Top 10 Best School Bags For Kids In India 2021

It seems like nostalgia while you remember about the school’s days and the preparations for getting to the school. Putting on the uniform, arranging the books as per routine, keeping them inside your school bag, and wearing the school bag gave oodles of happiness. Then finally, waiting with lots of anxiousness for the school bus to arrive and pick you up.

The entire saga is unforgettable. Today, being a doting parent, you recollect those stories and also tell your child how important it is to have the right school bag. Otherwise, an appropriately designed one might cause problems in the spine.

As the baby turns to a kid, they are admitted to kindergartens, and their backs are loaded with a school bag. A school bag plays a vital role in carrying different things to schools like books, tiffin, water bottle, etc. And with time, they become a part of kids’ life. It is recommended that a school bag should weigh around 1/10th of the kid’s weight, anything more than that can affect their back. At the same time, it has to be in proper shape as well so that mobility does not become a hindrance at all. But getting the best school bag for kids is not an easy chore. Searching for the schoolbags on the local stores might not be a wise idea as it is time-consuming. And after all this also you can anticipate getting the exact one.

Because a bag can be a part of a kid’s life, it should be bought, keeping a few essential points in mind.

Factors Must To Consider Before Buying School Bag For Kids


Getting the right size school bag is very important as a small-sized bag will not fit many things, and large-sized bags can affect their back. A perfect sized bag should stay 2 inches below the shoulder line, and the length should not exceed 4 inches below the waist. While buying online, make sure the school bag is recommended for kids’ use only.


Modern schooling techniques have increased the backload by adding several extra subjects in their syllabus. So, when you are purchasing school bags for your kid, it should have enough space to carry all the required items like books, copies, tiffin, water bottle, etc. Generally, a kid uses a bag with a capacity of 1000 cubic inches and more.


Who does not love a product with an extended life span? Buying a school bag of the best quality materials will add some extra life to it. Mostly we prefer buying school bags that are lightweight, waterproof, and durable. So, a school bag made of synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester is light but not long-lasting. Leather made school bags are very strong and durable, and bags with natural fibers like cotton or jute may not last long but are very eco-friendly. Though many big companies make durable products, leather bags will be the most durable ones. Along with the material of the bag, a quality zipper is also mandatory.


Most of the school bags for kids come with two straps, but it is also manufactured with a single strap in a few cases. Single strap school bags might look classy, but double strap school bags are suitable for kids back. If an ideal school bag is considered, it should have two adjustable straps and an abdominal or chest strap to distribute the bag properly.


Comfort is essential in the case of school bags of kids. The bags’ back and shoulder straps should be well-cushioned to avoid stains over the back and shoulder due to the bag’s weight. Unknown brands do not provide enough cushions. So it is recommended to go for a known brand for having a comfortable bag.


If your kid is in kindergarten, it might be difficult to locate while picking them up after school. But a bag made with reflective fabric will do the job to find your kid quickly. Even if the bag is not made with reflective material, then use reflective tapes over the bag.


This one is considered as the heart of any backpack for a kid. Almost all of the kids are fans of cartoon characters or animated things. So, getting a well designed or well-styled backpack will be great for them. Get a bag with attractive color and art for making it your kid’s favorite.

It is not much difficult to pick a school bag for a kid. You just need to focus on a few points before getting it. You will find many options in the market but make sure it looks attractive and comfortable.

For the sake of the readers, we have prepared a list of top 10 school bags in India. Indeed, we researched and added the best ones. We have ranked them according to their benefits, features, pros, and cons. As a potential purchaser, you need to follow each one of these and form a conclusive idea. Then eventually select the right school bag that deems fit for your ward.

10 Best School Bags in India

1) Safari’s Sea Blue Backpack

SAFARI 15 Ltrs Sea Blue Casual/School/College Backpack (DAYPACKNEO15CBSEB)

Parents need to be cautious while selecting the school bag for their child. But you don’t have to muse with the school bag, when you choose the one from Safari. The perfectly designed bag puts equivalent support on the back without letting your child droop down.

Talking about the capacity, it is capable of holding 15 litres of weight at once. Two spacious compartments are provided, allowing easy arrangement of books and other stuff. Note that the entire bag comes with a dimension of 12 by 27 by 41. Are you thinking about whether it is resilient to water or not? In that regard, no it’s not that much tolerant to water, so you need to handle it safely. But, yes as per durability, it won’t depress you because the material used is good quality polyester.

