10 Best Tricycle For Kids In India

Nowadays, children from the age of two are becoming tech-savvy. From that a tender age, they know how to handle, operate smartphones, and are masters in YouTube Surfing. But for the optimal growth, they need some sort of physical activity. For that, tricycles can be a perfect gift for your kid.

Tricycle for kids is the source of learning and having fun simultaneously. Riding tricycles helps to develop motor skills in children. It helps them to learn how to balance and develops their muscle and eye coordination. When kids are given the freedom to ride a tricycle on their own, it boosts their self-confidence. They feel like grown-ups.

There are certain factors to be kept in mind while parents buy their kids a tricycle:

  1. Types: There are mainly two types of tricycles available in the market.
  • Outdoor Tricycle: This type of tricycle is designed to be ridden specifically on the outside. A durable material like steel or metal frame with rubber tires is advised to be bought. The advantages are they can be ridden effortlessly on uneven and rough roads without the fear of breaking or getting damaged. They are more balanced. Disadvantage: it is a bit heavier than indoor tricycles.
  • Indoor Tricycle: This type of tricycle is designed to be ridden specifically inside the house. The material used is plastic. The advantages: lightweight and easy to carry around.
  1. Safety: The security of the kid is an important aspect to be considered. EN-71 is a certificate that defines the standard of safety for tricycles for children. Heavy tricycles are safer than plastic ones. Parents should ensure the quality of brakes and gears. Helmets should be provided to children for their safety. Kids should always be under the supervision of their parents while they ride.
  2. Age and size: This matters a lot. The tricycle’s design is different for different age groups. Tricycles for 9 months old to 6 years are available in the market. Parents should purchase tricycle according to their child’s age group. If the tricycle is smaller or bigger, or it might have some features that are not suitable for that particular age group, kids might not enjoy riding it. The money spent will be wasted. Parents should check the age group specified on the cover before purchasing.
  3. Design and wireframe: There are two types of design available in the market: push and big wheels. Push tricycles are mainly for children from 9 months to 1.6 years. They have a sort of handle at the back for their parents to push. The big wheel tricycles have a bigger wheel at the front and two smaller wheels at the back to help the kid to have a proper balance. This type is for children who can paddle on their own.
    Tricycle with different wireframes is available. Smaller kids might want their seat at the same level as the pedal, older kids might want tricycles with a seat at a higher level than the pedal.
  4. Pedal power: The power of pedal determines its longevity and speed of the tricycle. The tricycle should be of the children’s size so that they do not face any problem reaching the pedal. Parents should purchase tricycles with pedals made of materials like aluminium or titanium. Pedals made of plastic have a high probability of breaking while riding if the child puts a little extra pressure on it.
  5. Adjustability feature: It will not be possible for parents to buy a new tricycle as or when their kid grows. Some tricycles come with adjustability features of height, handlebars, seats. Parents can adjust the seat, handles and height, according to their child’s growth. This is called ‘Grow -with-me’ tricycles. In this way, a tricycle can be used comfortably for no less than three to four years.
  6. Portability: Few tricycles are designed to be folded. This makes the tricycle easily portable, and it does not take up much space to be stored. It gets folded in a few seconds and becomes easy for parents to carry it.
  7. Brakes: Most tricycles come with brakes on the handlebar. The brakes ensure the safety of the child and prevent them from falling off. Parents should check the brakes of the tricycle before purchasing.
  8. Safety Harness: A tricycle with the seat belt attached is recommended to parents for purchasing. This will ensure the additional safety of the baby. Kids might not notice the bumps on their way and can fall off. To protect their kid, parents should go for a tricycle with a seat belt. A helmet should also be provided to the kid.
  9. Canopy: Some tricycles come with canopy or sunshade. Parents should go for those as it protects the kid’s skin from harmful rays of sunlight. They are foldable.
  10. Price and Warranty: Lastly, price plays an important role in choosing a tricycle for kids. The cost depends on the brand and design. The notion, ‘costlier the better’ is a myth. An alternate safer, sturdier and durable tricycle can be available at a lesser price. Parents should purchase tricycles that come with 1 to 2 years of warranty. Free repairs and replacements can be received, in case of any problem during this phase.  

