10 Best Toothpaste For Kids In India

For kids, it becomes mandatory to care more about hygiene and one of the most important parts of it is tooth safety. So, for the complete well being of your kid, it becomes essential to choose the right toothpaste that will be taking care of the teeth and tongue. When your child is between 3 and 4 years, it becomes essential to choose the necessary toothpaste that is designed for his or her comfort.

The market presently boasts numerous brands that are either genuine or fake. However, for making out the customized products that will be fit for the health and safety of your child, it is worth understanding the composition of the materials. Some manufacturers pay their Prime focus towards money-making rather than the composition of the toothpaste.

In this article, you will come to know about the best toothpaste in India for the safety of your child.

Top 10 Toothpaste In India 2021

1) Mamaearth Toothpaste for Kids

Mamaearth 100% Natural Berry Blast Kids Toothpaste 50 Gm, Fluoride Free, SLS Free, No Artificial Flavours, Best for baby


This is the toothpaste that can make your baby smile. The fluoride-free toothpaste is great because it won’t make your baby’s mouth stink anymore. It has the capability of removing the plaque and tasting great. It is the thoughtfully formulated toothpaste that comes with high-quality ingredients like fluoride and stevia. It is applicable for strengthening the gums of the babies. The natural toothpaste comes with high-quality ingredients to give the utmost protection to the teeth from tooth decay as well as plaque formation.

It also has the capability of cleansing the teeth while removing the plaque. It can reduce bacterial growth while providing maximum protection against the cavities. It is also good enough for the delicate gums. It has the capability of cleansing the teeth perfectly. Besides, the unique formulation of toothpaste is good for oral health and hygiene. The fruity taste of the strawberry is also good for the development of the taste of the baby.

  • The flavor is remarkable
  • It is value for money toothpaste
  • It can keep away the bad smell from the mouth
  • It is not that good for the night brushing

2) Mee Mee Kids Toothpaste

Mee Mee Fluoride-Free Orange Flavor Toothpaste, 70 g

The ideal baby toothpaste is perfect especially when your baby is having all his or her milk teeth. The latest model is perfect for proper tooth brushing capability. So, if you want the utmost oral cleaning of your child, then it’s worth choosing this toothpaste that comes with the best composition of calcium phosphate dehydrate, glycerine, sodium saccharin, purified water, tetrasodium, pyrophosphate, calcium pyrophosphate, as well as the calcium lactate.

The composition is soft without hurting the tooth or the gums of the baby. It is ideal for the kids between 3 and 4 that ensure brushing daily for the proper cleaning of the tooth. With it, your child will learn soon to use the toothbrush with toothpaste. It will be helping your child get a lifetime of healthier as well as stronger teeth with the ease of use.

  • It is comfortable to use
  • The flavor is amazing
  • It is value for money toothpaste
  • If not used regularly, your child may suffer from a cavity issue

3) Colgate Kids Toothpaste For 3-5 Years

Colgate Toothpaste for Kids (3-5 years), Natural Strawberry Flavour - 80 gr Tube,Cavity Protection,0% artificial preservatives, colors , sweetners

It is a general rule that the child must brush his or her teeth 2 times a day and in this regard, toothpaste is a fun way for encouraging good old Healthcare habits. It is ideal for the kids who are within the age of 3 and 5. The remarkable part of this kid’s toothpaste is that it comes with 0% artificial flavors, preservatives, or sweetness.

So, you can rest assured that the delicious natural Strawberry flavor becomes the premium quality toothpaste. Besides, it can give you the ability to enjoy good oral care habits. You will get the protection against the cavities while strengthening the soft enamel of the little teeth. In this way, you can rest assured that you can keep track of building great habits without further hassles. Besides, it will be also helping in the development of the permanent teeth in the right shape. The toothpaste is recommended by the dentist for regular use.

  • The natural composition offers an amazing touch to the teeth
  • It is value for money toothpaste
  • The appropriate fluoride level makes it stand out
  • The upper cover stays torn at times

4) Colgate Kids Toothpaste with Batman Toothbrush (6-9 Years)

Colgate Kids Anticavity Toothpaste for 6-9 Years, 80g, Natural Strawberry Mint Flavour, 0% Artificial substances, SLS Free, with Colgate Batman Extra Soft bristles Toothbrush 5+ years

If you want to teach your child that brushing becomes a fun time, then it is worth choosing this toothpaste that will give the good regular brushing capability. Besides, it will be helping the child attain a lifetime of the stronger as well as healthy teeth. The toothpaste comes with 0% artificial flavors, sweetness, or preservatives. You can rest assured that it contains the appropriate fluoride level that gives the natural strawberry mint flavor type of taste.

