Top 10 Hooded Blankets For Babies in India 2021

Babies’ immune system is weak for around 2-3 months after their birth. This is said by most of the doctors. This immunity matures only after a few months after their birth. Until then there is a high risk of catching diseases due to lower immunity.

As you know, winter is coming and this is the season where newborns should stay under extra care because there is a high chance of catching a cold or cold-related diseases. But, how can parents save newborns from this winter? There are two things that can be done. Firstly, the use of room heaters to keep the room warm all the time. Secondly, use of a good quality blanket to cover the newborns.

But, from the above two options buying a good quality blanket is a great option for babies as it can be used both indoors and outdoors. What does a good quality blanket mean? A blanket should have these qualities to be considered as good. It should be lightweight. It should be comfortable for the baby. Most importantly, it should provide enough warmth to the baby to sustain the cold temperature. A hooded blanket will be a much better idea, as it can cover all parts from head to toe of the baby.

So, if you are planning to buy a good blanket for your new member, then don’t forget the above points while buying.  Below we have listed some of the best hooded blankets for babies, let’s check them out.

10 Best Hooded Blankets For Babies In India

1) BRANDONN Fashions for Newborn Hooded Baby Blanket

BRANDONN Fleece Single Baby Blanket Cum Bath Towel, White, Pack of 1

What else can be demanded from a brand if provided with an ultra-soft and durable baby blanket? This hooded blanket by Brandonn is incredible as it is made with premium quality fabric i.e., ultra-soft original flannel that will keep the baby warm all the time. It is smooth and great for the baby’s skin.

The design is wonderful as it looks like a baby panda, and the hood is designed as a panda face. Dimensionally, it is 31×31 inches, which is enough to cover a 0-6 months old newbie completely. This blanket weighs only 220 g and can be easily folded and considered the best option for using it outdoors.

  • It can be used as a baby bath towel and baby blanket.
  • It is lightweight.
  • The design is pretty good and will be loved by every baby.
  • It is washable too.
  • The towel is white, so it gets dirty easily.


2) MY NEWBORN Baby Blanket Wrapper Cum Sleeping Bag

MY NEWBORN Baby Blanket Wrapper Hooded Sleeping Bag (Wrapper-Pink)

Using this wrapper cum sleeping bag by MY NEWBORN will make your munchkin cuter inside this. The hooded blanket is designed as an outfit that can be used as a sleeping bag and a wrapper. The premium quality fleece makes this blanket softer and comfortable for the baby. It is washable, and multiple washes retain the fluffiness of the blanket. The blanket can easily protect babies from the chilling winter climate. It can easily fit in a baby of length 73 cm, and with full stretch, it can fit 78 cm.

The wrap-up blanket length is 34 cm. It can be used for any baby between 0-6 months of age. The design of the blanket is pretty much attractive, with a hood featuring cute animal ears. The color of this blanket is swaddling blue, and it weighs around 250 g.

  • It can sustain multiple washes without losing its fluffiness.
  • It can be used in various ways.
  • It can keep babies warm in all climatic conditions.
  • Designs may vary depending upon availability.


3) Fareto New Born Baby All Season Use Hooded Blanket Cum Wrapper

Fareto New Born Baby All Season Use Hooded Blanket Cum Wrapper(0-3 Months)(Red)

Fareto makes parenthood easy, and it’s a true statement. Their products are always of high quality and very beneficial for newborn babies. The fleece material blanket for babies keeps them warm in all conditions. The fleece is a premium quality fabric that is soft and nontoxic and keeps the baby’s skin soft. It is highly comfortable due to its softness. It is enough long and wide to cover a baby completely, and dimensionally it is 31×31 inches. It can be used for babies between 0-3 months of age.

It is easily foldable and can be carried while traveling. It is washable, and it retains its texture after many washes too. The print on the blanket is outstanding, and the hood is designed with ears for a baby animal type look.

  • It is long enough to cover every part of the baby.
  • It can be used for both girls and boys.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It can only be used for babies within three months of age.

4) Mi Arcus Blue Premium Flurry Soft Hooded Baby Blanket Wrapper

Mi Arcus Blue Premium Flurry Soft Hooded Baby Blanket Wrapper for Boys and Girls - Safari

Mi Arcus, a newly formed company, has shown its interest in producing products that will benefit newborn babies. This time they have produced a beautiful blanket that will be loved by most parents. The blanket looks cute with ears on its hood. It is entirely made of 100% polyester and can keep the baby warm in all diverse conditions. Its ergonomic design helps to cover all parts, including the head, hands, and legs. The texture of the blanket is soft and is not harmful to the baby’s skin.

