Top 10 Best Nursing Pillows in India 2021

Nursing pillows are considered the most essential support for mothers to attain proper latch for newborn babies. Starting from pregnancy to the time of breastfeeding nursing pillows is quite essential for the comfort of the baby as well as the mother. But to achieve the required benefits, you need to acquire the best product with extensive features.

Things to Look for While Choosing a Nursing/Feeding Pillow

When it comes to the new mothers, they face challenges due to breastfeeding. For consideration of the right nursing or feeding pillow, you will require considering certain factors before purchasing it. 

  • Shapes of nursing pillows

When it comes to feeding pillows, you will get different types based on the categories. Each of the pillows comes with their benefits and drawbacks. The Crescent roll is the ones that sit in front of the body with the least or no curving. The O-shaped pillows wrap around the entire body in the form of the letter ‘O’ and may not fit all women sizes. C-shaped is the traditional cotton pillows that come with the front side for the newborn as well as a soft cushy side for the older babies. These pillows find adaptation to most body types. Some other pillows find a position on the forearm. They work well for the women who undergo the c-section. Other pillow types are coming out recently without any involvement of wrapping. 

  • Filling material

The overall quality experience, as well as the fillings of the nursing pillow, is dependent on the filling material. You should look for the firm rubber type that is nonwoven and used in the form of the synthetic filler. Usually, they do not naturally compress the spring while making the pillow uncomfortable. Some units are available as the natural and safe type of washable pillows. They usually create an unpleasant noise thus disturbing the baby. The polystyrene balls are the soft light and airy comfortable units that will control the shape of the baby’s body.

  • Size

Whenever you are nursing the baby, you will require setting upright in the position for feeding it. So, depending on the size and the weight, you will have to opt for the pillow that will give you the right fit and will also stay in place. See that the pillow should not be too light or too wobbly around the waist while you are sitting.

  • Nursing Frequency

It varies from individual to individual and is dependent on the number of months old the baby is. It also changes when the baby is growing from the newborn to the older stage. If you plan to transition the baby to solid food gradually, then the durability will never matter much. If you are looking for a newborn, it is always recommended to opt for the good expensive pillows that will be more comfortable and allow longer use duration.

  • A mix of firmness and softness

Most of the pillows available in the market today have the padding. It is always important to purchase only the one that contains the right mix of firmness and softness. He or she can sleep with the neck straight on the firm and padded pillow. In case you find that the pillow is too soft, the cushioning sometimes goes lower, which makes it difficult for the baby to rest.

  • Adjustable Strap

When you are having a newborn, there are chances that you have to feed the baby a dozen times a day. So, it becomes mandatory for you to buy the nursing pillow with an adjustable velcro strap with a buckle. It makes it easy for us. You will be finding the feeding pillow set that comes well equipped with the silent release feature that proves to be noiseless support padding for the armrest as well. The comfortable backrest allows more comfort to the baby without causing backache.

  • Washable

Plenty of nursing pillows come with a removable and machine washable fabric cover. These features make it convenient for cleaning. You will also get the extra Pillow Cover that works in the form of a bonus.

  • Aesthetics

Mothers usually choose the color that will match the nursing room. So, different manufacturers manufacture different colored pillows that will be good in terms of their colors and textures. Sometimes, it will take a couple of minutes for you to decide which will be perfect for your baby. 

  • Price

Cost becomes an important deciding factor when you are purchasing the product, bringing the baby into the world demands lots of expenditures. If you are on a budget, you can get the less costly pillows, and if not, you can find something that is durable yet expensive. Choose the one that will be convenient for your budget and needs.

Finding the best nursing pillows in India can be quite tough for you due to the tons of options available in the market. Going through the quality and features of each of the products may be quite a time-taking as well. Thus, we are here to help you with the selective range of top 10 best nursing pillows which can be close to the best pillow of your requirements.

You can just go through each of the product reviews, their pros and cons, and highlighting features to crack the best deal from the market easily. Best nursing pillows do not give comfort to a mother only but also to the newborn baby. They are so tiny and delicate that such minor things add huge comfort for the speechless newborns. So, pick up the best one for your loved one.

10 Best Nursing Pillows in India

1) Kradyl Kroft Magic Polka Baby Feeding Pillow

Kradyl Kroft Down 5 in 1 Baby Feeding Pillow with Detachable Cover

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A nursing pillow with a gentle firmness level and good build for comfortable rest is surely the best choice. This Magic Polka Baby Feeding Pillow from Kradyl Kroft is the best nursing pillow in India with all intriguing features that suit every requirement of a mother and a baby.

Starting from feeding pillow to the extreme level of back and body support, this baby feeding pillow can be the best support for all needs. You can also use a belt around the waist for extra support so that you can gently and easily clasp your waist. Besides, this baby feeding pillow is free from all harmful allergens and is packed with all kinds of supportive accessories.

