Top 6 Best Study Tables for Kids In India

Encouraging and helping the kids to start studying earlier will help them easily achieve good grades in the exams. Not just the grades, but the kids will become intelligent by studying. As a parent, it is essential to provide them with the appropriate furniture. The common table and chair is quite an advanced setup for young children. For them, you need something special, like the dedicated study table for kids. 

With the best study tables for kids, you can ensure the proper posture and the comfort for your kids. Posture and comfort are what makes everyone study hard. But as an adult, you cannot get the best study table for kids in the market. It’s essential to take note of a lot of things before choosing the best study table for kids. 

If you are willing to give your kids a study table, then you should start surfing the online marketplaces. But, if you don’t have the time to do the research and shortlist the best products, we will help you. In this post, we are going to list the best study tables for kids that we’ve found on the Amazon marketplace. These products are the best in class, with hundreds of positive reviews from the existing users. With this list, you don’t have to spend any time surfing the internet and finding the best product. You’ll find the best study tables in this post. All you have to do is to check this list and order the one that suits your needs. 

Best Study Tables for Kids In India 2021

1) KIDOMATE Kids Height Adjustable Study Table

KIDOMATE Kids Height Adjustable Study Table with Auto Height Lock and Tiltable Desk, 3-14 Years (Pink) (Desk Size: 664x474mm) with 1 Year Warranty and Lifetime Product Support

If you are looking at the best quality study table for your kids, then the KIDOMATE study table set is the best one. The KIDOMATE study table is height adjustable and has an ergonomic design. For the kids, maintaining the right posture is essential; that’s why the height-adjustable and ergonomic study tables are the best ones. You can adjust the height of the table and the chair according to the needs without any issues. 

To stay on the select height settings, you get the child-friendly auto height lock. The auto height lock ensures the safety of the kids. When your kids sit on the chair, the auto height lock ensures safety. Your kids won’t fall from the chair due to the failed mechanical height lock. Along with the height adjustability, you get the options for tilting the desktop. The non-reflective tiltable desktop is good for reading, writing and drawing activities. 

The desktop supports angle tilting. So, the users can tilt the same according to their needs. After tilting, there is the manual lock, which keeps the desktop locked in the position. Due to this feature, using the study table becomes easier for the kids. It’s pretty good to maintain the right sitting posture of the kids. Not just that, the entire product is made considering the safety of the kids. It is manufactured with the child-friendly plastic material. The material is of high quality and is sturdy. 

For the convenience, the product has the two steel hangers on the side. The first hanger is equipped with the cup holder and the second is useful for hanging the school bags. The heavy-duty frame is made of steel and plastic. The sturdy construction is quite durable. It can handle the overall weight of 100Kgs, which is very high, considering the average weight of kids does not exceed 30-40 kgs. In short, it’s the best product that has topped our list of the best study tables for kids. 

  • Height is Adjustable – Equipped with Auto Height Lock for safety
  • Desktop Supports Tilting with Tilt Lock
  • Ergonomic Design that helps maintain an ideal sitting posture
  • Heavy Duty Frame can handle weight up to 100 Kgs.
  • The product is pretty expensive. Not suitable for budget shoppers.
  • It’s not good for long sessions. The chairs are not that comfortable for kids. 

2 FURNITURE FIRST American Frozen Kids Study Table

FURNITURE FIRST American Frozen NX Team Kids Study Table & Chair Set for Kids (3-10 Years)) Colour - Blue)

Looking for something that’s premium and imported? Well, the FURNITURE FIRST American Frozen Kids Study Table is the best one for you. It’s one of the most premium products in the market, which is imported from America. The FURNITURE FIRST American Study table has an ergonomic design, which makes it easier for the kids to start studying it for a long time. 

Just like any other modern study table for kids, the FURNITURE FIRST American Frozen kids study table comes with the height adjustment options. As the kids tend to grow faster, you can adjust the height of the desk and chair with ease. Not just the height, but the desktop angle is adjustable. You can tilt the desktop to any angle. You should choose the angle that is suitable for reading, writing and drawing activities. 