The cotton tapping at the edges keeps the comfort level very high. The baby will feel free and comfortable inside this sleeping bag cum blanket. It is long enough to cover a 6-month baby, but the length might fall short for babies above 6 months of age.

  • The blanket is washable and reusable.
  • It is cheap and reliable for every season.
  • Colors may look dull by time.

 5) Tinycare Hooded Cherry Printed Baby Wrapper

Tinycare Hooded Cherry Printed Baby Wrapper 532A

Tinycare is mostly involved in stitching beautiful and cute apparel for babies. They have extended their productivity on a large scale in this field. This product by tiny care is required by many parents to keep their newbies warm. This is made with extremely soft material and is thin and comfortable.

The wrapper can provide the required warmth to the baby. And it is big enough to cover any length of a baby between 0-6 months of age. The wrapper has an attached hood that can be tied below the chin to cover the ears completely. It is washable and maintains its softness even after several washes. It is available in beautiful designs, and this wrapper is designed with cherry prints.

  • It is thin, soft, and comfortable.
  • The length is quite long enough to cover the baby altogether.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It may not be that effective in a severe cold climate.

6) Mee Mee Double Layer Reversible Soft Baby Blanket

Mee Mee Warm and Soft Wrapper Blanket with Hood, Blue (284.0mm L X 10.0mm W)

Mee Mee, a popular baby care product producer, works relentlessly to bring innovative baby care products of international standard to the parents. This Mee Mee blanket is made up of premium quality soft fabric, ideal for a blanket to keep the baby warm. It is soft and gentle and protects the baby’s skin. It helps in keeping the baby warm and cozy in every climatic condition.

It is long enough to cover the baby easily, and it has a hood that can be used to cover the baby’s head. It can be used in multiple ways like sleeping, cuddling, or can be used a stroller cover.

It should be washed with mild warm water in a washing machine and can be dried in direct sunlight. It is very light, and it is portable too. It is cutely designed with embroidered, colorful characters.

  • The material is soft and comfortable.
  • It can be washed and reused multiple times.
  • It is an ideal choice for newborn babies.
  • The color may fade with time.

7) BRANDONN Newborn Hooded Supersoft Bunny Cap Wrapper Cum Sleeping Bag Cum Baby Blanket

BRANDONN Newborn Baby Blanket Cum Envelope Jumpin Baby Wrapper Sleeping Bag Cum Car Carry Bag with Hood Cap Polka Printed Ultra Soft Blanket for Babies(Envelope Red Rabbit)

Brandonn, being the most famous and loved brand among the parents, has always maintained the standards of its products. This beautiful blanket by BRANDONN is made with ultra-soft polar fleece that can battle any sort of climatic conditions and keep the baby safe. It is highly comfortable and spacious for a newborn baby. It can be used in multiple ways like a wrapper cum baby blanket cum sleeping bag. It should not be machine washed and is advised to wash in mildly warm water.

It gives the same softness even after multiple washes. Dimensionally it can fit babies of length 76cm, and age-wise it is suitable for babies of 0-6 months. It has a beautiful baby buddy design with good.

  • It is lightweight.
  • It is an ideal choice for winter.
  • It can be used in multiple ways.
  • It can be used outdoors too.
  • In a few cases, defective pieces were delivered.


Guru Kripa Baby Products Unisex Baby Sleeping Bag Cum Baby Carry Bed Quilted Baby Bedding Bag Baby Hoodie Receiving Wrapper Cotton Filled Fiber Travel Friendly Pack of 1

Guru Kripa always designs very innovative and tempting baby products that are highly beneficial and satisfactory to the parents. They have filled this baby blanket with high-quality cushioned, soft recron. This material is highly known for protecting babies from the rough winter nights. It is very soft and comfortable, eco-friendly, and skin-friendly too. It can be easily washed using lukewarm water.

It can be used as a wrapper or as a baby blanket. It is dimensionally good enough to give babies the freedom to move their hands and legs. And also it can cover them from head to toe. It has a hood that helps to cover the head, especially the ears. It is an ideal choice for newborn babies, and it has been the trusted partner of many hospitals.

  • It has a beautiful hood design.
  • It can be used in multiple ways.
  • The organic cotton is great for baby’s skin.
  • It is a bit expensive compared to others with the same features.