It is great for brushing every day. Overall, the toothpaste will offer strength and effect against cavities. Besides, the animal of the child will be also perfect. The kid’s toothpaste comes with a healthy and thorough cleaning ability. You can rest assured that the pea-sized amount can give a better effect on the teeth of your baby. It is designed as the age-appropriate fluoride level based toothpaste. Besides, the natural strawberry mint flavor stands out and gives the Healthy Smiles for life.

  • The toothpaste will be keeping away dust, bacteria, as well as other germs
  • It is value for money toothpaste
  • The taste isn’t that amazing

5) Chicco Toothpaste For Kids

Chicco Toothpaste, Strawberry Flavour for 12m+ Baby, Fluoride-free, Preservative-free,Cavity Protection (50 millilitre)

The dental hygiene habits become part of the daily cleanliness when you have this toothpaste for your child. It will also help in the prevention of the buildup of bacteria while establishing good oral habits. When compared to many other kinds of toothpaste, the composition makes it a good solid foundation for cleaning all types of teeth. Moreover, it takes extra care of the gums and offers delicate action. The toothpaste is great for the baby’s gums and helps in the prevention of the formation of the dental cavities.

Overall, the fluoride-free formula makes it safe for the babies while giving the utmost cleanliness, it is formulated with the low relative animal abrasiveness that makes it delicate for the enamel of the teeth. Overall, you can rest assured that the calcium aids in strengthening the teeth for a healthy smile. The toothpaste does not come with added preservatives that make it safe for the babies. It can also deliver the reduced chances of plaque formation and bad smells in the oral mucosa. The Chicco strawberry toothpaste proves to be the foundation for the healthy happy smile of your child.

  • The flavor is amazing
  • The scent of the toothpaste is great
  • It is value for money toothpaste
  • The thickness is not perfect

6) Colgate Infants Toothpaste For 0-2 Years

Colgate Kids Anticavity Toothpaste for 0-2 Years, 140g (70g x 2), Natural Fruit Flavour, 0% Artificial substances, SLS Free, Fluoride Free with Kid's Extra Soft Toothbrush (1 pc) (0- 24 months)

The effective and self-care toothpaste is perfect for the gums and milk teeth of the baby. The effective and safe care for the baby’s gums type of toothpaste makes use of the ultra composition for giving better cleaning. That said, the consistency is fit for the children. It is good for children who are between 0 and 2 years.

The toothpaste is great because it is free from artificial flavors, sweetness, as well as preservatives. It is the fluoride-free toothpaste that is recommended for the baby between 0 and 2 years. The Colgate natural toothpaste for the kids becomes a fun way of ensuring that they have good oral care habits. The expertise of the pediatric dentist formulated the toothpaste that gives thorough and healthy cleaning. Besides, you can rest assured that there will be no tendency of swallowing it during the early days.

  • The freshness is amazing
  • The flavor of the toothpaste is great enough
  • The natural fruit flavor ensure keeping the gums healthy
  • It is 100% vegetarian
  • It is not value for money toothpaste

7) Pigeon Fruit Punch Toothpaste

Pigeon Children Toothpaste, Fruit Punch (45g, Pack of 2)

The company takes into consideration the promotion of the health of the baby while ensuring the growth and happiness of the family. With advanced research and development, the company tirelessly produces quality brushes that will help in the development of the right teeth structure for the child.

Expertise and dedication ensure the better buildup of the teeth structure. With the toothpaste, you can make your child brush the teeth 2 times a day. The delicious fruit flavor ensures that the toothpaste is specifically designed for the development of the permanent teeth. It can effectively clean the mouth while making it fresh. The kid’s toothpaste is clinically proven for keeping away the care cavity and offering overall protection. Overall, the sparkling color of the fruit toothpaste also makes it a healthy option for babies.

  • The packaging of the toothpaste is amazing
  • The flavor is also remarkable
  • The freshness it gives is good enough
  • It is not value for money toothpaste

8) Pediflor Kids Toothpaste

Pediflor Kidz Toothpaste -Bubble Gum Flavor (Pack of 2)

If you care about the oral hygiene of your child and you are looking for natural solutions, then it’s worth using this toothpaste. It comes with the specialized fluoride composition that becomes remarkable for taking care of the teeth. The toothpaste is perfectly formulated for keeping away the dental plates and cavities.

This is the everyday morning and evening toothpaste that will keep away all kinds of gum infections as well. If you want the right solution for fighting the problems of the teeth, then you can choose this toothpaste because it will keep increasing the Saliva PH in the mouth thus encouraging the mineral-rich flavor for going into the mouth. If you’re looking to gifting it to a small child who is within 3 and 4 years, then it’s worth choosing it.

  • It can keep away tooth decay and plaque formation
  • The bubblegum flavor is amazing
  • The fragrance of this toothpaste is also great enough
  • Swallowing it repeatedly can cause harm to the baby


The kid’s toothpaste is perfect that has been formulated with decades of experience in the manufacture of oral care products. The toothpaste is the leading branded product with the favorite characters printed on it for the babies. The fluoride content makes it great enough for the tooth. Besides, it also comes with aqua white fluoride. The fluoride toothpaste is safe for the kids.