The FURNITURE FIRST American Study table comes with the under desk storage option. In the under desk storage, the kids can store the books, notebooks, pens, pencils, rubbers and other stationery items with ease. The under desk storage is quite spacious, so you don’t have to worry about the organization of the stationary for kids. For safety, it has rubber foot stoppers, which work as the safety mechanism for the study table. It helps the chair and desk to stay in the place and not slip away, preventing any injuries to the kids. This product is quite expensive, as it’s been imported from a foreign country. 

  • Height Adjustment option available for Desk and Chair. 
  • Manual Height Lock
  • Ergonomic Design for maintaining proper posture
  • Under Desk Storage for storing Stationery items with ease. 
  • Product is very expensive compared to the available options. 
  • There is only one Design and colour option available.
  • The product requires manual assembly. It might be inconvenient for some people. 

3) Nilkamal Apple Junior's Study Table Set

Nilkamal Apple Junior Study Set (Red, Blue and Yellow)

Nilkamal is one of the most reputed brands in the Indian markets, that manufactures the chairs and tables. The plastic chairs and tables are the forte of Nilkamal. This time, they’ve introduced the Nilkamal Apple Junior’s Study Table set, which is one of the most affordable ones in the market. The Nilkamal Apple Junior’s study table set comes with the chair and the desk, which are separate and not connected together. 

The Nilkamal Apple Junior’s Study table set is best for the kids, who are of the 5-6 years of age. As it does not have any option for height adjustability, anyone above the specific age group won’t find this product comfortable to use for studying. Design is special for the kids. It’s designed according to the needs of the kids.

The entire construction of Nilkamal Apple Junior’s Study table set is in the plastic. Fortunately, high-quality plastic is used in construction, which makes it a sturdy study table set. Well, there is the under desk storage option for the kids. The kids can easily store the necessary stationery items like books, notebooks, pens, pencils, papers and other things with ease. The best thing about this product is that it’s very affordable. You can’t find any other study table set in the market with a similar price tag. 

  • The use of High-Quality plastic makes it sturdy.
  • Design is very attractive. Kids will love the Design.
  • Affordable pricing is the strongest point of this study table. 
  • No Height Adjustability options.
  • Requires Manual Assembly. The process is inconvenient.
  • Not Suitable for Longtime Usage. Plastic chairs are uncomfortable. 

4) Digionic Wooden Printed Foldable Study Table

Digionics Wooden Ludo, Snakes and Ladders Printed Foldable Study Table

All of the parents don’t want to interfere with the safety of their kids. That’s why choosing the Digionic Wooden Printed foldable study table is the best choice for safety concerned parents. The Digionic Wooden Printed foldable study table is manufactured considering the ultimate safety of the kids. It has no sharp edges and made with the wood, which makes it safer than other products. 

The product is not a full-fledged study table set. It’s only a study table with foldable legs. You can fold the legs easily and store it anywhere in the house. Not just that, the foldable legs allow you to take it anywhere you want. If you want your kids to study on the floor, or the bed, the legs allow your kids to study anywhere they want. The product is made with the particle wood, stainless steel, paper and plastic. All materials are used in appropriate proportion considering the safety and the sturdiness of the table. 

The top of the desk is laminated, which makes it waterproof. Light splashes of the water will not ruin the particle wood desk. The desktop has the ludo, Snakes and ladder game printed on it. This will help you and your kids to engage in the Ludo or Snakes and Ladder game for passing the free time. From the perspective of the parent, you can use this Digionic Wooden printed Study table as the portable laptop table if you want. The best thing about this product is that it’s extremely affordable. As it’s only the Study table, you don’t have to worry about overspending. 

  • It comes with Foldable Legs. Makes it Easier to Carry and Store.
  • Laminated top with Ludo and Snakes and Ladder game. Great for spending free time playing the games on this table. 
  • No Sharp Edges for the safety of the Kids. 
  • Extremely Affordable at this Price Point. 
  • Can be used as a Laptop Table for smaller laptops. 
  • It’s only a Study table. No Chair included in the package. 
  • It’s suitable only for the kids of 3-9 years of age group. Elders will find it difficult to use. 