Following these above-mentioned points, parents can easily choose the best tricycle for their kids, keeping in mind the safety of the kid and the budget for them.

But finding such an upgraded yet comfortable tricycle would be a tricky task for you both online and offline as you have to consider tons of aspects. It will be quite a time consuming task as well. Thus we have brought you the top 10 best tricycles for kids.

The products selected by us are probably the best in their fields, which will make your options fewer than ever. Later on, you have to go through the selected ones’ pros and cons to get the best kids tricycle you are looking for.

Top 10 Best Tricycles For Kids In India 2021

1) GoodLuck Baybee 2-in-1 Convertible Tricycle for Kids

GoodLuck Baybee - Kids 2 in 1 Convertible Baby Tricycle Trike with Parental Push Handle Kids Tricycle with Water Bottle Holder Kid's | Suitable for Boys & Girls -(1 to 5 Years) Blue (LiteGreen)

A durable tricycle with the incredibly smooth-gliding and lightweight design is probably the most favorable choice for the kids. This 2-in-1 convertible tricycle from GoodLuck Baybee store is one such tricycle infused with all such best-in-class features. The learn-to-steer mechanism for balance and coordination to the removable canopy for sunlight protection is packed with all exceptional features.

With this tricycle, kids can be ensured of their safety with steer & stroll push handle and high backrest. Besides, there are many adjustable and removable tweaks to the design of this tricycle. That can be used along with the growing up of the child from 6 months to 5 years. The fact that it supports 25 Kgs of weight with compact, foldable design to store and travel besides those convenient features makes it the best tricycle for kids.

  • Removable canopy for sunlight protection
  • Stylish push handle which is removable and adjustable
  • Foldable space-saving design
  • Faster assembling
  • Can be adjusted for kids from 6 months to 5 years
  • The tray is not scratch-proof, but the overall build is quite sturdy and is surely long-lasting as well.

2) Luusa Tricycle Bike for Kids with Parental Control

Luusa RX-500 Kids / Baby Tricycle with Parental Control , Cushion seat and seat Belt for 12 Months to 48 Months Boys / Girls / Kids. Carrying Capacity Upto 30kgs ( Green ))

A tricycle with an extreme level of safety features and mainly parental controls makes it a safe choice for your kids. Well, this Tricycle Bike from Luisa brings you similar features packed in it. It is propped with a seat belt, a cushioned seat, parental control, adjustable footrest, and BBT Technology tweaks as well.

This multipurpose tricycle is perfect for the kids up to 4 years of age, with the longest and tallest design among its competitors. Besides, it has lovely looks and can be a perfect gift for your kid on a birthday or special occasion. The vibrant neon color accompanied by the sporty mudguard and musical horn makes it enlisted in the top 10 best kids tricycles in the market.

  • Parental control with rubber tires and sporty mudguard
  • Rotatable and foldable footrest
  • Front and rear basket for storage
  • Long and tall, built to last many years
  • Good look with vibrant neon color
  • Most of the parts of the cycle are plastic, but it is quite sturdy and long-lasting as well

3) Fun Ride Charlie Foldable Tricycles with Music and Lights

FunRide Tricycle for Kids - Charlie Foldable Baby Tricycles - with Music and Lights - Trikes for Boys and Girls 18 - 36 Months - (Weight - Upto 18 Kg) - Perfect for Indoors - Easy to Fold and Store

This foldable tricycle from Fun Ride is equipped with all compelling features which the kids will surely love. It comes with music and lights on the handle, which makes the kids enjoy their ride. At the same time, they will feel incredibly comfortable on the curved seat with a backrest that provides good posture to the child while driving.

You can be ensured of your child’s safety with this tricycle as it is made of non-toxic, harmless ABS grade plastic materials and is suitable for both boys and girls as well. The tricycle can be easily stored anywhere due to the convenient folding design that works with a single push button.