9) COZYCARE Soft Baby Hooded Swaddler Wrap

COZYCARE Soft Baby Hooded Swaddler Wrap for New Born Babies - Blue (30x30 Inches)

This product by COZYCARE is awesome for newborn babies. The material used for making it is cotton, and it is very soft and fluffy. The comfort bar is always raised whenever this baby blanket is used.

It is recommended to be machine washed. It is lightweight, foldable, and it is travel-friendly too. It covers babies from top to bottom, and dimension wise it is 76×76 cm. The hood can cover the entire head and restricts the entry of cold air into the ears. It is very beautifully printed, which is loved by babies a lot.

It is also available in different colors, and the colors help develop the baby’s visual stimulation. It can be used by newborn babies aged 0-4 months.

  • It is a long term investment as it can be used as a wrap-up baby blanket for up to 4 months. After that, it can be used as a spreadsheet.
  • It has multiple color options.
  • It is a bit heavy.

10) My NewBorn Baby Blanket and Spread Sheet Wrapper

My Newborn Baby'S Hood Cum Blanket Wrap - Combo Of 2 (Red And Pink) For 0-3 Months

My Newborn Combo can give enough number of ways to use these blankets. Use it as a wrapper or baby blanket or baby shawl, your choice. But the quality of this blanket has never been compromised.

It is made with a mixture of fleece and fannel to offer babies with premium standard comfort. This baby kitten designed a hooded blanket, and the spreadsheet is large enough to easily cover a 0-3 months baby. This is very warm and soft enough to be loved by babies. It can be washed every 15 days to keep the blanket hygienic for the baby, and it is easily foldable and can be carried outdoors.

It is available in multiple designs, but this one looks very special. The pink color looks cool and fascinating. The pack contains two winter cover for babies whose combined weight is 530 g.

  • The combo is great for versatile use.
  • The color looks very much attractive.
  • It can be used for both boys and girls.
  • The hooded blanket is only useful for the 0-3 month baby.

Best Hooded Blankets For Babies – Buying Guide

Ideal blankets are the best units for providing better sleep and comfort while the baby is asleep. This saying, make sure that it should be free from all kinds of irritants and dyes. This becomes essential since the baby’s skin is very delicate and precious. The most significant components you have to consider when looking for hooded child blankets are:


Babies’ skin is delicate and staggeringly touchy. Thus, any texture or item that contacts it must be 100% safe. Natural materials are the ideal decision for children, however, top-notch non-natural items can be sheltered as well. Make certain to purchase blankets from rumoured and guaranteed makers for the best quality product.


There are various materials to browse, and each has its upsides and downsides. You should consider every one of them to settle on a choice, neither you nor your infant will lament. The most mainstream choices are:


This is an exemplary texture that is both delicate and extraordinary spongy. Great cotton blankets can feel like mists, and they are sensibly reasonable. The substance can be natural, which is more secure, however, more costly.

Cotton and polyester mix

This is the most mainstream choice since it’s viewed as sheltered and comfortable. Hooded infant blankets produced using these materials are wonderful to the touch and rather modest. Nonetheless, they aren’t 100% characteristic and might cause skin aggravation in delicate newborn children.


This material is getting better known these days because of its delicate and luxurious structure. It ingests dampness well and is ok for the kid. The main disadvantage of bamboo blankets is their value, which can be somewhat high.


By far, most of the hooded infant blankets are planned after charming creatures, with a hood as the ‘head.’ They are adorable. In case your infant prefers the style of the piece, the person may appreciate cleaning up additional. This can be extraordinary assistance for guardians with ‘moody’ babies.

Likewise, there are more ‘formal’ hooded blankets that are a solitary tone with negligible adornments or some delicate impartial examples. Pick whichever you like best as configuration involves individual taste with regards to shower accessories.

Closure System

The conclusion framework ought to be a significant thought as it decides the simplicity of taking the snowsuit off the infant or putting it on the infant. Furthermore, it likewise decides the straightforward entry and how rapidly you can change the diapers. Snap, zipper, or button framework ought to be simple and smooth to utilize.

The Bottom Line 

Looking for hooded blankets for children is a wonderful encounter since they are fantastically adorable. Nonetheless, it would help if you didn’t disregard the significance of this thing. It comes into direct contact with your adored youngster’s skin, so it must be best in class. Purchase natural fabrics items to forestall allergies and other negative impacts.


As said initially, choosing a good quality and ideal baby blanket for your newborn is important. We have listed the best-hooded blankets for babies available, keeping the above fact in mind.

From our perspective, BRANDONN Newborn Hooded Supersoft Baby Blanket can be the best choice for your baby.

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