  • It comes with drawstring straps that allow easy closing and opening.
  • The color shown is pretty and eye-soothing.
  • It is stylish and fully functional.
  • Also, it is quite spacious as well.
  • You need to be aware of the straps as it may get torn.

2) Priority Disney Princess School Bag

Priority Disney Princess 45.7 cms Polyester School Bag, Casual Bags for Girls, Kids Backpack Durable and Sturdy in Blue

Your little girl is quite fond of the Disney characters. And which is why she always has the involvement of these characters in her everyday life. This year on her birthday, she took a Disney Princess school bag from you. As a parent, you were also too happy to give her that. Now there are a couple of reasons that justify your happiness. First of all, it is from a reliable company Priority. Next, because of the color blue, this is again the favorite color of your dearest daughter.

Moving on to its features, the bag comes with two compartments. In addition to that, there are front pockets as well with two pockets for fitting the bottles. The best part is that it has self- adjustable cushioned straps so that one can carry it comfortably. The outer- material used for crafting the bag is high-quality polyester while the interior is made of soft fabric. Apart from that, the bag consists of two net pockets on either side for holding the water bottles.

  • The dimension of the bag is 33.02 cm X 20 cm X 45.72 cm. It means that it has enough space inside.
  • It comes with a one year warranty.
  • You need to be careful with the stitches and the zip as they may come off soon.

3) Skybags Frozen Champ

Skybags Frozen Champ 03 18 Ltrs Plum Casual Backpack (Frozen Champ 03)

As parents, who do not want to compromise with the quality of the school bags should definitely check out this school bag from Skybags. It is because the company always promises to offer functionality and quality. Like, in this case, you will get 2 well-spaced compartments. In addition to that, pockets on both sides allow easy fixing of water bottles. Talking about the capacity, it can carry about 305 grams of weight.

Obviously, you don’t have to worry about the straps because it is flexible and you can adjust as per your comfort. Apart from all these, you will see that the bottom portion is also cushioned with a webbed- handle and the back portion is air-meshed. On top of that, the front portion also has separate pockets for carrying the extra accessories.

  • The color is eye soothing.
  • The print of frozen characters makes it appealing to kids.
  • It is made of good quality polyester.
  • It is light in weight as well.
  • You may find an issue with its durability.

4) DZert Panda’s Soft School Bag

DZert Panda Kids School Bag Soft Plush Backpacks Cartoon Baby Boy/Girl (2-5 Years) (Dark Blue)

Are you searching for a washable school bag for your kid? If yes, then have a look at this one from DZert Panda. It is made of delicate and high standard fabric that turns out the best for small kids. The best part is that it is because of the fabric that you can wash it off easily with no hassle at all.

On top of that, it is skin-friendly as well because no toxic materials have been used to design the bags. The bag comes with two pockets, one large cell for keeping the books and a front pocket for fitting other stuff.

  • Smooth, soft filling that makes one cuddle it.
  • The embroidered panda on the front is pretty cool.
  • Dimension wise it’s great. Precisely it is 38 by 34 by 8.
  • You need to be watchful because the bag won’t turn out durable.

5) Noble Blue Bag from Pole Star

POLESTAR Noble 32 L College/ School/ Office/ Casual/ Travel Backpack with 15.6' laptop compartment, made with polyester, 1 year warranty

Are you looking for a stylish and functional school bag? Then the Pole Star school bag would be the right catch actually. It is because the company always stands tall when it comes to authentic products. Also, they assure that the product quality is well-maintained.

Besides offering high standard fabric, the bag comes with three compartments separated well with the help of durable zippers. The inside space is good enough for fitting books and other significant school accessories. Along with that, you will get two separate pockets for carrying the water bottles as well.

  • The bags are ergonomically designed, so you won’t feel the burden at all.
  • Easy to carry because the back portion is well-cushioned.
  • The size is cool as it comes with 45 by 31 by 22.
  • You may not get the quality of the bag as you expected to have

6) Velvet School Bag from Frantic Kids

Frantic Kid's Soft Velvet Plush Cartoon Animal School Backpack (2 To 5 Years, Pink Horse)

For preschoolers, the school bag has to be lighter and comfortable. And that is why you thought to pick this cute baby pink colored bag from Frantic kids. The bag is fabricated from prime quality velvet which gives a soft feeling to the kids. Besides that, it is non-toxic so it won’t cause allergy. Coming to the inner material, it is made from taffeta.

Your child can move easily with the bag because you can adjust the straps as per comfort. Again it has two compartments with proper zips attached to it. The bag has a front compartment for adjusting hanky and identity cards.