  • Easy to assemble as it  comes with a semi-assembled design
  • Easily foldable with a single push of a button
  • Comes with music and lights on the handle
  • Good curved seats with backrest
  • Made from good ABS grade plastic material
  • Available in various colors
  • Most of the parts of this tricycle are plastic, but it is quite sturdy and will last longer even with prolonged usage

4) Dash Stylish Tricycle for Kids

Dash Modern Sports Bike Look Tricycle with a Broad Backrest, Musical Horn, Light, Non Slipable Wheels with a Paddle for Easy Movement, Capacity : 30 kg (2+ Years, Green)

If it comes to a stylish look, Dash’s tricycle is probably the most compelling one to the kids with the stunning sports bike design with pedal drive action. This Stylish tricycle comes with LED lights and music buttons, which will keep your baby entertained for hours while riding around your premises.

It has rugged tread wheels for easy maneuvering with less effort while the wide wheelbase provides good stability to the cycle. Additionally, the curved seats provide good comfort to the kids with storage space under it. A big backrest is also provided to support the kids’ delicate back besides providing a smooth and controlled ride.

  • Stylish sport bike look with pedal drive action
  • Comes with music and LED lights for entertaining the kids
  • Big backrest and curvy seat for a comfortable ride
  • Rugged wide wheels for stability
  • Comes with storage space
  • The size of the seat, as well as the handle, can be perfect for 2 to 3 years of the child although it is quite durable

5) STEPUPP Front and Black Basket Tricycle

STEPUPP Front and Back Basket Tricycle for Kids (Pink)

The Tricycle from STEPUPP comes with a clean-looking stylish design throughout the body with a sturdy build, which makes it one of the best kids tricycles in India. It is equipped with a removable footrest so that the parental control can make the ride easy and comfortable for the kid. Rubber grip handles and backrest ensure that the baby is comfortably sitting on the first tricycle without fear.

This tricycle is meant for both boys and girls, and you can be ensured of its durable parts that are made using high precision machines. One of the best things about this tricycle is that it has two baskets, one at the front and one on the back of the seat to store toys. The tires of this tricycle are also quite durable.

  • Sturdy design with easy-grip handlebars
  • Plastic body with steel pipe frame
  • Easy to ride and a removable footrest
  • Big basket on both front and back of the seat
  • Lights are a bit delicate and should be handled well without any sudden impacts while riding

6) Fun Ride Tricycle for Kids

FunRide Tricycle for Kids - 2-in-1 Viva Deluxe Tri-Cycle with Sipper, Removable Parental Control Handle - for Boys and Girls 1 Years - 4 Years - (Weight - Upto 25 Kg) (Orange) (with Handle, Green)

This tricycle from Fun Ride is probably one of the cutest looking cycles for kids of 1 year of age. It has a long parental control handle, which makes the ride easy and comfortable for the kids. Besides, a comfortable footrest is equipped with the cycle so that the kid’s foot can rest on them while using the parental control handle.

A high-quality frame is used in this tricycle, which makes it durable and rugged as well. Additionally, a sipper is provided at the front to keep the kid hydrated while being out of the house. The highlighting feature of this tricycle is the push bar handle, with which you can steer the cycle to any directions feely.

  • Comfortable large footrest
  • Good push handle with maximum control to any directions
  • High-quality frame and comes with a sipper
  • Best for 1-year-old
  • Seats can be a bit uncomfortable to the kid at the beginning, but it turns out to be quite convenient on usage

7) Toyzone Ben 10 Baby Tricycle

Little Olive Bugs Bunny Baby Tricycle Phthalates Esters Free, Harmful Chemicals Free / Kids Trike / Ride On | Suitable for Boys & Girls - (1 to 4 Years)

If your kid loves the Ben 10 cartoon series then, this tricycle will surely be the best choice for your baby. This 922759 model of tricycle from Toyzone is completely Ben 10 themed with 3-in-1 features. It can be a toddler cycle with the parental control handle, a tricycle when the kid can cycle, and a rocker for a smooth and independent ride.

