10 Best Waterproof Baby Bed Sheet/Mat in India

When you’re the first-time parents and worried about the newborns getting wet in bed, it is worth considering the waterproof baby bed sheet. These are the products that come with the numerous specifications that make them outstanding. Besides, they can also be in a variety of sizes suitable for the baby’s size. These baby bedsheets or mats will work as the bed protector & will also give the best sleep to the baby.

These sheets can also support the objective of keeping the surface clean. They are also useful in terms of working as the bassinet sheet. The soft and cozy reusable and skin-friendly fabrics make them perfect for giving comfortable sleep to the baby.

Things To Look For In A Baby Bed Sheet/Mat:

The plastic protectors usually prove to be a sticky, noisy and uncomfortable piece for the baby. That said, you must look for the readily available and high-quality waterproof bed sheets that are economical and durable. In the bottom section, we will list the factors that require consideration while buying the best-suited product.

Waterproof nature

As a name suggest, the purpose of the baby bed protector sheet is to make it waterproof while protecting the mattress of the bed from getting wet. It can soak the water from the mattress by making it dry and protected. Since the bed is and vulnerable to getting wet, you can rest assured that the baby will be feeling good when the mattress is there. There won’t be chances of development of rashes on the skin the dry skin. It can guarantee good sleep will help in the prevention of irritation.

Dust resistant capability

The skin of baby is quite sensitive and is vulnerable to reacting with the allergens. When purchasing one, you should see that it comes with the non-quilted protector. This would protect the baby from bacteria, dust, as well as other allergens. Moreover, the waterproof nature will help in the protection of the mattress from the possible stains.

Machine wash

The dry baby bed sheets are usually available for washing in the Machines. So, they become easy to use and reuse. You should check that the bedsheets are thin in width and can be easily put under the normal bed sheet. Only then you can get the option for effortlessly layering it up.


Make sure that the bedsheet that you are purchasing is quite affordable. You should make sure that it does not come with a huge price tag and must be easily available as well. Only then, you can rest assured that they will be handy in the winter festival. It will you preventing the baby from sleeping in the wet sheet for longer hours. It offers protection to the baby from catching a cold.

Top 10 Waterproof Baby Bed Sheet/Mat In India 2020

1) BeyBee Waterproof Dry Sheet

BeyBee Waterproof Bed Protector Sheet (Large (140cm X 100cm), Salmon Rose)

This is the comfortable fabric mat that helps in keeping the surface extra dry while preventing the bedwetting. So, you can rest assured that the baby’s skin will breathe better while entering the mattress. The softness can give enough moisture against friction. You can give the baby the freedom to enjoy the uninterrupted sleep for longer periods when you have this bedsheet.

It also helps in the prevention of the Union and other liquids from collecting. The fabric layer also helps in the promotion of the removal of water vapor. It allows them to pass through for giving freshness to the skin. It can help give the best opportunity for the moisture to pass through and is better when compared to the PVC mats, rubber sheet, rexine sheet, underpads, or other uncomfortable pieces. Besides, it can also help in keeping away fluids, perspiration, and other entities. Overall the comfortable and noiseless unit is economical and lightweight for giving sterilization up to 90 degrees Celsius.

  • It is easy to use a mat.
  • It is lightweight and soft.
  • The durability is amazing.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The absorbency capability is good enough.
  • It is not perfect for extreme summers.

2) Oyo Baby Waterproof Mat

OYO BABY - Quickly Dry Super Soft Waterproof and Reusable Mat/Underpad/Absorbent Sheets/Mattress Protector (Medium (100cm X 70cm ), Royal Blue )

Get the peace of mind with this mat that is waterproof and works for providing excellent protection against urine, fluid, perspiration, allergens, dust, as well as bacteria. It is 100% breathable, comfortable, as well as a waterproof mat that is free from PVC and is safe for sensitive skin.

The soft to touch-type mattress is good with high-quality cotton fiber and high absorbent bamboo fiber liner. It allows the map to feel exceptionally breathable, along with acting as the noise barrier. The toxic-free and noise-free mats are helpful in the prevention of the microorganisms and from collecting.

You can get the allergy relief when you have this extremely versatile mat. You can put it on the bed sofa chair for the babies. The message seat cover is good enough for the cradle. The three-layer construction, along with the first cotton fiber surface and noiseless waterproof barrier, makes it remarkable enough in terms of its absorption quality.

