblers. Food nibbler is a great nipple substitute that is meant for infants to satisfy their need to suck. Along with that the main purpose to use a food nibbler is to feed babies with fruit juices, soft solids, etc at their initial stage. This can be used even after teething starts up to the age of 6 months. It is generally made with rubber, plastic, or silicone. Nibblers are available in a lot of designs but every food nibbler must have a handle, teat, and a mouth shield. The handle and shield are credible to avoid swallowing.

How To Choose A Perfect Food Nibbler?

Getting a perfect nibbler is a necessity for all parents. To get the best food nibbler for your baby, you need to keep the below-mentioned points in mind.

  • Comfortable

The more the comfort, the happier your baby will be. Some babies do love using orthodontic nibblers while some are great with round-shaped nibblers. So it is always recommended to change the nibbler if it irritates the baby.

  • BPA-free

As the nibbler will stay for a longer duration in the mouth, a BPA-free nibbler will be the safest option for the baby. Always check the details of the nibbler thoroughly.

  • Type Of Nibblers

Nibblers are available in various types. The different types are categorized according to the material used or the design.  Every baby has different choices. Some require feeding nibblers while some need glowing and colorful nibblers. But most of the babies love using colorful or glowing food nibblers. So make sure to pick a nibbler that looks attractive and is comfortable to use.

  • Size

Nibblers are manufactured of different sizes keeping the different age groups in mind. The nibbler size of a newborn won’t fit a baby of 2+ years age.

Always check the details where the age group is mentioned, before getting one for your baby.

  • Shape Of Teat

Most of the food nibblers come with a round teat or an orthodontic teat. The round teat has been used for a long time and it is considered to be the traditional one, while the orthodontic teat has a flat tip which helps in avoiding nipple confusion.

  • Material Used

Companies prefer using latex or silicone to manufacture nibblers. Both the materials used are soft and good to make nibblers. But, while purchasing the nibbler, check the material used as the latex nibblers are allergic to a few babies. So, pick the nibbler according to your baby’s comfort.

  • Cleaning

Cleaning the nibbler is very important. Companies make food nibblers that are dishwasher safe and can be sterilized too. But, if it is non-dishwasher safe then wash it by hand. But getting a food nibbler that is dishwasher safe will reduce the effort of cleaning.

  • Durability

Durability is the most important factor. Whatever beautiful features it may have, if it is not durable then don’t go for it.

Getting a durable nibbler will reduce the chances of tearing off of teat and breaking of handle.

  • Shields

Shields protect the food nibbler from being swallowed by the baby. The shield allows only having the teat portion inside the mouth. But, it is advised to have a nibbler with a ventilated shield. Nibblers are also available with handle shields or without handle shields but handle shields are better to have a better hold over the nibbler.

  • Color

Babies are more attracted to light and glowing colors. Even light-colored nibblers are easy to locate, in case it is dropped on the floor.

  • Disposable

Nibblers should be disposed of after a certain period of its use.   This will help to break the habit of sucking a nibbler. Mostly, the nibblers can be disposed of easily.

Tips To Use A Baby Nibbler

  • Using a clean food nibbler is highly recommended.
  • Never forcefully insert nibblers inside the mouth of babies.
  • Always use nibblers according to your baby’s age.
  • Use nibblers only during bedtime or while napping.
  • Never tie food nibblers to the neck of babies.
  • Break the habit of using a nibbler after a certain age.
  • Always use good quality food nibbler for better safety and comfort.


All the above-mentioned products are chosen rightly to fit the needs of the child. Keeping in mind their soft and nature, all products are designed well to fulfill all your needs by every means. We care for your child and make sure each product reaching them is best for them. You can go through the reviews of the mentioned products before purchasing them.

The perfect way to start with baby’s growth is Food Nibbler, the best tool introduced to get the baby accustomed to solid at early stages. Mee Mee Fruit and Food Nibbler has stayed in the market for years now and knows what is best for the child and manufactures all of their products accordingly. It is made of soft silicone and non-toxic substance so that your baby can stay safe and enjoy their growing years.

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