It comes with a musical handle and is probably one of the most sophisticated models with a rocker that can be used by the child at any time. All these features make this tricycle the best tricycle for kids less than 5 years. Moreover, you can be completely ensured of your child’s safety with the non-slip pedals and armrest accompanied by high-quality EVA tires.

  • 3-in-1 functionality with parental control, pedal and rocker feature
  • Comes with a musical handle
  • Non-slip pedals and armrest for safety
  • Takes quite some time for assembling the whole cycle with the parental control handle

8) Little Olive Bugs Bunny Baby Tricycle

Little Olive Roller Coaster - Stylish Baby Tricycle / Kids Trike / Bicycle / Ride On with Canopy and Push Bar for Kids / Baby | Suitable for Boys & Girls - (1 to 6 Years) (Red and Black)

Safety is always the first and foremost priority if you are looking for a tricycle for your kid. This tricycle from Little Olive ticks off every box of security with its features. It is made from high-quality materials that are chemicals free and is certified from EN, BIS, and IS 98. It comes with an excellent curvy sear with a backrest, which makes the ride comfortable for kids.

The tricycle is equipped with a basket on the back of the seat to store toys. At the same time, a little basket in front of the handle is suitable for sippers. Besides, the rugged tires are quite durable, while non-slip pedals are controllable to a great extent. A kid can be ensured of their safety with the handle grip and the wide wheelbase for proper balance.

  • Good hand grip and pedal grip
  • Two baskets front and back
  • Good orange and black design throughout the body
  • Curvy seat with a good backrest
  • Installation is not that easy, and you may have to go through the entire manual

9) R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Baby Tricycle

R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Plug and Play Baby Tricycle Trike Cycle for Kids of 1.5 to 5 Years with Basket(Blue)

This kid’s tricycle from R for rabbit store has the best-in-class seats accompanied by the best safety features, including the best tricycle for kids.  You can assemble the whole cycle in just 5 minutes without much effort. It is En 71 certified, which is considered the high-grade certification for babies’ safety.

This tricycle is equipped with plug and play wheels, which makes it loved by the kids besides being safe to ride both in indoor and outdoor areas. Besides, it comes with a 2 point safety harness system that takes the kid’s safety to the next level.

  • Certified with the most stringent EN 71 certification
  • Stable and secure up to 25 Kgs of weight
  • Plug and play wheels
  • Comfortable seats and safety belts as well
  • The handle can be turned only to some extent but is quite durable and can be practiced easily

10) JoyRide Metal Tricycle with Parent Push Handle

JoyRide Metal Tricycle with Parent Push Handle (Blue)

If you are looking for the most durable and long-lasting tricycle for kids, then this metal tricycle from JoyRide is a great option to go with. This heavy-duty tricycle is easy to use, lightweight, and sturdy wheels to ensure a smooth Ride.

The best thing about this tricycle is the spacious sit which makes the kid sit comfortably for a joyful ride while using the parental control handle. However, the kid can also use the pedal firmly for a smooth ride due to the wide wheelbase for stability.

  • Comes with two storage baskets
  • A stylish parental control push bar with directional control
  • Foldable footrest
  • Comfortable seats are complemented with safety belts as well
  • Having a two-sided parental control handle means you have to use much effort in moving towards any direction

Final words

One of those tricycles can be a great gift for your kid if he/she wants to explore the world freely with their little legs. All of the tricycles mentioned above are the best versions from the manufacturers with an unmatched reputation. This means you can surely be ensured on the quality of the tricycle.

Toyzone Ben 10 Tricycle could be an overall best competitor with a sturdy design, rugged wheels, and, most importantly, a stunning Ben 10 theme. However, you can choose the tricycle that suits your kid’s requirements best by going through the highlighting features and comparing them with the pros and cons of others. It will take a moment to find the best tricycle for kids in the market right now.

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