  • It is durable and breathable.
  • Waterproof capability is great.
  • It is skin-friendly.
  • It is free from PVC that makes it safe.
  • You cannot wash it frequently.

3) Goodluck Baby Plastic Sheet

Nonibud GoodLuck Baby's and Adult Waterproof Plastic Double Bed King Size Protection Sheet for Mattress (Sky Blue, 7.5 x 6.5 Feet)

The Protector sheets are perfect in terms of the revolutionary resolution that can solve bedwetting problems. So, you don’t have to face issues due to the regular news of diaper changes. So, you can rest be assured that the product will be working like rubber sheets but won’t be wetting the child at any cost. It will protect from getting weight, so the sheet is perfect for keeping it under the baby. The protective sheet is suitable for the mattress from the liquid spills or water. It is the optimized size mat that is suitable for the table and king size beds.

It is well designed for offering comfort to kids and adults. So, you can get the perfectly thin material and light for giving the utmost comfort. Made from the PVC plastic, it is easily washable and durable. You can give it a regular hand wash for taking care of it. Besides, it is also possible that it can give you the opportunity of using it both ways.

  • The water resistance is amazing.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • The softness is also great.
  • It is a value for money unit.
  • The pure plastic composition does not become comfortable in the harsh summers.

4) Huffpuff Washable Baby Protector Sheet

HuffPuff Washable Quick Dry Sheet/Bed Protector with Ultra Absorbance for Baby (Large, 100x140 cm, Cobalt)

You can get the support for your baby with the quick-dry protector sheet fabricated with the waterproof fabric while designing the breathable technology. This is the perfect one that will help in holding the urine as well as other liquids from seeping down. Your baby can feel dry and breathable without irritation to the skin. The quick-dry protector sheet comes with the anti-allergic and dust mite proof properties that give the baby enough comfort.

So, you can rest assured that the lightweight sheet is good because you can just clean it with the washing machine. It can also give you the washing ability by hand. The mat is an economic one because it can absorb every excess liquid by preventing it from seeping. Besides, there are plenty of color options available from which you can choose. The mats are also available in different sizes like small, medium, and large for giving you optimized quality protection.

  • It can give extreme comfort.
  • It is a value for money mattress.
  • The softness is also amazing.
  • The absorption quality is great enough.
  • Settling it repeatedly isn’t that easy.

5) Goodluck A to Z Plastic Sleeping Mat

Goodluck a to z Born Baby Items Cotton Plastic Sleeping mat, Waterproof Foam Cushioned Changing Sheet (Multicolour, Large, Set of 4, 6-12 Months)

The waterproof sheets changing mats for bed protector type of the Sleeping Mats are made from plastic and come well equipped with the specifications to make them perfect for the babies. These plastic sheets are good enough with the soft cotton that is available on the upper portion.

Besides, there are also non breakable plastic sheets on the downside that help protect the mattresses. Overall, you can rest assured that there will be cool, comfort, drip dry, lightweight, and hygienic conditions. The durable and easy to wash reusable mat is perfect even with the colors that it presents. The skin-friendly unit is perfect for the babies and can give them the long-lasting relief for hours together.

  • It is quite durable.
  • It offers extra comfort.
  • It is value for money set.
  • The size is not that optimized.

6) Tidy Sleep Bed Protector

TIDY SLEEP New Born Combo Waterproof Bed Sheet Royal Blue + Dark Pink, Medium Size (100cm X 70cm)

This is the bed sheet that is specifically designed for the reusable conditions. The absorbent and skin protector sheets are perfect for locking the wetness and also dry instantaneously. It can increase the hygienic conditions of the child while preventing the liquids from seeping through the bedsheet. So, you can rest assured that the breathable membrane allows it to pass through with enhanced comfort to the child. So, there won’t be circumstances of trapping any heat.

It can also retain up to 8 times more water when compared to other fabrics. The perfect alternative to the PVC Mats ensures that the rubber sheet is perfect. It can get into the comfort and protection of the baby from the other diseases, fungus, dust mites, as well as bacteria. You can rest assured that the surface protector is perfect to work in the form of the sheet that will deliver long-lasting benefits.

  • The sheet is lightweight.
  • It is durable.
  • The soaking capacity of water is amazing.
  • It is highly hygienic.
  • The color starts fading with time.