  • The bag has a decent dimension of 14 by 10 by 3.
  • It is friendly to the skin.
  • You can wash the bag easily when dirty.
  • The charming horse rider print bag will make your child feel excited.
  • You need to pay heed to the stitching quality and color because you might face problems with these two things.

7) Bizzare Vogue’s Cat Style Bag for Girls

Bizarre Vogue Cute Small Cat Style Backpack for Girls (Cream,BV1204)

Being a tenth standard school going girl, you want to have a chic and simple backpack. And that’s what Bizzare Vogue endeavors to offer you. Talking about the quality obviously, you won’t complain as the outer material is made of PU and the interior is made of satin.

The trendy bag is idyllic for regular use. The size is also small so that you can carry it without any issue. The stylish bag has ergonomic-styled straps that do not strain your shoulders at all. On the whole, it comes with a single compartment with two pockets. The magnetic closure makes it easier to handle as well.

  • The cute cat style makes it an ideal one for girls.
  • The dimension is good, which is 30 by 25 by 5, which means it does not look heavy at all.
  • The bag is a true symbol of craftsmanship and versatility.
  • You should check to confirm the genuineness of the product as an issue with this has been raised before.

8) School Bags from TinyTot

Tinytot Boys School Bag School Backpack for Small Kids Nursery Bag (Age 3-5 Years) for Boys (RED)

School bags for boys need to be jaunty and stylish at the same time. So here’s you have the TinyTot school bags for the smartest boy kids. Time to know about the features: the first is the material. In this case, the bag is made from perfect quality polyester. That ensures an easy and quick machine wash. The best thing is that even though washed, it would retain its original shape without getting tampered.

Apart from that, the polyester is skin-friendly as well, so no fear of getting allergies. Moving on to space, it is pretty spacious but has only one big compartment. The opening is from the top so you can access things very easily. The bag comes with a cushioned panel in the back portion, and for extra comfort, there is an additional handle so that you can carry it in your hand as well.

  • The bag is incapacitated to carry 10 litres of weight at once.
  • The design of the bag is quite cool.
  • It is ideal for boy kids.
  • The shoulder straps are not cushioned so it might turn out tough on the shoulders.

9) Auxter’s Captain America School Bag

AUXTER Red Polyester Avenger Captain America Shield school Bag casual Backpack Daypack

For those who fantasize Captain America should always prefer to have this bag from Auxter for sure. The makers tried to stand above without discounting the quality. Coming to its outer portion, the material used is imported polyester while delicate polyester has been used for the interior part. Moreover, a thick layer of the cushion has been used in the centre.

It has the capacity to hold 20 litres of the weight so you can put heavier books as well. Besides that, the bag has one big compartment with meshed pocket organizers. Coming to the design, it is cool because of the Captain America symbol. And for doing that, a special type of ink has been used.

  • The flexible straps come with metal adjusters.
  • The straps are 1.5 inch in width which means it rests well on the shoulders.
  • Note that a 1-year warranty is assured on the product.
  • The bag looks trendy as per design is concerned.
  • The design is best for both men and women.
  • Note that because it has only one compartment so adjusting books and other stuff might make it cumbersome.

10) Minnie Cartoon School Bag from Blue Tree

Blue Tree Girl's and Boy's Plush Minnie Cartoon School Bag Backpack (Pink, 3 to 5 Year)

Small kids love to carry sweet little school bags, and they also love to flaunt with vibrant colors. So if your kids love to do that, then you can try out this Minnie school bag from a Blue tree. Talking about the material, obviously, velvet has been used in the exterior part. And inside the filling is too soft so that smaller ones can carry the bag without burdening their tender shoulders.

Again, it is free of harmful toxic elements, therefore, it is definitely safe for children’s delicate skin. Note that parents can easily wash the bag at home and drying won’t be a hassle as well because the fabric used is of excellent quality.

  • The bag is cute and attractive.
  • The color is eye soothing.
  • Somewhere the quality of the bag is not according to your expectation.

Final Words

This we are done with the listing of the top 10 best school bags for kids. Undoubtedly, you can pick any of the school bags from our drafted list. It is because each one comes with distinctive attributes and is designed to serve respective purposes.

At the same time, we would like you to pay heed to our selection, in our opinion Safari’s Sea Blue Backpack. Definitely, you can trust this brand because for a long time they have been supplying the best quality school bags. However, all the products mentioned above are mindfully selected for the sake of buyers. Don’t worry and choose anyone from the list!!

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