A zippered bag also comes packed with this product which can store the pillow easily without any inconvenience and can be carried easily as well.

  • Good back and whole-body support
  • Comes with a detachable zippered cover with a baby hoop
  • Can be used with or without a belt
  • Good arm support to feed the baby
  • A decent level of firmness but quite comfortable for feeding the baby
  • Good arm and back support for the baby but should be placed perfectly

2) Nina Multitasker Nursing Pillow

Nina (Original) Multitasker - Orange - Nursing Pillow with slipcover - A Boppy Alternative

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This Multitasker Nursing Pillow from Nina is a perfect pillow for the newborn babies for the first year. It is a must-have pillow for a new mother as no other competitors in this price range can provide the ergonomic position that this pillow can deliver. Comfortable feedings accompanied by the unique shape of the pillow deliver an extreme level of comfort in lifting the baby higher thus making it one of the best baby nursing pillows.

The shape of this pillow is specially designed to fit around the abdomen of the mother to lift the baby comfortably and easily. Furthermore, the pillow can also be used for propping, upright seating, etc. while growing up as well. You can relieve your strains while baby feeding sessions due to the ergonomics design.  One of the best things about this nursing pillow is the slipcover which can be removed and washed easily.

  • The slipcover of the pillow can be easily removed and washed
  • Good ergonomics for holding and lifting the baby while feeding sessions
  • Best for the babies in the first year
  • Fits comfortably around the abdomen
  • The use of a belt could be convenient but the ergonomics of this pillow are quite comfortable from all aspects.

3) LuvLap Multi Elevation Nursing Pillow

Luvlap Multi Elevation Nursing Pillow, 0m+

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A perfect latch for both mother and baby can be attained only with a good quality pillow that is complemented with good ergonomics and design. This Multi Elevation Nursing Pillow from LuvLap has three adjustable heights for the extreme level of personalization which makes it enlisted in the top best nursing pillows for mother and baby.

The ergonomics and design of this nursing pillow from LuvLap supports the best nursing with any type of hold. An optimum nursing angle can be achieved with this pillow for good latching and also for mothers recovering from C section. The design of this pillow is meant to keep the pressure away from the incision site, thus supporting cross-cradle and all holding positions as well.

  • Three adjustable heights for optimum nursing angle
  • Can be folded and stored easily
  • Provides good comfort level with a soft velvety finish
  • Enables perfect latch position for both mother and baby
  • Lack of back support but the ergonomics and adjustable heights can provide good comfort levels

4) Baybee Baby Feeding Nursing Pillow

Baybee New Born Star Printed Portable Breast Feeding Pillow | Feeding Pillow Breastfeeding Mother-Infant Support for Baby and Mom | for Breastfeeding Mothers (Multi Color)


A Nursing pillow can be the best only when it has a soft surface made from the pure form of cotton. This Baby feeding Pillow from Baybee is one such product that is made from 100% cotton and woven tightly for good breathability, comfort, and protection as well.

Being hypoallergenic and a perfect fit for the standard nursing pillow this material is safe while delivering a good comfort level. Besides, the material feels cool to touch on summer days for the good comfort of the baby. You have to just throw the slipcover into the washing machine for cleaning which saves a lot of time and gets more comfortable after each wash.

  • Easy to clean slipcover
  • Good thermal regulation with 100% pure cotton
  • EN71 certified by European Standards for safety for both babies and toddlers
  • Eco friendly and non-toxic cotton is used in this pillow
  • Back support could be improved to some extent but the softness and thermal regulation of the pillow is quite impressive

5) Motherly Flurry fickle Baby Feeding Nursing and Maternity Pillow

Motherly Flurry Fickle Baby Feeding Nursing and Maternity Pillow (100% Cotton Cover) (Zoo)


The baby feeding process can be simplified to a great extent with a good ergonomic feeding tool. This baby feeding nursing and maternity pillow from Motherly is one such tool that ensures the results you are looking forward to from a maternity pillow. Besides helping in the proper baby latch, the headrest can elevate the head of the baby to the right place while avoiding discomfort.

Moms can use this nursing pillow to support their back and also keep it under the belly while sleeping on sides. Besides, cleaning the cover is quite easy as you can just throw it in the washing machine to save both your time and energy. 100% cotton cover and 100& polyester core make this product enlisted in the best nursing pillows for babies in India.

  • 100% cotton cover, 100% polyester core, and 100% machine washable
  • The baby pillow can be adjusted by untying the straps
  • Gives relief to both arms and back
  • Ergonomic position for convenient breastfeeding
  • Good back support but overall handling effort could be quite tough while breastfeeding
  • The height of the pillow can be less comfortable

6) Montu Bunty Nursing Feeding Pillow with cotton slipcover

Montu Bunty Wear 5 in 1 Boppy Alternative Nursing Feeding Pillow with Cotton Slipcover


This Nursing feeding pillow from Montu Bunty is a perfect pillow for pregnant ladies with the most intriguing ergonomics and impeccable comfort levels. The design of this pillow gives perfect back support while pregnant and can be used for back support and headrest as well.