7) MY ARMOR Baby Dry Sheet/Mattress Protector

MY ARMOR Quick Dry Waterproof Baby Bed Protector Dry Sheet for Babies - (Large (100cm x 140cm), Royal Blue)

The baby dry sheet is excellent for providing protection against liquids. The precisely tested waterproof mats are good in terms of giving you the additional security against all kinds of spillage of the liquids. Besides, it also increases the durability of the dry sheet. You can rest assured that the baby will love it because the fabric is also good enough. The fast-drying dust resistant breathable fabric 100% waterproof material, natural colors, as well as an absorbent fabric material makes it stand out.

It can make the thin piece of cushion quite comfortable. The soft and light sheets are perfect for the baby’s quilt or bed sheet. They are also useful for keeping your baby in one position for prolonged hours. It is better over the rubber sheets or changing Mats without causing any irritation to the skin. The synthetic-free mat can keep the skin of the baby away from irritations over a prolonged period. You can also give it an optimized range of services that are perfect for keeping it hygienic. It is also good for babies while they are sleeping or playing.

  • It is comfortable for sleeping.
  • The softness is amazing.
  • It is a value for money mat.
  • Absorption quality isn’t good in every season.

8) DreamBaby WaterProof Mat

Dreambaby Waterproof Nappy Changing Mat Bedding (Multicolor, 0-3 Months) - Set of 3

Made of cotton, the product is a one-side plastic material based mat that comes in multicolor. The product is promising with the utmost comfort and the ability to offer the utmost protection. The soft, absorbent, and waterproof type mattresses are good for babies and address absorbents capability. It thus keeps the mat drying faster.

It is also ideal for casual use and can be hand washed. The soft plastic, as well as cotton cloth based bed sheet, is perfect in terms of its reusable nature. It comes with a set of 3 mats, all of which are the waterproof plastic sheet. However, always remember to use regular water with no bleach and duplicate products.

  • It is easy to clean and use as a mattress.
  • It is a value for money mat.
  • The comfort is remarkable.
  • The softness is also great with time.
  • You will see that it is vulnerable to tearing.


The mat is particularly in terms of providing the maximum insulation for keeping the toddler warm. It is good enough to absorb noise and impact if and when the baby tends to tumble. The playmat comes with a double-sided design that makes it remarkably stunning. You can put the math so that the toddler can stay occupied. The water-resistant playmat is perfect and easy to use. You can also clean it easily. There won’t be chances of the accidental water spills.

Overall, the hygienic and safe playmat is good enough for the development of the toddler. So, he or she can play safely on the floor while sitting in any position. The baby-friendly design and material make it free from toxins and allows the baby to play for a long time.

  • It is easy to clean the mat.
  • It is water-resistant.
  • The softness is incredible.
  • The price is high when compared to others.

10) Trance Home Linen Baby Sheet

Trance Water Proof Bed Dry Sheets for Kids | Baby Bed Protectors | Mattress Protectors for New Born Children | Bedsheet Cover Mats for Wet (140x100 cm, Large, Coral)

The baby sheets are skin-friendly, hygienic, breathable, heat-free, as well as 100%. A waterproof bed sheet also helps in keeping the mattress protected. The advanced covering protects from moisture, spills, as well as stains. So, it is good enough in terms of its availability in different colors. It is the most suitable mattress that you can use for your little ones.

The 100% waterproof as well as airflow technology-based mat allows the air to circulate through the protector while not letting the liquids seep. Overall, you can get protection against allergens, sweat, bacteria, dust mites, urine, and fluids. The soft, skin-friendly, durable, and hygienic mats are perfect in terms of its washable and absorbent quality.

  • The softness is amazing.
  • It is comfortable.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • The water-resistant capability is great.
  • The price is a bit high.

Final Word

If you have been looking for the best baby bed sheet or good quality mattress for your baby, you can rely on the products mentioned above because each of them is the handpicked ones. We have taken into consideration the essential factors impacting the health of your baby.

You can go through the list and find the one that is best suited for you according to the preferences and budget. From our guide, we find that the Goodluck Baby Plastic Sheet is the best one. Each of them is waterproof and will soak away the water optimally for giving the maximum comfort to your baby. However, make the buying decision based on your preference.

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