5) TruGood Pink Study Table Set for Girls

Study Table & Chair Set for Kids Pink Desk for Girls

If you think your girl deserves some special Study table, then the TruGood Pink Study table set is the best thing you can give her. The Trugood Pink Study table set is ideal for girls. The manufacturer has designed it considering the requirements of the girls. It comes with the Pink coloured desk and the chair. 

Just like any premium study table, the TruGood Pink study table set comes with the height adjustability option. You can adjust the height of both the chair and the table. So, if your girl child grows very fast, it will still be comfortable for her to use the study table set. The height adjustability is a pretty safe feature, as it is equipped with the auto height lock. The auto height lock helps you to stay at the same height settings. 

The heavy-duty steel frame is capable of handling huge weight. You don’t have to worry about your chubby kids, as it will handle the weight of two to three kids with ease. The heavy-duty frame provides this product with the ultimate durability, which is unmatched. You should invest in this study table for girls if you want it to last for a long time. 

TruGood Pink study table for girls is available in Pink colour. Pink is the default colour, which is suitable for girls. But, if you want it in another colour, then you can find other options too. As it’s a heavy study table set, it comes disassembled. So, you have to do the manual assembly, which is fortunately simple. The pricing is on the expensive side. But considering the safety and the durability, you should not ignore this study table set for kids. 

  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame for Durability
  • Height Adjustability with Auto Height Lock
  • Not just Pink, but multiple colour options available. 
  • Requires Manual Assembly. Inconvenient for most people. 
  • Expensive. Not suitable for everyone. 

6) VIVO Blue Height Adjustable Study Table Set for Kids

VIVO Blue Height Adjustable Childrens Desk and Chair Set | Kids Interactive Workstation (DESK-V201B)

The VIVO Blue Height adjustable Study table set is the ultimate product that comes with all of the features that any parent should always check. This ultimate study table set comes with the chair and the desk. The Ergonomic Design for the kids is the best feature of this study table set. With the ergonomic design, it helps the kids to maintain proper posture while sitting on the chair and studying for a long time. 

The VIVO Blue Study table set for kids comes with the height adjustability feature. The height adjustability with auto-lock is beneficial. But for the kids, adjusting the height is quite difficult as the joints are stiff. Only the parents can adjust the height of the chair and the desk. For both the chair and desk, the manufacturer has used the heavy-duty steel frame. The heavy-duty frame provides the sturdiness and also the durability to the product. 

Not just that, but the angle-adjustable desk is another great feature of this product. The kids can adjust the angle of the desk according to the needs. This will help them to reduce the neck stress and concentrate on studying, writing or drawing activities. The desk has the storage bin underneath. You can easily store a lot of stationery supplies inside the under desk storage. It’s a convenient option that you should always consider before buying the best study table for kids. 

For the safety of the kids, the VIVO Blue height adjustable study table set comes with the rubber feet. The rubber feet provide grip to the entire study table set, which prevents the slipping on slippery surfaces. The manufacturer is providing a three-year warranty, which is an added advantage for the users in case of any defects. 

  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame provides Durability and Stability. 
  • Under Desk Storage useful to store all Stationary items. 
  • Ergonomic Design ensures the proper sitting posture for kids. 
  • Three-year Manufacturer Warranty for Defects. 
  • The height adjustment feature is hard for the kids. Only parents should make the height adjustment. 
  • The assembly process of this product is quite cumbersome. 

Final Words 

The Study Table and the chair helps kids to start studying in a proper way. Having a tall table and tall chair is suitable for adults, but not suitable for kids. That’s why choosing the special Study table for kids is essential. With the study table and chair, the kids can easily sit and start doing whatever they want. It’s easy to write, read and even paint. 

As it is the duty of the parents to take care of the education of the kids, you should do the proper research before choosing the best study table for kids. We’ve already done the research and shortlisted these six best study tables for kids. Now, you don’t have to spend time on the internet, finding the best study tables. Instead, check out the above-mentioned list of the best study tables for kids, and choose the best one that suits your budgets and the requirements. 

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