Even if they swallow it, it is safe because of the taste along with the freedom from harmful ingredients composition. Overall, everything makes it stand out. The Strawberry flavored type of toothpaste is enough for offering long-lasting protection against the germs. Besides, you can rest assured that there will be no occurrence of bad breath when you have it. It is suitable for children from and above 2 years.

  • The flavor is amazing
  • The fluoride-free composition makes it great enough
  • The cartoon characters are attractive
  • The amount of toothpaste in the tube is not enough

10) Dentoshine Kids Toothpaste

DentoShine Gel Toothpaste for Kids (Strawberry, Pack of 3 (80 g Each))

The dentist’s most preferred toothpaste for kids with the ultra-structure will ensure keeping the mouth clean and healthy. It is high-rated toothpaste that comes with good oral hygiene maintenance capability for the little ones. Besides, the distinct design makes it favorable for the kids. The flavored gel toothpaste comes with the special formulation of 100% vegetarian no cavity ingredients.

So, you can rest assured that the toothpaste is remarkable for the maintenance of the health of the child. Besides, it also comes with the tongue cleaner and toothbrush sets that are perfect for the overall maintenance of the tooth structure. It is quite recommended by every dentist to take care of the tooth.

  • The design is quite catchy
  • The flavor of the toothpaste is also amazing
  • The smell of the toothpaste is also great
  • When swallowed repeatedly, it is not safe

Best Toothpaste For Baby In India Buying Guide

It is a difficult job for parents to grow and nurture a little kid. Choosing the right toothpaste for the newly grown milk teeth of the kid is too very challenging. The toothpaste has to be perfect because dental care is essential for one’s daily routine. You must be careful about your kid’s dental care as they are prone to cavities due to sugary products’ continuous consumption. Since eating candy is difficult to control, more attention should be paid to dental health care like proper routine, products, and techniques.

Dental health keeps the teeth fresh and healthy and protects the teeth from deep-rooted causes of several underlying issues. To protect your kid’s teeth and maintain a healthy gum, you must have complete cleaning materials and methods. Most people are acquainted with proper cleaning but are unaware of proper steps, foods to strengthen the teeth, and appropriate products.

Factors to look while choosing the best toothpaste

There has been a steep increase in toothpaste manufacturing brands for kids, promising to protect kids’ teeth. But how far are they effective? Will the brand that promises to give the best results take responsibility if anything out of the way happens? That’s why it is very crucial to buy a tube of toothpaste that suits the kids perfectly. Moreover, the ingredients should be safe for the kids as these tiny-tots tend to swallow the paste. Here are a few things to check while purchasing the right toothpaste.

  • Amount of sugar

Kids are fascinated by sweet desserts and candies. So it must be considered that the sugar content in the toothpaste is adequate. The presence of extra sugar settles on the teeth that lead to the formation of plaque and cavity.

  • Look at the seal

For choosing the best toothpaste, you must check the dental seal. The toothpaste and the brand manufacturing the toothpaste should be reputed, recognized, and recommended by a certified dental care association. The dental seal of approval assures that the toothpaste is well-calculated and perfect for kids’ use.

  • Choose the right flavor.

Always choose the flavor that is preferred by your child while buying the toothpaste. You must always avoid choosing a flavor that is bland or disliked by your child. Choose flavors like strawberry, bubblegum, or any other flavor they would enjoy using.

  • Check the amount of fluoride.

The presence of the right amount of chloride reduces the probability of tooth decay. Fluoride is a natural mineral to prevent tooth decay but never use them in excess. Use a minimal amount of paste and ensure that the naughty kids spit right after brushing.

  • Stay away from harsh rubbing.

Several brands promise white teeth. Heavy abrasives have nothing to do with whitening; it only damages the enamel by eroding the top layer. Make sure you never fall in the trap of advertising that shows 100% whitening in a few days. It doesn’t whiten the teeth; instead makes it weaker by destroying the enamel.

The right toothpaste is, of course, beneficial but only using them is not enough; you must teach your kids to rinse their mouth well and floss their teeth. Give your kids proper dental care from childhood to fainter the probability of tooth decay as they grow up.


Each of the toothpaste that we have mentioned above is the best quality toothpaste for your child. You can supervise your child initially, and with time, he or she will develop the habit of brushing themselves. You can instruct your child to brush teeth twice daily for about 2 minutes with the fluoride toothpaste that will give long-lasting results.

From the list, we find the most convenient toothpaste for your child is the Chicco Toothpaste For Kids. However, the buying decision is dependent on your choice. So, go through minutely every product before buying one.

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