Being a C-shaped nursing pillow it offers a convenient way to bottle feed babies and also to nurse as well. The middle stretch panel of this pillow is available for all waist sizes. It can also be used to prop up babies after feeding. Furthermore, you can wash this pillow in the washing machine as it is made of virgin polyester fiber with zero chemical additives.

  • Provides good back support to pregnant ladies
  • A comfortable way to bottle feed babies
  • Can be washed easily in a washing machine
  • Made with virgin polyester fiber
  • Back support could be relatively less when compared to others but is best for feeding



Nursing feeding pillows from iPaintings is designed with quite innovative and upgraded technology that makes it one of the best nursing pillows in India. This pillow comes with two straps which makes it highly comfortable for the arms of the mothers while feeding. It lets the arms to rest while the baby can rest on the pillow the entire time.

This pillow from iPaintings is a perfect pillow for the babies of 1 to 18 months with its unique design. It can also be a great support for mothers with two straps for arm supports. The pillow is made from high-quality muslin-like cotton materials that are soft and skin-friendly as well.

  • Skin-friendly and made from soft muslin-like cotton materials\
  • Two straps are provided for good arm support for the mother while feeding\
  • Both mother and baby can use this pillow for rest\
  • best for the babies of 1 to 18 months
  • Headrest for babies is quite comfortable but backrest can be quite complicated

8) Lulamom LM2700715000008 Nursing pillow

Lulamom Nursing and Feeding Pillow Multi-Purpose Comfortable Breastfeeding Washable with Cotton Cover


A portable soft pillow with allergen-free materials infused in it can be a good nursing pillow for both mother and baby. This Nursing pillow from Lulamom is packed with quite similar features such as portable size, light and soft, allergen-free, and comfortable design. All the essential tasks such as bottle feeding, breastfeeding, and propping can be done with this nursing pillow. This multi-tasking feature makes it enlisted in the top best nursing pillow around.

The pillowcase is so smooth that the baby’s skin can be well protected while breastfeeding can be quite convenient while being used at home. Being allergen-free, the baby won’t feel any kind of skin irritation even in continuous rest.

  • The cover is very smooth and can protect the baby skin to a great extent
  • Both the color and pattern of the pillow is meant to provide a calm feeling to baby
  • Back support for the baby won’t be great when used for a long time but the cover and pillow are quite comfortable

9) Nina (Original) baby feeding pillow

Nina (Original) Twins Feeding pillow (Ivory)


This baby feeding pillow comes with possibly the best design that enables the baby to rest in the ideal position while feeding. You can easily place your baby in the most convenient position while breastfeeding with this baby feeding pillow from Nina. The firm flat cushion prevents the baby from rolling over while breastfeeding.

One of the best things about this baby feeding pillow from Nina is the arm and elbow rests, which cradles the mom completely to avoid sore neck or back while feeding. Additionally, the strap which comes with it can be adjusted naturally to almost all convenient position and size especially for c section tummies.

  • Prevents back pain completely with a good back and armrest
  • Naturally adjustable straps to all sizes
  • Can cover the waist completely for good comfort
  • Firm flat cushion to keep the baby in position while breastfeeding
  • The cover quality can be improved for sensitive skins but a hassle-free refund process keeps you covered

10) Bottom Genius Baby’s Nursing Pillow

Bottom Genius Baby's Cotton Printed Feeding Pillow and Positioner with Removable Slip Cover, Multi


The baby feeding pillow brings in all kinds of comfort for both mother and baby. And this amazing product from Bottom Genius has a removable slipcover with cute baby prints over it. This feeding pillow is superbly comfortable as it prevents mothers suffering from severe backache. This baby feeding pillow makes it a convenient choice while breastfeeding or bottle-feeding to babies from age newborns to 3 years.

Besides this feeding pillow is made from 100% cotton as an alternative to the world’s best-selling breastfeeding pillow Boppy. Additionally, gentle firmness followed by good support for the baby makes it enlisted in the top baby feeding pillows in India.

  • Baby feeding pillow for 0 to 3 years
  • Good for making the baby play
  • Comes with inner and outer separate washable covers
  • Prevents painful backache for mothers
  • Lack of a belt puts the baby’s safety in danger


Nursing pillows are quite essential for the newborn for feeding and to provide a good support for the mother as well. Thus, you should buy only high-quality pillows from reputed companies. You can just go through the pillows mentioned above with their highlighting features as well as the pros and cons.

Nina multitasker Nursing pillow could be quite convenient for mothers with convenient straps and good design. Well, you can grab your Nursing pillow that suits your requirements in the best way possible with the products mentioned above.

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